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Black Friday Shoppers how protected are the gifts you are buying when you bring them home?


The Holiday season has officially begun and today the malls are filled with Black Friday shoppers out to buy holiday gifts for loved ones.As we look at the window of our headquarters for Central Jersey Security Cameras we can see the Freehold Mall is packed with shoppers today. Unfortunately, criminals find this the perfect opportunity to steal! Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day burglaries and property crimes increase each year. A recent FBI study showed 400,000 Burglaries occurred in the US during November and December last year.
So, now you have to ask yourself what can be done so you are not be part of this statistics this year? How do you protect your home to the fullest? You may think home alarms and security cameras and stop and think they are too expensive and push the though in the back of your head. Surprisingly you are wrong today security cameras and alarms are affordable and can fit just about every family’s budget. At Central Jersey Security Cameras we know no two family’s needs are the same and that’s why we take a different approach then many of the chain companies you see. We start off by coming to your home and giving you a home audit on what best suits your family/home needs they we bundle you together your own custom package based on your needs. The comment we here the most here at Central jersey Security Cameras from our customers after they are installed with security cameras or Alarms or even both is:” I wish I would have done this sooner. I don’t know how we lived without a system in my house”
Would you like to get your home protected this holiday season?Why Not get something to protect your family this black friday? It’s time to call Central jersey Security Cameras today and let’s get stated protecting what matters to you most. 732 415 7772

Is your home Protected while you are away?

How protected is your home when you go away? This weekend is one of the heaviest travel weekends of the year. Many home owners pack up their families to go visit loved ones. While you are away did you ever stop to think who is watching your home while you are away? Burglars do not take time off because it’s a holiday in fact they love when you go away!
Security Cameras and Alarms are the best deterrent to a would be burglar. When they see a home that is protected by cameras they are more likely to move on to a home that cannot capture the crime. If the Burglar is unaware of cameras and does break in if you have alarms with Central station monitoring you and authorizes will be other notified in a matter of seconds! Your home is one of the biggest investments you make why would you not protect it to its fullest potential?
Central Jersey Security Cameras customers are all enjoying this holiday weekend knowing their homes are protected to the fullest. Are you ready to get your home protected? Our trained technicians will come to your home and give your home an audit of what best suits your unique needs to best protect your home and family. After you secure your home with security cameras and alarms with Central Jersey Security cameras you can now go away like our customers do with no worries about the protection of your home.
family going away

IP Cameras at night how clear are the views in the dark?

After you see how clear Ip Cameras looked in the day now you have to say thats great but how well do they work at night? As you can see in this video IP cameras at night are very clear and show you exactly what you need to see at night. After the recent Burglaries and home invasions in town such as Edison NJ, Old Bridge NJ, Howell NJ, New Brunswick Nj and in Jackson NJ Central Jersey security Cameras has been installing these IP cameras for Many home owners and they are all pleased with the IP cameras Day and Night performances. So what are you waiting for? Get what matters most to you protected! Call today 732 415 7772

IP Cameras in the day show Clear views

Here you will see clear Views from IP Cameras installed by central Jersey Security Cameras in Freehold NJ. Many home owners have been calling from Old Bridge NJ, Howell NJ, Jackson NJ, Hazlet NJ all looking to protect their homes from the recent rash of home invasions and Burglaries. Many have been asking how well can you see with these cameras. Take a look! Its time to get protecting what matters to you most call central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 415 7772

Security Systems for your home in Old Bridge, Red bank, Hazlet, Edison, and Sayreville New Jersey

Have you ever left your home and worried that someone was just waiting for you to leave to break in? Have you ever left and wished you could check on your home while you are away? With all of the home Burglaries and invasions in Towns such as Hazlet New Jersey, Old Bridge New Jersey, Red Bank New Jersey , Sayreville New Jersey, New Brunswick NJ to just name a few Don’t you feel it’s time to get you home protected and take that worry and want to check on your home away?
Cameras and Alarms Bundled together is the #1 deterrent against theses Break in and Home Invasions. The Past few weeks the papers have been flooded with Home in invasion articles in Old Bridge and Edison NJ. Hazlet and Sayreville New Jersey has been in the news with home burglaries and the most recent article posted today is a resident In New Brunswick NJ was threatened with a baseball bat during a home invasion.
With all of these recent crimes don’t you feel now is the time for prevention? Central jersey security Cameras has been recently in many of these towns that have had these rash of burglaries and home invasions. We understand the need to get your Families and your homes you work so hard for protected. Call today and lets start protecting your home the way it should be! Call Central jersey Security Cameras today and lets get started protecting what matters to you most! 732 415 7772

Police blotter for Hamilton and Robbinsville New Jersey has large number of burglaries

Today the police blotter for Hamilton and Robbinsville New Jersey was posted there were over 15 burglaries in the span of a week! And there were over 10 thefts reported! For a weeks time Hamilton and Robbinsville these numbers are a bit scary its time to get your home protected! Cameras and alarms are both know as deterrents against would be criminals. Central jersey security cameras will come to you home or business in Hamilton or Robbinsville New Jersey and give you a free security audit of your home or business. We can put together a package that best fits the needs to your personal needs and budget. Many home owners and business owners alike are pleasantly surprised at how affable home security systems from Central Jersey Security Cameras are. Its time to protect what matters to you most Hamilton and Robbinsville New Jersey Call today 732 415 7772.
15823634-mmmain Below is a copy of the police report that came out today take a look and think do you want to be on this list of burglies next week or do you want to get protected?
Nov. 3
Criminal Mischief – 2200 block Kuser Rd.
Criminal Mischief – 1300 block Hamilton Ave.
Criminal Mischief – 500 block Samuel St.
Theft – 2200 block East State St.
Theft – Hamilton Health Place
Burglary – 600 block Paxson Ave.
Burglary – 1800 block Chambers St.

Nov. 4
Burglary – Francis Ave.
Burglary – Sharps Lane
Burglary – 100 block Redfern St.
Burglary – Bethel Avenue
Burglary – 600 block Route 130 — Arrested: Joseph S. Passerella

Nov. 5
Criminal Mischief – 300 block Irvington Place
Theft – 800 block Sloan Ave.
Theft – 800 block Whitehorse/Hamilton Square Rd.
Burglary – 1300 Elizabeth/Brom Ave.
Shoplifting – 1000 block Whitehorse/Mercerville Rd. – Arrested: Erica L. Cooper

Nov. 6
Criminal Mischief – Bradford Avenue
Theft – 1300 block Whitehorse/Mercerville Rd.
Burglary – Adella Avenue
Shoplifting – 1000 block Whitehorse/Mercerville Rd. – Arrested Faith E. Hupfl
Shoplifting – 700 block Route 130 — Arrested: James E. Ferguson

Nov. 7
Criminal Mischief – 2600 block Nottingham Way
Criminal Mischief – Hamilton Lakes Drive
Theft – 400 Marketplace Blvd.
Theft – 2200 block Route 33
Theft – 1700 block Greenwood Ave.
Theft – 1300 block Whitehorse/Mercerville Rd.
BurglaryAuto – 100 block Route 130
Burglary – 3200 block Nottingham Way

Nov. 8
Criminal Mischief – 1400 block Genesee St.
Theft – 1300 block South Olden Ave.
Burglary – 1600 block East State St.
Burglary – 1800 block Chambers St.
Burglary – 500 block Marketplace Blvd.

Nov. 9
Criminal Mischief – Kirby Avenue
Theft – 3700 block South Broad St.
Theft – 700 block Klockner Ave.
Aggravated Assault – 600 block Norway Ave. — Arrested: Miccheah R. Thompson
Burglary – 200 block Newkirk Ave.
Burglary – Quincy Avenue
Shoplifting – 100 block Marketplace Blvd. — Arrested: Maria J. Rein

Nov. 3
Narcotics – I-195 – Arrested: Bethann Lee, Kristen Yurksis

Nov. 6
DWI — Route 130 — Arrested: Henna Khan

Nov. 7
DWI/Narcotics – Route 526 — Arrested: Paul Santucci

Nov. 9
DWI — Route 33 – Arrested: Brian Campbell

Recent home burglaries/ Home Invasions in Howell New Jersey

Be Prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones against burglaries and home invasions! A recent rash of burglaries and home invasion in Howell New Jersey and other parts of central and southern NJ are taking place right now.It has been proven time and time again that security cameras and a alarm system with central station monitoring is the most effective way to combat against burglaries and invitations.
The last thing a burglar wants to see is our security camera looking back at them. With today’s technology even the burglars know if some has a security camera on their home that their image is now captured and can be viewed in a mater of seconds. These images are viewed in real time and can be emailed from any camera to the authorities to help them quickly apprehend the burglar and have immediate proof of what took place at your home.
Please Don’t wait any longer to protect yourself and your loved ones. Cameras are no longer a luxury they are now a necessity. When you call Central Jersey Security Cameras we will put a bundle together with cameras and a alarm that fits you homes needs and family budget. Howell New Jersey make today the day you call and protect what matters to you most! house man looking

CALL CENTRAL JERSEY SECURITY CAMERAS TODAY 732 415 7772 for your free home security audit.

Recent Rash of Burglaries in Old Bridge NJ

With predators Preying on residents of Old Bridge New Jersey, Now is the time to consider important security measures such as security cameras and alarms with Central Station Monitoring.
Central jersey Security Cameras will Bundle a unique security system based on your specific needs and help combat against burglaries and home invasions.It has been proven that security cameras along with an alarm system, is a major deterrent against these crimes.
Here at Central jersey security Cameras we believe in helping keep the public safe with this in mind we will guarantee an install date with in 7 days of our contract being signed. Dont be a Victim to the home invasions Old Bridge NJ. Protect yourself now and what matters to you most.
Call Today for a free security evaluation 732 415 7772

Life long customer in Jackson New Jersey

Central Jersey Security Cameras is always happy to hear how our customers are pleased with their installs and it makes us extra proud when we hear a customer tell us they are going to be our life long customer!
“The Central Jersey Security Cameras technicians are a group of great hardworking guys. I would recommend them any day of the week. I was one of the first customers over five years ago and i m a customer for life. I just had my cameras updated and i have to say Ray was so kind and helpful to me the other two techs on the job were hard working at my house too.” – Roseanne Larson Jackson NJ

Red Bank New Jersey Protect Your Homes and Business

Red Bank shooting leaves two in critical condition todays headlines in the paper! Red Bank NJ its time to start protecting your homes with Central Station Monitoring Alarm systems. Just the other day Central Jersey security cameras added a blog for Red Bank NJ and Alarms now more then ever we think its the time. Today we have had numerous phone calls from business and families in Red Bank NJ looking to protect their homes don’t be left behind call today and gets get started protecting what matters to you most.