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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
full Security home system Testimonial
Here is one from right here in Freehold – Install By Pat and Jon
I’m so impress with Central jersey Security Cameras, Let me start off by saying the staff from the first call to the install is phenomenal. Adding home security to my home was something i always wanted to do but thought i could not afford and then i was afraid not being too computer savvy i would never be able to work it! That was not the case with Central Jersey Security Cameras. They put my mind at ease every step of the way and after the extremely neat and clean install took their time to sit and show me exactly how everything worked and answered every one of my questions with out making me feel dumb for asking over and over till i understood how to work everything! Then they even set me up to where i can get on their website and follow step by step video instructions incase i forget anything. I have my sytem in for a little over 2 months and i have to say i couldn’t be happier with my system! thanks again Erica Freehold NJ

Phone System Testimonial
Pat and Dan
Thank You for coming out to fix my phone system. You are both talented skilled professionals that work extremely hard! – Thanks Patty P

Choosing a home security alarm company you need to choose the right one to stay protected!

When it comes to choosing a company that offers Central Station monitoring for your alarm system you need to make sure you are choosing a company that is UL listed and has a quick response time because seconds count when something goes wrong. The Central Station monitoring company that Central Jersey Security cameras partnered with is cops award winning cops monitoring. COPS Monitoring is a UL listed and has a response time of 13 seconds. With using COPS monitoring for our central station monitoring Central Jersey Security Cameras can concentrate on being in the business of protecting lives and property. Whether you are seeking security for your family while you are at home or for your property while you are away, Central Jersey Security Cameras can design a total home security system with an alarm that is tailored to fit the needs of your home and family. We offer One of the Lowest Prices & Best Service Guarantee,Fast & Friendly Tech Support 24/7,High Quality Products with Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Once your system is in place it’s now up to you to make sure everything that Central station needs to best protect your family is always in place and up to date. Be sure if you change your phone number or emergency contacts that you change them with your security company. Be sure your home is clearly numbered this will help get the proper authorities to your home quicker. Make sure you have a solar light that shines on your house number so at night it can be easily identified.Run a monthly test on your alarm system to make sure it’s properly running and up to date. Central Jersey Security Cameras, COPS Monitoring and you together keeping what matter most to you safe.
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Commercial Security Camera Installation-Are you looking to protect your store or commercial business?

Central jersey Security Cameras walk though ware house Freehold NJ

Central jersey Security Cameras walk though ware house Freehold NJ

Commercial Security Camera Installation in Freehold NJ, Jackson NJ,Toms River NJ,Lakewood Nj and the whole tri state area. Install a IP camera in your store or business. Stop employee theft and shoplifting and keep your staff and customers safe. Every business is different and unique, and that’s the way we approach each commercial camera installation At Central Jersey Security Cameras. Providing industry insight to common security/safety issues. For added security when your property is closed for the night you may want to add security alarm system to your business/ store with central station monitoring. Alarms with Central station monitoring will alert the authorities if there is a break in to your place while you are not there and get the police there before you can get there in many cases. The central Station monitoring company that Central Jersey Security cameras uses is cops monitoring they have a 13 second response time and are URL listed. And as an added bonus did you know if you have your business/store monitored by a URL listed company your insures goes down?! So what are you waiting for call Better Business Accredited A+ rated Central jersey Security Cameras a Call today 732 415 7772