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Are You Ready For Vacation? How Protected is your Home?

How will you protect Your Home When you go on Vacation? With one of the harshest winters New Jersey/New York have seen in over 25 years may have you thinking it’s time to get away!  So, you pick a destination, book a flight, Buy new clothes and even remember to pack the sun block now you are set to go right? Well, stop and take a look around your home and everything you have worked so hard for. How is it going to stay safe when you are away? How protect is your home? Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help. Before you go on that getaway give us a call we will come out and do a Free before you go on Vacation audit of your home

1) Security Cameras

Security cameras are deterrents to would be crimes. Homes that have security cameras present are found to be less likely to be targeted because it is now absolute proof of who committed the crime. An added bonus is you yourself can check on your home and its surroundings no need to ask a neighbor or friend to check on your home because you can see it yourself while you are away.

2) Alarms with Central Station

There is no better way to get the police to your home when you are not their then having alarms on your home with Central Station monitoring. Alarms with central station monitoring protect your home and alert the proper authorities and you when you are away.


3) Do Not Tip Criminals off
You might want to tell all your friends how excited you are about your Vacation by posting a tweet or updating your status on Facebook. What you are actually doing is announcing that your house will be unattended for a length of time when you are away.


4) Remove Your Spare Key
Criminals will have plenty of time to search for your key whilst you are not there. Then they are free to unlock and leisurely go through the contents of your home.


5) Hit the Lights
Make sure you switch your lights off before you go away to avoid a high electricity bill and also because it will look a little suspicious if your bedroom light is blazing through the night for a week or so. You can purchase a special light switch or lamp timer which will come on and switch off according to a specific time. This will make it appear like you are in the house when it gets darker during the evening. Better to be safe than sorry?


6) Unplug
Unplug appliances in case of power surges. Save yourself some money as well by switching off.


7) Keep the Hot Water Flowing
If you’re going away in the winter time, your pipes could freeze up if they do not get warmed up once in a while. Just make sure the heating comes on for a couple of hours a day or ask a friend to pop round for a shower to avoid a costly problem when you get home.


8) Step Away from the Curtains
you might think closing curtains so that nobody can look inside is a good idea, but actually it can just draw attention to your home! So try to leave them exactly as you normally would.


Call Central Jersey Security Cameras and let us audit your home and give you more tips to see if you are vacation ready today!

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Home Security Audit

The sad truth today is we all now have to lock our doors and be alert. Security Cameras and Alarms are an added piece of mind that many feel are becoming a necessity today if you’ve lived in a safe neighborhood your whole life, you may not have considered home security when you moved into your house. However, even areas with low crime rates can be victimized, so it’s important for you to guard your property. Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help here are just a few common over looked areas of the home and suggestions to safe guard them. Our home Specialist will come to your home to do a free audit on where your home may be lacking in protection.


Every window in your home is an entry point, including the ones upstairs. The most vulnerable windows are the ones on the first floor that are obscured from street view by plants or other features.

How to Secure: Treat your windows with caution by ensuring no one can break in. Central Jersey Security Cameras can professionally install Alarms to alert you when a window is open.

Pet Doors

Pet doors allow your cats and dogs to get in and out of the house on their own. Though convenient, these entry points can be a burglar’s best friend if not properly secured. Potential thieves may attempt to reach their arm through the pet door to unlock the deadbolt.

How to Secure: Doggie doors are easy for burglars to use to get inside your home, but a few adjustments will keep them out.

  • Use the lock that’s on the door. Most pet doors come with a sliding latch. You should lock the door when you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Install the pet door in a wall rather than your house  door. This way, burglars can’t reach through to open your doors and they certainly won’t fit through that small entrance.

Light the yard: Illuminate your backyard to scare off any intruders

Garage Entries

You may not imagine that thieves would use your garage door to enter your home since you only use it when you drive. However, this mindset is what makes garages so useful to burglars, especially since there’s so much inside to take. You probably leave your car door unlocked when it’s in the garage because you believe no one will enter. Thieves who get in your garage can take items sitting in your car, such as a stereo, keys, equipment, bikes and more.

How to Secure: Take measures to ensure that no one uses your garage door against you.

  • Take your garage door opener with you when you leave your car. Otherwise, a burglar could steal it from your vehicle.
  • Protect the door that leads inside your house. The door between your garage and your home should be treated like an entry point. Be sure it is solid core and has a deadbolt lock that you keep locked      at all times.
  • Get a garage door censor. This device will detect movement outside of your garage and alert you when an intruder is  detected.
  • Close the garage. Keeping the door open is basically an  invitation to burglars as they can see all the goodies you have  waiting for them.
  • Central Jersey Security Cameras suggest Samsung bullet cameras installed near garage doors for added protection.

Central Jersey Security Cameras can help you audit your home on safely free of charge. Don’t wait call today and let’s get protecting what matters most to you! Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772

Looking for a solution for robberies and home ininvasions in Jackson NJ?

What is the Solution to the robberies in Jackson NJ? Central Jersey Security Cameras has the solution to stop these robberies from happening again and again in Jackson NJ!

It’s sad but true no neighborhood today is safe from strings of Residential Burglaries or home invasions today. There has been many in the paper in Jackson NJ this week. Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help deter these crimes!

The problem is it’s hard to charge or prove a crime that you did not see. So too many of these criminals get off because of their not being enough proof. Adding cameras to your home will give you undisputable proof of what the person looked like, exactly how they got in, and what was taken from your home. This in return helps charge the criminals with the crimes and keeping them off our streets. Many insurance agencies today need proof of what was taken or damaged in your home. Once again Security Cameras are there protecting you. It’s the proof that cannot be disputed it’s caught on tape.

Security Cameras are a proven deterrent to would be crimes as well. After seeing you have a Central Jersey Security Cameras installed around your home they would be less likely to want to be caught on film so in many case leave your residence and go elsewhere.

Central Jersey security Cameras has all types of cameras to help you protect your family and home. We Have Cameras that you can remote view from your lap top,   I phone, or smart phone.  Knowing your residence is protected and can been seen while you are not there can put your mind at ease knowing you are protected.

In the event the cameras do not deter the crime Alarms with Central Jersey Security Cameras have central station monitoring that will alert the proper authorizes to your residence or business quickly.  In many cases an alarm going off will send the criminal running before entering your home because now they know the police are on their way.

Jackson, Brick, Toms River and Lakewood are all towns we have seen lately with strings of Burglaries and even armed robberies reported it’s sad to say it’s everywhere today.  Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help you be the first defense to deter these would be burglaries to come to your residence.  Central Jersey Security Cameras is here for all your security cameras needs and alarms with central station monitoring to be protected from burglaries and home invasions! Call today to set up your free in home or business estimate 732-415-7772