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How protected is your gated community?

Many senior citizens in New Jersey down size and move to gated communities once they have finished raising their families. These gated communities offer a sense of security that they are gated; however, it’s just a layer of security today. Even gated communities are no longer immune to the opportunistic burglar that will figure out a way to pass and get through the gates at a gated community. Central jersey Security Cameras would like to share a few tips we have been sharing with gated communities in town such as Freehold NJ, Toms River NJ, Jackson NJ, and Manchester NJ and in Lakewood NJ.
Gated Community home security tips:

• Ensure that all doors and windows including sliding glass doors have strong, working locks
• Lock all doors and windows, including rear and garage doors before leaving the residence
• Is your residence is equipped with an alarm system ensure that it has appropriate coverage for your security needs. Just like smoke detectors, BE SURE TO TEST IT!
• Ensure that all windows and doors are armed. Master Bedroom and hallways should have motion sensors detectors
• Active your alarm whenever you leave your residence.
• If you have a surveillance system make sure it’s always in good working order
• Record the serial number of your electronic and computer equipment and keep records in a secure location
• Keep your property well lit during the evening hours
• Arrange and be sure your mail and newspapers are picked up if you are away
• If you see suspicious actively alert authorities and your main office at the gate as soon as it is safe for you to do so.
Central jersey Security cameras believes that prevention is always key to protecting your home. We will come to your gated community home and give a free security audit to help show you how to best protect your home. Call today and talk to one of our sales reps today 732 415 7772

How do you protect your New jersey Home from a robbery?

house man lookingDid you know the crime of robbery is mainly a nighttime crime, increasing after 8:00 PM and subsiding after 3:00 AM in most areas? Robberies often increase during the winter months because of extended periods of darkness. Dozens of robbery studies have indicated that robbers like isolation, prefer lone victims, good escape routes, and few witnesses in addition to a good cash score.
What do you do stay up all night to watch over your home and loved ones? No that would never work.. You need something to watch your home even while you can’t. While you are sleeping or away even. Security cameras with night vision will keep a watchful eye on your home at all times even while you are sleeping. Security Cameras are a deterrent to criminal today with the great facial recognition that cameras have today it’s something that deters a crime from taking place in the first place. Having an alarm on the home will not only alert you but it will alert the proper authorities as well.
Security Cameras / Alarm system is something you always wished you could have but think it’s too expensive for your family think again. At Central jersey security Cameras we believe in selling you just what you need for your home and have something to fit just about everyone’s budget. Call Today let’s get started protecting what matters to you most 732 415 7772

Indoor IP Wireless Cameras

In this day and age more than ever most homeowners want flexibility with the security cameras in their homes. This is why Central Jersey Security Cameras now offers indoor wireless IP cameras without requiring additional wiring to your home. The clarity on these cameras is unmatched 2 to 3 megapixels and these cameras can be moved around your home to view different areas of your home. Indoor Ip Cameras can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world that has internet. Indoor wireless IP c Security cameras give you the homeowner now the flexibility to move 1 or 2 of your cameras around your home on a daily basis if you choose.Many Parents with small children come to us and say they need indoor wireless security cameras that can be moved from room to room to keep a watchful eye on their children. These cameras work great to keep an extra eye on your little ones while being babysat or even when you are home and need to keep an eye on them while you are in another room.
Indoor IP cameras work great in business as well want to keep an watchful eye over your staff and not have them aware where the camera is placed each day. If you are thinking its time to get your home or business secure with security cameras Central jersey Security Cameras is here to help you choose what would work best in your home or business. Call us today and lets set up an home security audit of your home or business and see if Indoor IP wireless cameras would work best for you. Central Jersey Security cameras 732 415 7772

RED BANK NEW JERSEY HOME INVASION!! How prepared is your Red Bank NJ Home?

Be Prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones against burglaries and home invasions! A recent rash of burglaries and home invasion in Red Bank New Jersey and other parts of central and southern NJ are taking place right now.It has been proven time and time again that security cameras and a alarm system with central station monitoring is the most effective way to combat against burglaries and invitations.
The last thing a burglar wants to see is our security camera looking back at them. With today’s technology even the burglars know if some has a security camera on their home that their image is now captured and can be viewed in a mater of seconds. These images are viewed in real time and can be emailed from any camera to the authorities to help them quickly apprehend the burglar and have immediate proof of what took place at your home.
Please Don’t wait any longer to protect yourself and your loved ones. Cameras are no longer a luxury they are now a necessity. When you call Central Jersey Security Cameras we will put a bundle together with cameras and a alarm that fits you homes needs and family budget. Red Bank New Jersey make today the day you call and protect what matters to you most!


Central Jersey Security Cameras look back at 2014

Central Jersey Security Cameras had an amazing 2014. Our Central Jersey Security Cameras “family” has grown in 2014. Over the past year Central Jersey security cameras has increased the hours of all existing employees and hired more staff to cover our expending clientele.
Early in 2014 Central Jersey Security cameras added Alarm systems with Central Station monitoring to better serve our customers at affordable pricing. The technicians were all trained with the newest alarm systems in mind The Technicians at Central jersey are all fully background checked and insured to the fullest extent. Central jersey Security Cameras was accredited with the Better Business Bureau In January 2014 with an A rating.
In March Central jersey Security Cameras sent a crew out to the trade show in Las Vegas to learn all of the latest in home security this year. They came back with all of the newest cameras and designs to best serve our valued customers and still keep the pricing affordable at the same time.
Central Jersey Security Cameras was proud to be a part in the install of security cameras at Island Beach State park, The Middlesex County YMCA all locations, And LA fitness Gyms, and Earl Naval Base. As we are proud that our company has grown to be part of these great locations we want to also show great pride in every in home security Camera and alarm we took on this year as well. We look forward to serving our valued customers in 2015 and continued growth over the upcoming year.