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Home Security Camera system lets you be there without being there!!!

Why Buy a home security system for your home? A home security camera system lets you be there without being there. Home security cameras let you enjoy the peace of mind when you are away from home that you can still check on your home or who is around your home. Do you have teenageers and want to know if they are bringing friends home after school while you are at work? No problem when you have a security camera system by Central jersey Security Cameras. We can set your camera up to alert you when someone walks in your door and you can see in real time who is coming and going from your home. Another added benefit is you can see the time of day each day your mail comes to your home or if the UPS man made a delivery to your home. Do you still have small children in your home and have a baby sitter come to your home? Would you like to see how they interact when you are not home? Once again Security Cameras can do that for you. Do you have an elderly parent that lives alone and you can’t make it to their home everyday to check on them or maybe they have a health aid at their home and you would like to see how they are treating your parent? Well if you installed a home security camera system at their home you could. Today more and more home security cameras are giving families peace of mind for when they can not be there. Security Cameras today can be checked remotely from anywhere in the world by a smart phone, Ipad, or laptop. Why not get the security for your loved ones you all deserve call today Central jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772
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Toms River NJ 4th Shelter in place called for 2014/2015 school year! How good is your school security?

North PicToms River NJ Schools have 4th shelter in place the 2014/2015 scary times for school children and parents alike. Today schools need to be equipped with alarms, security cameras and entry ways that can be quickly secured. This past year Central Jersey Security cameras has taken the time to meet with school boards around the tri state area to look at schools and the various safety issues many schools are facing today. Central Jersey Security Cameras believes our children our our most valued treasured part of our lives and their protection is priceless to us. Our staff is fully background checked and approved. In fact Central Jersey security Cameras takes an extra step and continues to background check staff periodically throughout the year to make sure our staff is always school approved. We have been approved by the YMCA and NJ State Parks.So, the question you need to ask Toms River NJ and the rest of the tri state area is how good is your school Security? If your school needs more information on how to be protected best call Central jersey security cameras to come out to your school to give your school a free security audit. Don’t wait call today 732 415 7772.

Point Pleasant NJ, Seaside NJ and Seaside Park how secure is your home or business before the summer crowds come?


New Jersey is a state that comes alive in the upcoming months. Starting with Point Pleasant NJ and Seaside NJ easter weekend ticket sales for the boardwalks. These quiet towns come back to life as families come back for vacation weeks and young adults looking for the nightlife that the jersey shore offers from the tri-state area come to the Jersey Shore. Looking over the list of summer events this year in many NJ shore towns it looks like this summer will be the first real full swing summer since supper storm sandy. With all of the events the jersey shore has to offer is your Jersey shore home or business protected?? If a crime or even an accident takes place on your business or home property would you have proof of the crime or who committed it? Most of all would you just like piece of mind that your home is protected and may prevent from anything that could take place on your property? Then its time to call Central jersey security Cameras. Over the past few years we have helped many business getting back on track with their servalce systems and many homeowners secure their homes.Central Jersey Security Cameras was the company even chosen to install the security on Island Beach state park last summer. So before the busy season comes to you Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights/ Seaside Park give Central Jersey Security Cameras a call and lets get started protecting what matters to you most. Call today 732 415 7772 for all your security camera needs, Alarm systems, and audio/video sound systems for home or for business.


Family visits Orlando Florida with no worries on who is watching their home thanks to Central Jersey Security Cameras

All around the tri state area many families are looking at taking vacations to get out of the cold. Orlando Florida is one of the most popular family destinations that families in New Jersey and New York go to for a weather escape. As you book your trip don’t forget to think about how safe your home is while you are away. Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras more than anything else we love to hear of happy customers That feel better when they are away due to our security systems and this is one that we got from an Old Bridge family that just returned from Orlando Florida:
Customer review
My family planned a orlando Florida (disney vacation) and before we left we installed a security system to our home with Central Jersey Security Cameras. I m so happy i did it put our mind at ease while we were away that our home was protected. We choose a system for our home with Cameras and an alarm system. From my cell phone at my hotel by the pool or even in the Disney parks online i could tell each day that my mail was delivered and my neighbor picked it up for us i was truly amazed at how easy it was to see clear views of my home while i was in Florida! Thanks for putting my mind at ease while i was away. – Diannia and Nick Old Bridge NJ
The best part about the system Nick and Dianna security system is now that they have it installed they can now use it from anywhere in the world that has internet. They can use it when they are at work to check on their home and when they are ready to book their next Orlando Florida getaway they will be set with their system in place and leave with no worries. When you are ready to go away with no worries on what is going on around your home like Nick and Dianna call Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772

Commercial Alarms in Central New Jersey

Commercial Alarms are a necessity to just about every business owner out there. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your current system, protect a small single-story building or connect multiple sites in a fully integrated security management system, Central Jersey Security Cameras can develop a customized security program to meet your specific requirements, priorities and budget. We are One of the Lowest Prices & Best Service Guarantee.We provide Fast & Friendly Tech Support 24/7/365 and we only use High Quality Products. Central Jersey Security Cameras also believes in keeping our customers happy so we provide a Satisfaction Guarantee.
Central Jersey Security Cameras will work with you to design the protection system your business requires. We understand that your needs are unique and we specialize in custom installs. Our technicians are constantly trained on all the newest alarm installations. The technicians at Central jersey Security Cameras are all background checked more than once a year to ensure our customers our staff is top notch not just in installations. We have worked in Various school settings from preschools -colleges and everything inbetween installing alarm systems and security cameras.This past year our staff was given clearance to work on earl naval base and Island beach state Park. Central Jersey Security Cameras is Better Business Bureau accredited with an A rating.
The Alarm systems with Central station monitoring that we install are more affordable than most business owners think they would be and as an added extra bonus once you get a certificate that you are monitored by a central station it will bring down your insurance! In the long run many business owners tell us they end of saving morey each month once their insurance is lowered! Call Central Jersey Security cameras today and lets see how we can help you protect the business you work so hard to build. Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772

How good is your home Alarm ??

How good is your home Alarm? With all this weather the past few weeks in New Jersey have you ever stopped and thought is my Central Station Monitoring still working? Thats why when Central jersey Security cameras moved into the alarm industry we carefully looked at who we chose for our central station Monitoring company. We went with Cops monitoring because they are top rated in the nation and have stations strategically placed all across the united states. If one station is down do to natural disaster or state of emergency you are still protected with Central jersey Security Cameras and the alarm we installed for you. Take a look on our website

HD VS Megapixel

HD vs. Megapixel

HD(High Definition) is a type of megapixel camera. All HD cameras are megapixel but not all megapixel cameras are HD.

While standard definition cameras (e.g., analog cameras and 4CIF IP cameras) have no more than 400,000 pixels, all megapixel cameras (including HD) have 1,000,000 or more pixels.

The key features of HD for video surveillance are:
• Maximum HD resolution is 2.1MP
• HD video format is 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080
• HD aspect ratio is 16:9 (compared to 5:4 or 4:3 in other surveillance cameras)
• HD frame rate is 30/25
• HDTV has quality compliance standards
• Supports true 1080P video resolution (uncompressed)
• Ability to leverage current coaxial infrastructure and place HD cameras onto them without changing the
• Fewer cameras to cover an area since the HD picture is 3 times larger than an analog camera
• Full live HD recording and viewing
• Can be viewed remotely via smartphone or computer
• Customizable video quality

Our opinion and recommendations at Central Jersey Security Cameras is;
We don’t recommend analog cameras at all since the price of HD cameras has come down so much, analog is older technology.

In most settings the HD cameras will do a great job with an outstanding picture.

IP cameras are used more in commercial or larger settings or for those who have a taste for the best of the best, sometimes it is not necessary though.

On a scale of 1 to 10 “with analog being at 1″, we put HD cameras at an 8 and IP cameras at a 10.

Not all HD / IP cameras are the same. This depends solely on the manufacturer, we are proud to sell exclusively Hikvision equipment who is the largest manufacturer in the world of CCTV equipment.

We feel the quality is unmatched for the price.

IP/HD Cameras and Mailmen working in rain,sleet, or snow in Freehold NJ

Did you ever hear the saying not rain sleet or snow keeps the mail from coming? Today at Central Jersey Security Cameras we know this is true! In the mist of all the bad weather we have had the past few weeks in Freehold NJ our mailman has not missed a day! Our office staff was allowed to work from home today due to the weather and when we checked our cameras at our office we caught out faithful mailman delivering the mail before our lots were even plowed!
Just like the mailman our IP/HD Security Cameras on our office in Freehold NJ shows clear views in rain, sleet or in even snow. All of the security cameras we used at Central Jersey Security Cameras can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world that has internet. Today our boss allowed the office staff to work from our homes to keep his staff safe from driving in this snowy weather and when he asked if we were still getting our mail today I was able to check from home and report back to my boss yes our mailman came today By viewing our IP/HD Security Camera right from my home computer. I can even check our office from the palm of my hand too from my iPhone/smart phone too. Tomorrow before we set out to go to the office we will check the Security Cameras to see if our lot has been plowed before we go in.
Would you like to be able to view your office from the comfort of your own home when weather is bad? Then its time to call Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772

Central Jersey Security Cameras safety tips for Brick NJ

Burglars today are becoming more desperate. They break into homes during the day now and even while homeowners are home. In Brick NJ this past weekend a homeowner was home while his home was broken into and was stabbed during the break in. Central jersey Security Cameras has a few homeowners prevention safety tips to help prevent your home becoming a target for a burglar!
1- Make is KNOWN you have a home security camera system (burglars hate getting caught on tape its the proof they were there)
2- When you buy new high priced items in boxes do not though them in the trash where it can be noticed so a would be burglar would know whats in your home
3- Do NOT post to social media when you are home and not home do not post your up coming vacation or times you are at work (and make your children know to do the same)
4- If you go away make sure someone is there to pick up your mail and bring in your trash cans to make it look like someone is there
5- Get light timers so your house lights go on and off
6- Keep all doors and windows locked
7-Keep the trees and bushes around your home trimmed so no one can hide in them
8-If you have an alarm check it on a regular basis to make sure its working properly
9- Keep your cars even in your driveway locked
10- Keep the outside of your home well light at night.
If you want to find out more on how you can protect your home with a home security system call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 415 7772