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Tips to Keep your home safe from Burglars

There is a home Burglary in the US committed every 15 seconds! Every 15 second is a scary fact. The first thing most burglars look for when choosing a home in most cases is a home that looks like no one is home. Here are some handy tips on how to make your home looked occupied even when you are not home
• Use automatic light times throughout your home and have then turn on and off though the night at different times.
• The same times can be used to turn on and off radios and TVs on and off
• Do not stop your mail or paper deliveries have a friend or neighbor pick them up so it appears someone is home.
• Turn the ringer down on your phone so, if a would be burglar is trying to listen around your home they cannot hear the phone not answered. Another tip along these lines would be to forward your call to your cell phone so if a burglar calls they hear you answer.
• Ask someone to take your trash to the curb and bring it back to make it look like your normal routine
• Always park your car in a closed garage if possible this way there is no way to tell when you are home or not on a regular basis
• Add A home security system and make sure signs are visible at various points around your home.
All great ideas on how to make your home look like someone is there while you are away. For added Security of security cameras or an alarm system call Central Jersey Security Cameras and we will come to your home and give you a free security audit on how you can best protect your home from being another statistic.

Give a gift that keeps your loved ones safe!

Did you wait to the last minute to get your Christmas shopping done? Are you looking for a gift that will give the whole year not just one day? Would you like to protect loved ones? If you answered yes to all three questions then you are in luck! Central Jersey Security cameras is here to help! A gift of an home alarm system or security cameras that can be remotely viewed from any where in the world would be a gift that can keep giving for years to come. Sounds like its expensive? Home owners are pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable a home alarm system or security cameras coast. More and more in Many towns In NJ such as Old Bridge, Edison, Red Bank, Deptford NJ to name a few, residents started to feel like alarm systems and security cameras are becoming a necessity to keep what you work so hard for safe. So, why not give a gift this year that is now becoming a household necessity that will keep your loved ones safe the whole year? Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today and lets help you give a gift that will give the gift of keeping your family safe! Central Jersey Security cameras 732 415 7772

Have your insurance company pay you to have an Alarm on your home!!

Today many home insurance companies prefer homeowners to be protected with an alarm in place at their home. An Average NJ homeowner pays around $2000.00 a year on home insurance. Most of these companies lower the average homeowners insurance 15% or more! That is a $300.00 savings a year! Now to add an alarm with central station for the year to your home from Central Jersey security cameras it would only cost you $240 for the year!! You are still saving at least $60.00 a year by adding an alarm to your home! This way your home and more important you family is protected all year long and you end up saving a few dollars a year how can you go wrong! Call Central jersey Security Cameras today lets get you set up with an alarm and a certificate for your insurance company that you are protected. download

Another home invasion in Old Bridge NJ, has residents in fear!

Old Bridge was once a town where no one locked their doors and the streets after 3pm were filled with children playing and are you ready for this the children were outside without their parents! Today Doors are locked children are hardly outside and if they are they are more than likely with an adult watching. Residents in Old Bridge today have an added extra fear of now home invasions! At this time there have not been serious life threatening harm caused but the fear of residents is real.
So what would be your best line of Prevention? Start with a home security audit by a trained professional in home security. Central Jersey Security Cameras has been working closely with many families in Old Bridge NJ. Our trained technicians have been auditing homes in Old Bridge NJ the past few weeks and helping families feel more secure.
Would you like for your Old Bridge family to be protected to the fullest? Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today and let’s get started protecting what matters to you most!