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Reasons you need to invest with a Central Jersey Security Cameras now!

Have you ever thought of installing a home security system? You know you will be more at ease knowing you can watch your home or business from any were in the world that has internet connection!  What stops you? Are you afraid of the price?

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras we like our customers to know we work with all kinds of budgets. We know each family all has different needs. So now you know price is not the problem so why put it off any longer?

Let us tell you a few facts in2010 there were more than two million home burglaries in the United States, over 70% took place in residential homes. Scary numbers we know that’s why Central Jersey Security Cameras is dedicated to educating families on the needs of security cameras in their homes.

Did you know that when a would be criminal comes to your home and sees you have a security system in place it deters the potential crime more than a crazy k-9 dog barking his head off would. In all too many cases today criminals will drug dog or even worst kill beloved family pet! Sick we know! The security cameras that Central Jersey Security cameras will come to your home and install will protect your family pets as well.

Would you like a discount on your home insurance? By having Central Jersey Security Cameras install cameras in your home the security system could also help lower your home insurance.  Victims of burglaries claimed an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property, and the average dollar loss per burglary was $2,119. Insurance companies look at these yearly statistics and look for homes that are proactive in preventing these crimes. With these startling statistics, investing in a home security system doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, does it?

Now in the unforchant case that a crime does happen at your home if you have security cameras you now have undisputable proof that a crime has took place, who committed the crime and when it took place. Now you have the leads and proof the law enforcement need to catch and even in most cases convict to person that committed the crime.

Now you have reasons. It’s now the time to call Central Jersey Security Cameras to schedule your free home estimate. It’s time to protect what matters to you most!


Looking to Install a Home Theater? Look no Futher then Central Jersey Security Cameras.

Looking for ultimate Audio/Video installation in your home or business? Look no further Central Jersey Security Cameras has you covered. Our experienced  technicians will come out and help you draw up a plan to install home theaters and Commercial sound.

Every Audio/Video system central jersey security cameras installs is unique to you own needs.  Our Technicians  know one size does not fit all for Home Theater sound Systems. They first come to your location and see how many speakers are needed and where to place speakers for optimal sound in your home theater.

After plans are put in place our installers come out and wire the speakers, run cables, HDMI, and Cat 5 cables to make your custom home theater or conference room unique to your needs. Our staff then takes the time to go over your custom install and show you how to use each and every item to their fullest potential.

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras we stand behind our work and love to check in our customers to see how they are enjoying their custom home theaters. So what are you waiting for call Central Jersey Security Cameras today to set you up for your free estimate to get that Ultimate Audio/Video System in your home before the holiday rush.

Are you out of ideas for the perfect Holiday gift? Do you want a gift that will keep giving year after year? A Professional Security System designed for a loved one’s home makes the perfect gift!

Central Jersey Security Cameras Knows a gift that protects your family and home is truly priceless however; we understand and work with all kinds of family budgets.

Central Jersey Security Cameras will come to your home or your loved one’s home and determine just what kind of security system would work best in your home. No two families’ needs are truly the same so why should your security cameras be the same?

Our Professional Technicians will come and design a system that meets your needs without breaking your budget.  We understand that our families are priceless so we do everything to help each family find the system to meet their family’s needs.

Central Jersey Security Cameras has been given as gifts to grown sons or daughters that grew up with our security cameras in their homes. And with the holidays coming truly there is no better gift then protecting your loved ones. It is a gift that the family will use year after year. It’s an investment that you and your loved ones will be protected!

Call Central Jersey Security Cameras 877-861-5999 today to discuss your estimate today for your home or for the home of someone you love.


What is the Solution to the robberies in East Brunswick New Jersey? Central Jersey Security Cameras has the solution to stop these robberies from happening again and again!

It’s sad but true no neighborhood today is safe from strings of Residential Burglaries today. There has been a reported spike in East Brunswick NJ This week. Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help deter these crimes!

The problem is it’s hard to charge or prove a crime that you did not see. So too many of these criminals get off because of their not being enough proof. Adding cameras to your home will give you undisputable proof of what the person looked like, exactly how they got in, and what was taken from your home. This in return helps charge the criminals with the crimes and keeping them off our streets. Many insurance agencies today need proof of what was taken or damaged in your home. Once again Security Cameras are there protecting you. It’s the proof that cannot be disputed it’s caught on tape.

Security Cameras are a proven deterrent to would be crimes as well. After seeing you have a Central Jersey Security Cameras installed around your home they would be less likely to want to be caught on film so in many case leave your residence and go elsewhere.

Central Jersey security Cameras has all types of cameras to help you protect your family and home. We Have Cameras that you can remote view from your lap top,   I phone, or smart phone.  Knowing your residence is protected and can been seen while you are not there can put your mind at ease knowing you are protected.

East Brunswick, South River, Old Bridge, Sayville, Metuchen and Edison are all towns we have seen lately with strings of Burglaries reported it’s said to say it’s everywhere today.  Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help you be the first defense to deter these would be burglaries to come to your residence. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 415 7772 to be protected from residential burglaries.