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Did you ever think of adding cameras around you New Jersey Farm?

Cameras on the farm
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New Jersey is known as the garden state with its lush green farms and farm markets though out the state. In the past farmers could not view their farm markets while working in the field and could not view all of their fields at once. Thanks to today’s Security cameras and the internet that is all in the past!
Did you know cameras today are so advanced they can be Just about anywhere? Did you ever think of security cameras placed on farms and all the benefits they can have to the farmers?
Some things to think about when setting up farm security. First and foremost, let’s think what are the farm’s most sensitive, high risk areas of the farm in terms of security? Does your farm have workers in a field? Do you have the public go in your fields to pick their own produce? Does your farm have a produce stand with a cash register? Do you have a farm with live stock that you want to keep a watchful eye on? It’s a lot to think about security on such a broad piece of land that needs a vast amount of security. So when you start to look into protecting you farmland you need to make sure the company you choose knows how to how to set up a plan for your farm that will protect what matters to you.
Farm IP Security cameras befit with the following:
• Prevent break- ins
• Deter theft
• Monitor daily operations
• Employee monitoring
• Monitor farm for intruders
Cameras on the farm will help the farmers keep a look out on their field while they are in the store, at home and even see one field while they are standing in another. Once IP cameras are placed around the farm the farmer can use his IP video systems to allow the farmer to connect to the farm remotely to cameras and view and even record footage from smart phone, laptop, or tablet device. The ability to connect remotely to the surveillance system gives the owner peace of mind knowing their farm is secure.
Today having wireless internet and security cameras on your farm provides many benefits beyond just checking on your fields and stores. It’s all so a way that a farmer now can record all of the farms daily operations such as times and records of animal feedings and watering or Chemical applications to the fields. This will provide the farmer with a complete run down that can be viewed off the farms recording from its DVR or NVR.
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Cameras on the Farm are now are becoming a part of everyday operations on the farm more and more. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras is fully trained in all aspects of farm camera installs Call us today and let’s get started keeping your farm protected. Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772

Elevator safety- How secure is the elevator in your building?

Every year there are crimes committed in elevators that range from robberies, assaults and sadly even murders. Security in Elevators is now essential in both residential and commercial Buildings. It does not matter if the elevator is located in an area that is considered rich or poor, City or suburb unprotected elevators are a place a victim can become trapped by an assaulter.monitoring in elevator
An Elevator can be a critical part of a business building or an apartment building and security in this vital area should never be neglected. With all of the technically we have today for surveillance from Cameras to panic buttons it’s time to get elevators protected.
Central Jersey security Cameras believes cameras at the very least should be in every elevator to the protection of the public. One of the best ways to keep Elevators protected is to install a low profile vandal proof corner mounted dome camera. camera in elevator
Low Profile Vandal proof corner mounted dome cameras will let you get the view of the whole elevator. This camera’s low profile is stealthy and harder to reach by vandals if noticed. These cameras have ultra crystal clear views in all kinds of lighting even in bright unbalanced lighting or extreme low lighting. These cameras can be used day or night and tell the business or apartment building who is coming and going at what time of day. These cameras in elevators can help in case of crimes, vandalism, or if there is an emergency in the building it helps tell that people are still in the elevator.
Card readers installed in elevators limits access to elevators is another security measure that can be added. Apartment buildings, government agencies, and banks to new a few places these are used in. These card readers will only grant access to cretin floors for residents or employees.
Emergency phones or panic buttons are another feature Central Jersey security Cameras feels should be added in elevators to give added safety. If an elevator breaks and there are occupants they can alert emergency personal there is a problem. These will also help alert authorities quickly if there is an occupant on the elevator that needs help.
Last but not least fire recall buttons are a feature many fire departments will agree can be critically important. In the case there is a fire and the alarm is notified the elevator will prevent civilians from accessing it. At this point firefighters are allowed to use the elevator. This will help get the firefighters quickly to where they need to go in a high raise building where the minutes can save lives.
Elevator safety is something to not be over looked! If you are in charge of an apartment building or a commercial building that has elevators you need to be thinking of the safety. You need to have a elevator safety audit done yearly to ensure you are doing all you can do to keep the occupants safe!
elevator security
When you are ready to have your FREE elevator security audit done call Central Jersey Security Cameras. We can install your vandal proof low profile cameras, Card readers, Panic buttons, Phones, fire recall buttons and so much more.
Central Jersey Security Cameras 732-415-7772

School Saftey.. Cameras are needed in all schools today.

school safety

How safe is your school? School lock downs know as “shelter in place “is now sadly a way of life for our children. Just this past May Freehold Township schools, Monroe township schools and Union City schools all-in New Jersey were all locked down to shelter in place different days. In Bethlehem Pa schools were locked down when a treat was written on a wall in the school this past month as well.
So the question to ask here is how can we keep our children safe? It’s scary to think of all the safely measures that need to go into place today in our schools. The first lines of defense that all schools need is to have today are locked doors with a buzz in system. These doors should have a camera pointing at the person at the door with an intercom system. With the Buzz in system in place a person at the door can state why they are there and actually show their ID before the doors are opened.
Cameras should be placed at each exterior entrance to the school as well so the front desk and see who is moving around the outside of the school at all times. Next would be proper placement of cameras inside the school. Each hallway and stair well needs to be protected. In the case in Bethlehem PA cameras in the hall would have shown who was the person that wrote the treat on the wall and saved time in catching the person or persons reasonable for the treat. Cameras inside the schools keeps your children protected on so many levels, it will protect your children from bullies, protect teachers from falsely being accused of something, protects your child from a teacher that may not be treating your child right.
Many schools now are even adding cameras to the actual classrooms. This is often proof to show parents how their child is in the classroom or proof of how a teacher may interact with your child. Cameras in the classroom often sever as not just protection for the child and the teacher but as a way to go back and see how a child’s behavior may be and how both teacher and child can improve in the future.
Keep in mind no two schools are the same when choosing a company to install cameras and alarms to your schools. A company that offers a package is not really your best bet. You want to go with a company that will come to each and every school and does a safety audit to best meet the needs of each school. A school safety audit is something that should be done at least once a year to ensure all the systems are working properly and are still meeting your schools needs. Another tool your school board can use when looking for the company that is going to install your security system is look them up in the Better Business Bureau. You wanted to us a company that is BBB accredited so you can look back on the company’s track record. Keep in mind too when choosing the company or any company that may work in your schools to be sure that the staff is all back round checked.

Central Jersey Security Cameras will come work with your school district and school budget to best protect your most valuable assets your children! Our staff is background checked and highly trained in installation of all aspects of security systems. Central Jersey security cameras is better business beau accredited. Call today and lets start making the plans to have your school as safe as it can be for next school year 732 415 7772