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How up to date is your Company phone system?

Does Your Company have the right telephone system? Not sure? Well then it’s time to give Central Jersey Security cameras a call to schedule an appointment with one of our telephone system experts to evaluate your system at no charge to your Company.

Central Jersey Security Cameras knows the right phone systems are necessary to keep up in today’s business world. With many of the features on the phones Central Jersey Security Cameras install your company will become more efficient and organized. Some of the simple functions on phones we use at Central Jersey security Cameras are as follows:


  1.  remote managed voicemail
  2. Auto attendant, which would either directly route calls to specific people or departments or if party is unavailable then calls can be sent directly to receptionist, email notification, cell phones or a voice mail box
  3. Dial by name directory
  4. Digital voice quality
  5. I.P. capabilities, which would allow users to work from home or anywhere in the world and still be connected to the telephone system as if they were in the office.

Are you now thinking I can use the upgrade but it’s not in my budget? Central Jersey Security Cameras work with all type of company budgets and size companies.  We have installed systems for small country stores to large CEO’s no job is too small or too big and if you are looking for a new system or an upgrade Central Jersey Security Cameras is always at a reasonable price!

You have nothing to lose by giving Central Jersey Security Cameras a call today to set up a FREE evaluation. However, you may be missing out by not having your phone system not running up to par in today’s busy business world. We are here to help you keep your business phone needs running smoothly and efficient.

Remote viewing cameras expand the possibilities and capabilities of security cameras in various ways.

Do you own a business and would like to be able to see what is happening when you are not there? Would you like to know what is happening at home when you are at work? How about if you are away on vacation? How Protected are you?

Central Jersey Security Cameras takes time with each family, each business owner to educate them on witch cameras will work best for their unique needs. Our technicians will discuss with you were you feel you need cameras and will work with you on the best placement for each camera.  

At Central Jersey Security Cameras your DVR is already set up for off premise (remote viewing).  Remote viewing expands the possibilities and capabilities of security cameras in various ways. The user can check their cameras at work or while on travel. Constant monitoring systems can be installed and signals transmitted to a remote 24/7 monitoring service that can alert the user of any activity or suspicion. The possibilities are forever becoming endless. So go plan that trip away but before you go install your Security system with Central Jersey Security Cameras!

So Book that Vacation, take the day off or go to work knowing you are protected! Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today to book you free home or business estimate today!

Is you home and Family protected Bricktown NJ? The past few weeks headlines have been Bank Robbery,Home Invasion,Trespasser found in backyard, and now stabbings! Whats next? Protect your home and family with Central Jersey Security Cameras!

How Protected is your home In Brick NJ? Central Jersey Security Cameras would like to Help!

Brick N.J Headlines in the paper lately Bank Robbery ,Home Invasion, trespassers found in back yards, and now stabbings at two separate places! Central Jersey Security Cameras is ready to be there for you Brick NJ. Our technicians are trained in camera placement we offer residential Central station monitoring to protect your family and home.

So how protected is your family? Did you know security cameras are deterrents to would be crimes? Do you feel the coast is going to be too high? Central Jersey Security Cameras wants to educate everyone on the importance of security cameras in their homes and come out to give your family a free estimate at your home and in most cases our clients are pleasantly surprised how affordable security cameras are.

The Alarm systems that Central Jersey Security Cameras install with residential central station monitoring is an added security that  no family today can afford to be without is becoming more apparent in Brick NJ. The world is a scary place Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help you protect what matter to you most.

Are Security cameras and Residential Central Station Monitoring something your family is considering? Then is time to give Central Jersey Security Cameras a call. Central Jersey Security Cameras is up to date on all the latest technology with staff trained regularly to keep up to date on all safety futures to help you protect your home and family. We have offices where you still call and talk to real people to answer your questions and concerns and believe in keeping in contact with our past clients to make sure they are using their equipment to the fullest potential.

So what is stopping you from calling today for a FREE estimate you have nothing to lose by calling Central Jersey Security Cameras to see what we can do for you to help protect your family. Don’t be the family that says I wish I would have called when it’s too late and a crime has taken place. The headlines in Brick NJ Lately can be from your nearby town too!


Samsung high Def. bullet cameras for your home.

Did you know this time of the year crime rates go up? Did you ever Hear a picture is worth a thousand words?  Would you like to know your home and business is protected from break in and home invasions?Central Jersey Security Cameras knows protecting your loved ones and your home that you work so hard for is a priority for you. If a Crime takes place at your home or business its usually hard to prove or find the criminal  that committed it. Cameras are the proof that you need to quickly find out what took place.

  Central Jersey Security Cameras has a wide range of cameras that we work with and install. Today we will be talking about the Samsung High Def. Bullet Cameras the best Antilog 2 digital Camera on the market.   Samsung High Def. Bullet Cameras are often a good choice for many home and business owners as well. Daylight, true day/night, integrated infrared and zoom models combine to deliver one of the most comprehensive bullet camera lines in the industry. For virtually every application where the features and foot print of the bullet camera are required.

Our Highly trained technicians will come out to your home and discuss were you need to place your Samsung High Def. bullet cameras to get the ultimate view around your home or business. The Samsung high Def. Bullet cameras are the best analog digital cameras on the market today and are cameras Central Jersey Security Cameras can install in your home or business to protect what matters to you the most!

Central Jersey Security Cameras likes to take the time to educate its customers on what cameras can do for their homes and how you can stay protected. Its a scary world today and Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help you stay protected. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today so we can get started to protect you!


Central Jersey Security Cameras Knowledgeable Technicians Please Customers

Two of your technicians (notice how I did not say two guys from you company) spent the morning  installing a security camera in my home. I believe strongly in using the word \”technician\” to describe these  knowledgeable, courteous, patient and above professional individuals who  are a credit to your company. Our only regret is that because of our limited knowledge and fastidiousness regarding holes and placement of cables, we made their job harder and last longer than it possibly should have. We thank you and them for your work and your patience with us. As a result of the work they, did, we intend, in the future to build on the foundation they have they have put down  and install more cameras. Happy Holidays and Thank you all once again.        Richard Tyer

Weather have you worried about your home or bussines when you cant be there? Would you like to be able to see with remote veiw cameras from just about any where?

With all the talk of what a bad winter we are supposed to have do you worry about your business when you are at home or way? Or are you worried about your home? Central Jersey Security Cameras can help ease that worry. Our remote view cameras can help you see your home or place of business as long as you have internet.

Remote view cameras can be seen on your Lap top, I pad and even on your smart phones. If there is a problem while you are not there you will be able to now see it. You  will have proof if some claims they fall on your property. Have the proof of exactly what had happened for your insurance to protect your business or home.

Have you ever been away during a snow storm and called a neighbor to check on your home? Now with having professional cameras with remote viewing you will no longer have to rely on others to check on your phone you will now be able to do this right from your own phone or computer.

Central Jersey Security Cameras knows the placement of cameras is important. Our trained technicians will come to your home or business and place dome, ,bullet or box cameras to best fit your exact needs. After your cameras are installed our staff then trains you on how easy it is to remote view what matters to you most!

Central Jersey Security Cameras can not stop winter falls or damage from the weather to your home or business but we can help provide the proof you need to show your insurance company what truly happed and what time. Is it the time for you to get your home or business protected? Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 415 7772 be safe be protected call today! Central Jersey Security Cameras are here to help!

Do You A 700 TV Line Day/Night Infrared Armor Dome Camera in your home?


For years, businesses have used security cameras to catch shoplifters, break-ins, and other crimes. But now more homeowners find small cameras around their homes will protect their property and loved ones. Video footage is now becoming a new way for homeowners to prosecute intruders and in many cases deter intruders from coming into your home!

Infrared Armor Dome Cameras can protect your home day or night and can be seen remotely from you I phone or smart phone any were in the world that has internet! You now can be on the other side of the country and see exactly what is going on in your home.

In the case a crime does take place you will have the proof you need from your 700 TV line Armor Dome Camera you were smart to place in your home. The police will be able to quickly find the right person that committed the crime and now have the proof to charge this person that committed the crime.

Insurance companies in many cases lower your home owners insurance for having cameras like the 700 TV Line day night infrared Armor dome camera placed in your home. Even for insurance companies it is now the proof you will need to show your home was broken into and the crimes that were committed.

Do You  Now think its time to get Your Armor Dome Camera? Sounds like its time you give Central Jersey Security Cameras a call to get your Day/night infrared Armor Dome Cameras in your home. Don’t say I wished I called when it’s too late call today 732 415 7772. Let’s get started protecting what matters most to you!