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Central Jersey Security Cameras customer review

Dear Bob,
You and your company have been the most professional in your dealings with me compared to the other security camera suppliers. I am a retired IBM tech sales person and have seen all interfaces between suppliers and customers as such I have seen it all. Your professional conduct goes a long way in me making a choice for the service. Keep it up the interface means a lot.
Rich-Monroe NJ

worry free beach days because you added home security to your home

Its a beautiful warm day outside you decide to go off to the beach like so many other NJ families do when the weather gets warm in NJ. However, as you leave you home you are now protected by an alarm system installed by Central Jersey Security Cameras all you need to do is arm your alarm and walk away. Now that you have your house secure you can sit back and enjoy the day away from home and sit back and relax by the ocean knowing you have protected your home you work so hard for stay protected. If you added security cameras to your home you can even sit on the beach and know if your mail was delivered or if your trash was picked up all from the palm of your hand with your cell phone with remote view cameras by Central jersey Security Cameras.. Sounds like a dream you now think you can never afford to protect your home to this extent! Well think again Central jersey Security cameras is in the business of keeping families safe and we work with all kinds of budgets and payment plans so what are you waiting for ?? Call today and get your home secure so you can relax this summer. Call Central jersey security cameras 732 415 7772

home security

Have you been thinking with all the home invasions, Home Burglaries and random car thefts in NJ towns such as Freehold NJ. Old Bridge NJ. Toms River NJ. Howell NJ, and Jackson Nj to just name a few towns that have been victims of these crimes. Old Bridge NJ alone reported 19 Burglaries/ robberies last week! Yes some have been caught that have committed burglaries / robberies but there are still many more at large and rest assured they are looking for their next home to Victimize. Dont be their next Victim get your home protected!! Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help you get your home protected. Not only can we secure your home with security Cameras but we can secure your home with an alarm System with with award winning central station monitoring by COPS Monitoring. When choosing a company to add a alarm system to your home you want to be sure they have a central station monitoring company that has a great response time. Cops Monitoring has a 19 second response time witch is just one of the reasons they won the central station monitoring award for 2014. Central Jersey Security Cameras will come to your home and help you put together a home security plan that fits your family needs and budget.Call us today and lets get started protecting your home 732 415 7772

Weekend of happy customers at Central Jersey Security Cameras

OlD Bridge NJ -Debbie 5/3/2015
Very nice guys explained everything well. Very Courteous, professional, I would recommend them to anyone that is in need of home security.

Monroe NJ -Tom 5/2/1015
I’m so happy i found Central Jersey Security Cameras i had them out to do my home first and they did such a great job their i told my boss and he had them install the security on our office building in New Brunswick NJ At my work they installed a full security system and a door excess panel. They were neat and got the job done in a timely manner i would recommend Central jersey security Cameras to any homeowner looking to add home security or any business looking to add security.

Union NJ – Gary install 5/1/2015
I have to say i’m impressed with Central Jersey Security Cameras, Pat was very professional and came in and went right to work with his crew and explained everything to me a man that is not tech savey at all in a way i can understand and now i show everyone how i can be out to lunch with my wife and check on my staff in Union NJ. I will be calling Central jersey Security Cameras again soon to do my home install in a few weeks in Manalapan NJ

Central NJ homeowners don’t be the next home burglary statistic !!!

creepy guy
ahh… Spring is here is just what many criminals out there say. Did you know that home burglaries raise start in increase when the weather warms up. Its now a known statistic that there is a home burglary EVERY 15 SECONDS in the United States.Central NJ is no stranger to these statistics lately with reports of home burglaries in Manalapan, Marlboro, Millstone, Englishtown Old Bridge and South Brunswick NJ. In the past few weeks as you read one story saying they catch a suspect to a home burglary in your town you read that there has been another that took place. This pattern does not seem to be going away anytime soon so what can you do to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a home burglary ??
First things first you need a home security system of some kind. But where do you start to look and what kind of home security do you need? No worries Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help you and guide you in the path that is best for your home. No two homes needs are exactly the same and thats why Central jersey Security Cameras will come to your home and give you a custom plan that is unique for your home and families needs.
Security Cameras are the #1 deterent to keep a would be robber from breaking into your home. In fact Central jersey security Cameras last year did a few houses all on the same block in Jackson NJ and months later the only house on the block that was broken into was the one house on the block without a security camera sign on its front lawn. Next line of defense is An professionally installed Alarm system hooked to Central Station Monitoring. (Central Station monitoring is a company that actually contacts police and authorities when your alarm is set off 24/7 365 days a year) It is important when you install alarms to make sure you are getting alarm system that will get you help if you unforchly need it.
ok.. ok… now you are thinking this sounds really expensive can i afford this?? Then you have to think of your family and think can i not afford this? Many families are pleasantly surprised on how affordable home security has become. For as little as starting at 19.95 a month you can be hooked up to Central Station Monitoring with a reputable company that is beet business bureau accredited A+, fully insured and has a staff that is background checked throughout the year. Think of all the things in life you waste each week and spend $20 a month on. Now think you can spend that money on keeping your home safe and most of all your family safe – Don’t you think its time to give Central Jersey Security Cameras a call? Call today and we will start you a a path of home security for you and your loved one 732 415 7772