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Store Security

Security Cameras in stores
Mall pictures
Do you own a store? It does not matter if you are in a strip mall or in a large enclosed mall your store needs security cameras. Security Cameras are needed to help deter crimes. When a would be criminal sees they are being filmed they will move on to their next target in most cases.
Shopping malls use a wide variety of cameras to monitor shoppers though out the shopping mall. These cameras are used to reduce theft and to improve the overall safety in the shopping mall. Cameras also, help store owners keep an eye on their employees. Store owners often install cameras in areas not only to watch the merchandise but to also watch employees on the cash register too. Cameras with remote viewing are a great way for the owner to watch their store even when they cannot be there with cameras that can now remote view from anywhere in the world. Owners can view their stores remotely from almost anywhere in the world that has internet with the use of their smart phone, tablet or lap top.
Most malls use CCTV security cameras to monitor common areas in the mall, these are areas such as the walk ways food courts and various halls in the mall. The crimes that happen in malls are typically shoplifting; nuisance behavior involving juveniles and thefts. CCTV cameras are often watched by a central station monitoring station that will alert mall security or the proper authorities if they see something in the mall that has a safety concern.
Parking lots around the malls are another key area to a mall to make sure they are protected. Security cameras used in parking lots are often dome cameras. Dome cameras are not always easy to detect unless you are looking for them. These cameras because of their dome shape are also hard to know or see where they are pointing. Dome shaped cameras feature dark colored glass that often helps prevents them from being seen. Bullet cameras are used in parking lots as well; these cameras are made to with stand the weather outdoors and are hard to be tampered with. Bullet cameras can see large areas and many parking lots use PTZ (Pan Tilit Zoom) Bullet cameras so security can zoom in and move the cameras with a joy stick to get the views they need. These cameras are often instrumental in finding licenses plate numbers for the authorities.
In Malls with elevators cameras will monitor the people coming and going and the actions that they are doing in the elevator. In most malls the biggest crime that takes place is often vandalism. Now with cameras in place these vandals will be caught.
When choosing a security camera company for all of your store/mall needs you need to choose a company that has training in installs in the complex mall settings. Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras our technicians have gone through extensive training for mall security cameras and alarms. They have worked closely with mall security in the proper placement of cameras to help mall security personal use cameras in their malls to their fullest potential. Central Jersey security cameras staff are all back round checked, fully licensed and insured. If you need a company to help you protect your store and mall call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 415 7772

5 Reasons to install a Home Alarm System to your home

5 Reasons to Install a Home Alarm System alarm-equipment
Today more and more families are choosing to add home security systems. Most families are choosing to add alarm systems to alert authorities, while other families choose to add cameras to keep their home under a watchful eye at all times. Everyone has their own personal reasons. Central Jersey Security Cameras will come to your home and give you a free audit and discuss what would best fit your needs.
1. Protection against Burglary, Fire, and Other Disasters
Sad to say we no longer live in the days of keeping the front door unlocked! Alarms and even security cameras are now a part of everyday life. Central Jersey security cameras are in the business of keeping families safe. Alarms with central station monitoring can be monitored for as little as $19.95 a month. That comes to around .64 cents a day! That is a small price to pay for the safety and protection of your family.

2. Discount on your homeowner’s insurance
Did you know most home owner insurance policies offer discounts to homes that are protected? In most cases home owners can save 10% to 20% off of the policy premium. Insurance companies love to see homes protected this means your home is less likely to be targeted in a robbery. Before choosing what security system for your home contact your insure company and find out exactly what your homeowners accepts to lower your premium. Most insurance companies will just need a letter from the company that does your install as proof you have a security system.
3. Instant access to the authorities
The truth is even you security companies hope you are never in the situation that the authorities need to be dispatched to your home but know when your are protected with Central Jersey Security Cameras alarms and cameras you are protecting what matters to you the most. Many homes choose to add a panic buttons. These buttons are extremely helpful in the case of small children and with the elderly by just hitting the panic button authorities will be sent quickly to your home. What a great way for even the youngest and oldest to be able to call for help.
4. Proof in the case something does happen
When you add a security plan to your home that has security cameras you now have proof of what takes place on your property. Cameras are undisputable proof to authorities and to your insurance company. Security cameras will help catch anyone that commits a crime on your property and make it more likely they are convicted because you have them on type. Cameras will help when you need to place a claim now to your home owners it becomes easier because you can now show exactly what took place.
5. Peace of Mind
Nothing beats the feeling of complete relaxation and comfort. You already have a million things on your plate to think about, why add another to the list? Installing a home alarm system or a system that even has cameras add will provide safety and protection for your home and family and will give you the peace of mind knowing your family is protected from harm – whether you are home or not.