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Burglar Alarms

How effective is your home burglar Alarm? Burglar alarms need to be installed by trained technicians with knowledge of your homes needs. Every home is shaped different and needs its own security to protect what matters to you most best!
Home Burglar alarms utilize a number of sensors to protect your home or business. Deciding what is best for your home or business can be tricky. Why take chances call a company that is trained to know just what your home or business would need to keep it safe and secured.
Below is a break down on the alarms that Central Jersey Security Cameras may suggest for your home or business:
• (PIR) Passive infrared detectors are the most common sensor found in homes and in small business. These sensors detect abrupt increase in temperature. When an intruder comes into your home or business there would be an increase in temperature.
• Microwave barriers – this device produces an electrometric beam using high frequency waves that pass from a transmitter to receiver .when the receiver detects a difference in condition between the beam, the system will analyze the situation
• Glass Break detectors- These sensors are sensitive to sound frequencies associated with glass breaking
• Photo –electric beams – So we have all seen the movies that the burglar comes to a room that is filled with beams and he ducks and flies around the room without setting the beams off. Well that’s not the case here often these beams can be detected but it is extremely unlikely that these beams can all be avoided.

Ok so now that’s a lot of information! How will you know what your home or business needs? Well, that’s the easiest part call Central Jersey Security Cameras and your trained staff will come to your site for a free audit of your home or business and help you choose the system that will work best for your needs.

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