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More home and business robberies in Old Bridge NJ

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Old Bridge NJ is not stranger this past year to home burglaries and home invasions. The suspects from the home invasions have been captured and now their is another crime wave is hitting Old Bridge NJ. This new home robbery takes place during the day and they are trying to make it look like they were never there. The burglaries are working in teams of two and posing as workers on the home walking in with clip boards after they get into the home they take just a few items so many homeowners don’t even realize they were there until they go to put their jewelry on or till they go to put change in their change jar making it harder to estimate what time they got into the victims home. Central Jersey Security Cameras would like to help the homeowners and business in Old Bridge NJ stay protected. Our office is located in Freehold NJ you can make an appointment to come into our office and see security cameras and alarm systems work live in our office before you make the purchase. Central Jersey Security Cameras works on all types of homes and business and have very affordable pricing and payment programs. Don’t wait till something happens and its too late to protect what matters to you most. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today and protect the people and things that matter most to you. For your FREE estimate call 732 415 7772

Take your child to work day at central jersey security cameras


Take your child to work day at Central jersey Security Cameras. Owner Robert Murphy not only knows the importance of home security he knows the importance of family. Today Robert Brought his two lovely daughters to spend the day with him at Central Jersey Security Cameras and taught the girls about the importance of home security. Today Mr. Murphy took his girls on a walk though of a new customers home and showed the girls how he gives the customers an estimate and works with in a family budget. Central Jersey Security Cameras knows how important it is to keep a family on budget these days and it was a great lesson to teach the girls today on how families are all on budgets. Making families secure has become an important part to Mr. Murphy’s life and now his girls know how important it is and how hard dad works not only to keep them safe and secure but how hard he works to keep many families safe and secure!

Digital Video Recorders or DVR

Digital Video Recorders or DVR ltd8316tft-16

Often At Central Jersey Security Cameras we are asked exactly what is a DVR used for with my security cameras? How Many cameras can i get on one DVR? Here is just a little explanation taken from our website. If you would like to Know more about the right DVR for you home security system call Central Jersey Security Cameras and lets get you on the right path to protecting your home or business with the right security! Central Jersey Security cameras 732 415 7772

A Dvr is the device that enables viewing of your analog , High Definition and in the hybrid model I.P. cameras. security cameras onto one screen. Either a single view, quad view (4 cameras) , 9, 16,32 cameras on one screen or you can build a custom view. The Dvr also is responsible for storing all of your recorded video brought in from each individual camera. The video stores to a hard drive located inside the Dvr. The amount of storage space is dictated by how large the hard drive is inside the Dvr. The more cameras you have the larger hard drive you will need. A typical setup would be between 15 and 30 days recording time, anywhere between 500gig to 2 terabyte hard drive. There are larger hard drives available to get storage for over 6 months in some cases. Another factor in determining storage capacity in your Dvr is the frame rate at which the Dvr is set to. This can be anywhere from 1 to 30 frames per second. We usually set our Dvr’s at 12 to 15 frames per second. We feel this is an acceptable level that does not compromise any recording quality and will ensure you don’t compromise any recording quality and will ensure you don’t miss any recorded footage stored from your security cameras. The video can be transferred to removable devices and stored such as flash drives or external hard drives.
All Dvr’s have the ability to be viewed and controlled off premise remotely, an internet connection is required at the Dvr. All are viewable on all mobile devices.

The Dvr has the capability to send push notifications or emails directly to your smartphone or tablet when a secure perimeter is breached around your home or business. (a video can be found in our “HELP” tab)
Our standard Dvr’s have the ability to handle Analog cameras up to 960 TV lines and High Definition cameras up to 2 megapixel.

The Hybrid Dvr can handle Analog cameras up to 960 TV lines and I.P. cameras up to 5 megapixel
Both Dvr’s are designed to work with existing CCTV system whereas you may have existing cameras that you are not ready to upgrade yet, although you want to add some more cameras. In that case we would integrate your existing cameras and add the better High Def or I.P. the system by simply upgrading your Dvr.

Dvr’s are available in many sizes meaning capacity to hold more cameras:
4 channel = 4 cameras
8 channel= 8 cameras
16 channel=16 cameras
32 channel=32 cameras
When choosing a Dvr take into consideration that you may expand someday and consider buying a larger Dvr that you can one day add cameras to since they are not upgradeable.

Home security systems to protect your family!!

Everyday i come into the office at central Jersey Security Cameras and hear stories of families needing home security due to homes in their area being robbed. I always click away trying to find the police beats and crime reports in the area and all too many times i come up with no story. I hear the stories of how they are in fear it will be their home next and they need a system installed so they and their children can sleep better at night. Then i get the phone call that a family member home has been robbed and i realized i have never spoke to my own family on the topic i research, blog and run social media on everyday of the week! I never wanted to scare my family with all the stories i hear and read about homes being broken into, invaded,and robbed and now today i sit here and i regret not telling them all! There is no press release on what happened at my aunts home and the police do not feel she was targeted it was just she was the unlucky house hit. Now let me explain my aunt lives on a main road and the majority of my family lives close by and we are not the type of family that calls before we just pop over so anyone of us and when i say anyone of us could have pulled up at the wrong time with our babies in hand to go stop by. My aunt was the one that pulled up and saw a strange car in her yard and thought it was one of her daughter friends as she walked up to her home a man jumped out her front door with a clipboard and told her we are almost done with this my aunt said with what this is my house and the man pushed her off her porch and two other men ran out the backdoor. My aunts home was robbed and she walked in on it. Jewelry that was my grandmothers was taken that was priceless to her and valuables from her home but.. the thing i just can’t get out of my head is how much worse this could be i could be sitting here today in my office without my favorite aunt still in the world. Now here is the thing over the past two years i never once told my aunt to get security on her home so here i m today urging everyone to look into home security i’m sitting here as proof telling you not to wait till it happens at your home. The best advice i can give everyone would be to do your homework look around at security companies and systems they have to offer. Ask Ask Ask questions there are never too many questions to ask when its your families safety. Central jersey security Cameras believes in educating every homeowner on the importance of home security. Call my office today and lets get started protecting your family.. don’t say i wish we would have when it happens to you call today 732 415 7772

How do remote view security cameras work?

There are many types of remote security cameras and many ways to view the cameras remotely. There are a few methods for making your security camera “remotely viewable,” however; the key ingredient for all of them is the idea of Internet Protocol or networking. Although there are several possible variations for capturing, sending, and storing the camera’s signal the basic process works like this.

An IP security camera system works by converting the camera’s video signal into a digital file that can be transmitted via a networking system. Depending on the type of system, the signal, by way of the local network, can even be sent to the internet making the security camera remotely accessible from anywhere internet is available.

Many cameras connect to a DVR or Digital Video Recorder system. They do this by a physical connection through a cable or by utilizing various wireless technologies (similar to the wireless technology used by wireless computer routers and receivers). Most wireless cameras have a useful maximum range of approximately 300 feet.

Regardless of how the camera’s signal is transmitted, it is normally transmitted to a personal computer, DVR system, IP video server, or directly to the internet. Streaming technology allows for the digital data to be transmitted and viewed in real time, while maintaining small file sizes to prevent overloading the network. Personal computers, DVR systems with specific, dedicated video networking circuits, and IP video servers can each be utilized to do this “file processing” work and transfer the final product to the LAN or internet.

Once the video signal has been prepared by the system and has reached transmission to a LAN or the internet, viewing opportunities are seemingly endless. The camera, video system, or IP video server comes with software that prepares the signal and provides software applications for viewing. Based on the file type and application software, the camera can be viewed remotely in a variety of ways.

Some of the easiest remote viewing camera/systems/software allow the user to view the camera using an internet web browser. In addition to using personal desktop computers, you can also view your security cameras remotely using just about any personal communication appliance, That means you can view real-time, live images from your camera(s) using a laptop computer, cell phone, or even a PDA. In fact it will provide an alert to the user via e-mail if the camera has detected motion and has started recording activity.

Remote viewing expands the possibilities and capabilities of security cameras In various ways. The user can check their cameras at work or while on travel. Constant monitoring systems can be installed and signals transmitted to a remote 24/7 monitoring service that can alert the user of any activity or suspicion. The possibilities are forever becoming endless.

Would you like to be able to see whats happening at your home or business with remote view? Then its time to call Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 415 7772

How do motion Detection cameras work?

How Motion Detection Cameras Work

First off, let’s examine the term “CCD”. This stands for “charge-coupled device”. A CCD is a silicon chip with a surface that is divided into light-sensitive pixels. When light hits these pixels, tiny electric charges are generated. With enough of these pixels, you can get a fairly high resolution image. With adequate “sensitivity” (a term to be defined further down in this article), you can detect motion even in a dimply lit room.

Initially designed as a memory device, CCD became a good choice for image sensing because of its ultra sensitivity to light. Astronomers used the technology because it was as much as 100 times as sensitive as film and allowed previously invisible objects to be viewed.

Digital cameras can use CCD or CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) circuitry. However, CCD produces higher quality images. Thus, security cameras generally use CCD technology.

The difference between digital cameras and security cameras is in their basic way of working. Digital cameras store images when you tell them to. Security cameras only provide images (save and transmit them) when they detect motion. And motion detection is basically the process of comparing sequential images and determining whether the differences between them represent motion. If there are significant differences between two consecutive images, the cameras “conclude” that there has been motion within the camera view. They do this based on a couple important settings — sensitivity and percentage.

Most, if not all, surveillance cameras will give you the option of selecting a particular area within the viewing screen to be monitored. In other words, you can say that you only want to detect motion in one area — say the door or window.

There are two types of image changes that can occur. We can have an overall change in the pixels as we would if the lights in the room went on or off. If the room has windows through which incoming light will enter, you probably don’t want to generate motion detection photos just because the sun is setting. So, you can select a “sensitivity” setting that provides a contrast setting and determines how much of a change should be reported.

You can also select how much of a change in your overall viewing area or within one or more sub-areas of interest represent motion.
Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today and lets see if motion detection cameras fit your needs 732 415 7772

Would you like to add an outdoor audio sound system to your backyard before summer?

Even though it doesn’t feel like it now is the time to start getting ready to get your yard in shape for summer. Central jersey Security cameras has been out installing home outdoor audio to backyards in Freehold,Howell and in Colts Neck NJ this week. The outdoor audio many are choosing often blend right into the landscape of our customers back yard. We dig and lay pipe to the area you want your speakers from your home. Central jersey Security cameras has technicians that are trained in outdoor audio to best fit the needs of the largest backyards to the smallest backyards without becoming too loud that the neighbours will call the cops all summer for your music being too loud. Now is the time of the year to book for all your outdoor audio needs before the summer season comes so you can sit back and enjoy your sound system all summer long.

IMG_1497IMG_1498 (1)

the pictures above show Central Jersey Security Cameras audio technician Jon Laying the piping down for the back yard sound system in Colts Neck NJ. Would you like to have your yard ready before summer comes? Call Central jersey security cameras today 732 415 7772

Howell NJ Customer review

For years i wanted to get security on my home and shopped around for security cameras. I looked at buying cameras myself and seeing if my husband could install them and after doing all our research found that we would be better off going with professionals. WE interviewed several companies and found Central jersey Security cameras was the perfect fit not only for our budget, they were the one company we felt were the most qualified and safest to be in our home. After a visit to their Freehold NJ office we were shown a list of impressive references, Background checks on the staff and most of all loved the fact that we were able to go view cameras live in their office before we made our final decision. I would tell anyone looking for a security system in their home to just call Central jersey Security Cameras and not waste time looking anywhere else! -Jessica Howell NJ

10 Ways your Video security system will pay for itself at your Commercial Business

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Here are 10 ways your video security system will pay for itself:

1.Deter Criminals
One of the primary benefits of a video security system is to deter a criminal act from ever happening. Well placed cameras will give would-be criminals reason for pause, or send them looking for locations less prepared.
2.Prevent Theft
According to recent retail industry studies, the average small business loses $50k per year. And given the current economic conditions and ease at which criminals can move stolen products, risk of both internal and external theft has skyrocketed. It’s proven that a simple video security system can easily cut that figure in half.
3.Improve Productivity
Workforce productivity is reported to be the biggest cost businesses face today. Security cameras help to keep people on their best behavior when you’re not there, and enable a manager to monitor work habits on his own schedule.
4.Reduce Liability
Many criminals look to benefit by making false claims against companies. Lacking evidence to defend themselves, businesses literally get robbed blind with zero recourse. Video security is an effective deterrent of this criminal activity, and can contest these claims should they occur.

NOTE: False claims often stem from employees reporting incidents outside your security system’s field of view. We recommend that businesses augment their traditional video with covert cameras, so no one knows where safe havens for both crime and false claims are, and where they are not.
5.Protect Intellectual Property
Your unscrupulous competitor would pay dearly to know your company secrets. Strategically placed cameras can help prevent those with access and intent to stealing your intellectual property think twice.
6.Manage Remotely
Many video security systems feature software capable of viewing multiple facilities from a single location. This can dramatically reduce your equipment expense and management overhead costs, and allow managers to oversee company wide operations despite geographic and time challenges.
7.Enhance Customer Experience
Many retail businesses use their video security systems to study customer shopping habits, optimize store traffic patterns, improve product placement, and ensure a positive customer experience. More effective employees + increased sales + satisfied customers = one happy manager.
8.Streamline Operations
Video is commonly used in manufacturing or fulfillment environments to monitor equipment and quickly identify problems that may cause delays or bottlenecks. Video is also used to provide valuable insight into process effectiveness, and to make sure a business or operation is appropriately staffed.
9.Validate Alarms
Business owners and managers alike lose hours of sleep responding to false alarms that their business has been broken into. With a networked video security system, validation is just a mouse click away and you can get your sleep or enjoy your vacation.
10.Deliver Peace of Mind
Ultimately, business managers and homeowners are simply looking for peace of mind protecting their assets and providing a safe and secure environment for employees, friends, and family. And in the event of incident, knowing they are empowered to bring the offender to justice something only a video security system can deliver.

South Plainfield NJ -Customer Testimonial

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras we love to get feedback from our customers and appreciate whenever a customer takes time out of their busy schedule to send a Customer Testimonial. Today this is a Testimonial from Patrick in south Plainfield NJ -Excellent job with the Alarm install and thank you for the excellent clean up after the job was complete. If not for my new Alarm on the wall there would not have been a trace that work was done in our home, My wife came home and asked if they even came for the install the house was just the way she left it. Thanks Central Jersey Security Cameras. -Patrick download (1)
Would you like to be our next happy customer? Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 415 7772