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Central Jersey Security Cameras on the Jersey Shore installing Cameras and Alarms

Years after Sandy Towns are getting back on track with Security Cameras. Over the past few months Central jersey security cameras has been at numerous job sites installing cameras at several Sea Side NJ Business and hotels. In addition to Business Central jersey Security Cameras has been in many homes installing Security Cameras, Alarms and home theaters in homes in Sea Side NJ, Ortley Beach NJ and Toms River NJ.
However, this past week Central Jersey Security Cameras was honored to spend a few days on Island Beach State Park finally restoring the camera system that was knocked out on October 22, 2012 due to Hurricane Sandy. IP Bullet cameras were installed on the outside of the toll buildings and IP Dome cameras were installed on the inside of the toll booths.
Key futures of the IP Bullet Cameras used in Island Beach State Park: 3 megapixel high resolution, low illumination, IR range up to 50m and true/ day night. So what does this all mean in the simplest terms? IP Bullet Cameras get you the best pictures day or night! Island Beach state Park is open all year and having cameras placed by professionals will help the staff better monitor the cars that come in and out of the park.

In addition to cameras on the outside of the toll booths cameras have been added to the inside as well this way there is now a watchful eye in place to protect the staff inside the buildings at all times as well. The cameras on the inside of the building are dome style IP cameras. These cameras give sharp clear views of the windows and who is coming in and out. These cameras are often used over cash registers to watch over cash draws. The shots these cameras get are so clear you can see the amounts on each bill coming in and out of the cash draw.

Central Jersey Security Cameras has been happy to be part of the process of the rebuild of Jersey Shore towns. We will continue thought the fall and winter season at Many homes and Business in Sea side Park NJ, Mid way Beach NJ, Toms River NJ,Ortley Beach NJ and many many more Jersey Shore towns with Alarm installs and Security Camera installs. So when you’re ready to protect what you have worked so hard to build back up give Central jersey Security Cameras a call 732 415 7772

Security Cameras and Alarms for the Jersey Shore

As the leaves fall many do not think of the many towns in on the Jersey Shore such as Ortaly beach NJ, Toms River NJ, Sea Side heights and Island Beach State Park. Many leave early in September and do not return till the early spring. While you’re away for over the winter did you ever think who is watching your home? Would you like the peace of mind knowing what’s happening at your home while you’re not there? With today’s technology once cameras are placed in your home you can now view cameras from anywhere in the world that you have excess to the internet. So when snow is on the ground and you are nice and warm in your house you can check on your vacation home or your business.
Lead technician Adam at Central Jersey Security Cameras has been in Ortaly beach NJ, Toms River NJ, Sea Side heights and Island Beach State Park the past week installing cameras and alarms to keep homes and business protected over the winter season. Adam has stated “it’s nice to see home owners and business get back on track after hurricane sandy and get their home and business protected.”
Central Jersey Security Cameras has enjoyed being part of the process of seeing the Jersey shore build its self back up. If you are looking to keep your investment protected along the Jersey Shore Protected it’s time to think security cameras that can be remotely viewed. For Added protection you many want to think of adding alarms with Central Station Monitoring.
Home owners in beach towns such as Point Pleasant NJ, Belmar NJ, Orlaty Beach, Sea Side Park and Toms River are choosing to add Central station Alarms to homes and Business for peace of mind. Central Station Monitoring will dispatch emergency personal to a home or business if need.

Crime prevention Month is a great time to think about adding home security cameras

house man lookingDid you know October is crime prevention Month? This is a great time to stop and think how protected is your home? Whether it’s in a small City like South Amboy NJ or in a large spread out town such as Jackson NJ your home is the place you want to feel most safe and secure.
Yes, you have heard this before but the world has changed from the days of leaving your front door unlocked. We all need to keep everything that you own locked up. The outside of your home needs to be well lit at night and shrubs and bushes need to be kept trimmed so you can have a good view of your home from the street yes all important to keeping your home safe but did you ever think of adding security cameras to your home?
Security Cameras added to a home are a great deterrent to any would be crime. This past July in Jackson NJ on a quiet suburban street one filled with families with children was poof of how security cameras truly are a deterrent. Two homes where robbed within a few weeks of each other. The two homes that were robbed both did not have security cameras. However, the houses on each side of the homes where the robberies took place all had security cameras in place!
In a study conducted by Campus safety magazine on June 25th 2013 the presence of video surveillance is an effective deterrent. Nearly 60% of the burglars said they would consider the presence of cameras or other video equipment when selecting a target and more than 40% said that would be a factor in prompting them to choose another target.
So for homeowners in Jackson NJ this past summer having cameras installed truly paid off. Don’t think this will not happen in your town to name a few towns in the news Brick NJ, Colts Neck NJ, East Brunswick NJ have all had home robberies and have been in the news the past few months. NBC news reports that there are 135 home invasions each day! It’s time to truly think how to best protect your family.
Many home owners are choosing to install IP domes or bullet cameras they stand out just enough to be a deterrent however do not look out a place or an eye sore on a home. Many home owners choose to still buy analog cameras for their home because they are just a bit less expensive however, Central Jersey Security Cameras sales team likes to point out IP cameras are now just a fraction more than Analog cameras today. IP cameras are measured in mega pixels as opposed to the analog cameras that are measured in TV lines. The IP Cameras will resultant in better facial recognition and better license Plate recognition which is what most home owners and business need today.
An added benefit to cameras on your home is many issuances actually will give you a discount. And over time this discount will counter act the coast of your cameras while protecting your family at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you live in smaller town like Red Bank NJ or a larger town Like Toms River NJ it’s time to get your home protected. Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help you though all of your camera decisions. Call today 732 415 7772