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Central jersey Security Cameras did an Emergency call on October 15th to help a family in manalapan NJ feel secure after 11 year old boy was approached by and unknown man asking the boy if he needed a ride to school.

On October 15th Tuesday Morning on Taylors Mill  Road in Manalapan NJ an Unknown Man pulled to the side of the road and asked an 11 year old boy if he needed  a ride to school. According to police the boy was walking to his bus stop around 8:30am when he was confronted by the unknown man on Taylors Mill Rd near Monmouth Drive. The man reportedly asked the boy if he” wanted a ride to school” from his car. The boy turned around and was able to safely run home according to police.

The unknown man is described as being in his late thirties or early forties, white, with a thin mustache and large framed glasses, according to police. The man was driving a white, four door vehicle of unknown make, model, and registration with a possible tinted case covering the license plate, police said. The car left the scene of the incident in an unknown direction.

When officers arrived on the scene they searched for the vehicle, but were unsuccessful. Anyone with information on this incident my contact the Manalapan Police Department at 732-446-4300; Ptl. Chris Oleksy is handing this case. ports.


The shaken family called Central Jersey Security Cameras that day and a highly trained camera technician was sent to their home right away. With in 24 hours the family had a full Security System placed on their home.

The boys father said “After I knew my son was safe,  one of the first things I thought of was getting a security camera system to help my family feel secure. I m glad I called Central Jersey Security Cameras”

Sad to say its not the world were you just let the kids go out in play till the street lights go on any more. Our children need to be protected and watched and we have many solutions here at Central jersey security Cameras to help you feel more at ease around your home.

Central Jersey is extremely proud that we were able to help this family in there emergency case. We have children too and cases with children always hold a high priority  to us here. Call us today we are here to help your family feel safe and secure too! Central Jersey Security Cameras at 732 415 7772

Do You Feel Your Business can be a target for a Criminal? Have You Thought about installing security Cameras? Have you thought the price would be way out of your budget? Central Jersey Security cameras works with your budget in mind and many of our customers are pleasantly surprised how affordable we are.

A business without surveillance cameras can be an easy target for criminals. The absence of security measures or surveillance on any business property can increase the likelihood that the business will be impacted by crime. As a business owner, you would want to ensure that nobody enters into your business property without your knowledge.  Here at Central Jersey security cameras we feel that knowledge is power and our high quality cameras will give undisputed proof of what goes on at your business when you are not there.

These days high quality surveillance cameras are available at reasonable rates. You can research the resources available and find good cameras to secure the business. Many types of surveillance cameras are available in the market place. At Central Jersey Security Cameras we do meticulous research to find cameras that fit into your budget and perfect for your business security. We take the worry out of perching the unknown Cameras that may or may not work.

Security Cameras protect employees as well. Suppose your staffs leave for home late night every day then security cameras will make them feel protected and happy. Happy employees are dedicated and work hard to increase the overall productivity of the business.

Every Business owner knows that it is important to keep customers satisfied and happy for the betterment of the business not just to secure your business from thieves; these security cameras can also provide valuable feedback about your employee behaviours. Central Jersey Security Cameras can install and be your “eyes” when you cannot be there!  One of the Main ingredients to a successful business owner is one that knows their staff and having security cameras installed is the only way to know your staff behaviours when you are not there.

Security Cameras are important for companies as they work as deterrents to unwant actively at the work place. Central Jersey security cameras understands and have highly skilled and trained technicians to place cameras were it is most effective and beneficial for your companies needs. Each company is different but one thing they all have in common is that they should all be protected! Protect at affable!

Looking for that extra added insurance that your home or business is being protected? Central Jersey Security Cameras installs Dome, Bullet, box Cameras, night vision and motion Cameras to just name a few of cameras to fit your unique surveillance needs and Budget.

It’s time to relax! Central Jersey security Cameras has you covered! We come to your home or Business for a free onsite evaluation to see what best fits your needs and budget. Every home business and family is different so why would everyone have the same system in their home?  Here at Central Jersey Security cameras we customize in packages that meets your particular needs.

Once You and our home/business specialist plan what would work best then our highly trained crew comes out to install your system and give you all the tools you need to protect what truly matters to you most.

Our Security Cameras become your “eyes” when you can’t be there. You can be in your home and watch your business location at night on your lap top I phone or many smart phones!   You can be at your Business and still be able to check on your home too. It’s just that add insurance that we all need today to be able to check on our homes/business.

Central Jersey Security Cameras Takes great pride in our work, and pride in knowing we help families relax and know they are protected. We only use the finest Dome, Bullet, Box, Night vision and motion Cameras systems to ensure you receive the highest quality pictures.

The Insurance of being protected by capturing on tape exactly what is happening around your business or home with our cameras is undisputed priceless!

Nanny Cams are one of the most important Cameras we install at Central jersey Security Cameras. We specialize in a wide range of Nanny Cams. You can choose to have Night Vision, color, or black and white, Motion active and even audio. Nanny Cams come in all shapes and sizes to meet your unique needs.

Nanny Cams are one of the most important Cameras we install at Central jersey Security Cameras. We specialize in a wide range of Nanny Cams. You can choose to have cameras in plain sight or to have them in a cameras that is hidden.

 Do You Have a bundle of joy on the way? Or are you getting ready to go back to work and hate the thought that you can t physically see you little one though the day? No worries Central Jersey Security Cameras are here to help.

 Our staff is vastly trained in the importance of Nanny Cams and placement of nanny cams. Our staff knows this is one of the hardest things to do is to entrust a small child’s well being to a nanny and we want to put all your worries to rest.

Central Jersey Security Cameras will best fit your one of kind needs. Next our crew will come out to neatly install the nanny cams to fit your unique needs. So you can return to work with ease knowing your bundle of joy is protected and can be seen by. Mom or dad at all times by Night Vision, color, or black and white, Motion active and even audio cameras.

 Nanny Cams are not only used for small children they are highly effective in keeping the elderly safe as well. In today’s world you can never be too safe keeping our treasured older generation safe.

 Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today to set up your free in home estimate to protect your loved ones that cannot protect themselves!

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Why should you Choose Security Cameras over an Alarm???

  1. Why Choose Security Cameras over an alarm???
    In these times we live in it seems the only way to actually prove either that something did or did not happen is to have it on video. Most times police won’t even pursue an alleged burglary unless its captured on video. We know that sound strange but its a harsh fact!
    Another reason is that a would be intruder will usually move on to the next mark after  knowing his every move will be recorded
    This can be used as indisputable proof to your insurance company that an incident took place and speed up the process of recovering your money for your stolen items..
    Call Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772 today for a free in home in business estimate.. ITS TIME TO PROTECT WHAT MATTERS MOST!!!