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Security Cameras to protect elderly loved ones.

We all think of security cameras to keep our homes safe from intruders or to watch our children at home with babysitters/ nannies but have you ever thought of how they protect the eardly as well? Installing cameras in homes of elderly parents to be able to check in and SEE them will not only give you peace of mind but can be life saving! With Security Cameras placed in the interior of the home you can watch mom in the kitchen cooking and checking in that she is still safe around the stove. You can check in on the camera by the steps and be sure dad did not fall as he has become more unstable in his walking.
Have You been thinking of having a home health aid come to the home but you are unsure of the treatment your loved one will get from them? We can set up nanny cams in their home so you can be sure your loved ones are being treated the way they should be. With today’s technology the possibilities are endless. To get your loved one protected call Central Jersey Security Cameras and we can help you work out a plan that fits the needs of your elderly loved one within a budget and without becoming intrusive in their lives. Call today 732 333 0227

don't let this be your loved one. Add home security cameras by stairs so you can see if they are ok

don’t let this be your loved one. Add home security cameras by stairs so you can see if they are ok

Tips to keep your home safe this summer

Ways to protect the Interior of your home and keep your loved ones and Valuables safe this summer

There are some easy things you can do in the interior of your home:
Lets start with Windows and Doors-
All of your first-floor doors and windows should be secured with heavy-duty locks. This includes double-keyed deadbolts on your doors.
Valuables your important Jewelry and money –
Burglars head immediately to the master bedroom upon gaining entry to a home. Never store valuables in the master bedroom. A good idea is to store them in a safe located in a bathroom or other interior room.
When you are not home make it look like you are home-
You can add lights to your home that are on timers and even some families put timers on TVs in the house or radios to make noise so a burglar thinks the house is occupied
Lastly have your home secure with an alarm with central station Monitoring
Alarms are a great deterrent however alarm systems with central Station monitoring with alert the proper authorities to glass on a window being broken or movement in the home. The Central Station company used by Central jersey Security Cameras has a 13 second response time to get the police dispatched to your home. if you would like to hear more tips on keeping your home safe this summer and how you can add a home alarm system to your home at an affordable price call Central jersey Security Cameras 732 333 0227

My Family is thinking about adding security cameras to our home and we do not know where to begin!!

My Family is thinking about adding security cameras to our home and we do not know where to begin!!
Security cameras are often a powerful deterrent against burglars. In Many Cases burglars will see security cameras and move on to the next home. This was the case last summer in Jackson NJ when a string of home robberies hit a quiet suburban neighborhood Houses that had security cameras on there homes were skipped over and the few houses that did not yet have home security where targeted. The suspects were later identified from a security camera that they walked up to and saw at one house before they went over to the house right next door that did not have a security system.
Really do i need to add real security cameras to my home? To this we believe the answer is yes as it’s true any type of camera is a deterrent however, with a fake dummy camera you will not catch who is around your home.
There are many added benefits to adding home security cameras to your home:
1. Know when you kids are home from school
2. keep an eye on younger children at home with a nanny or babysitter
3. catch an intruder trying to break in
4. Keep an eye on elderly parents
5. check on crews working on or around your home
6. check on Pets while you are not home
7.If your home alarm sounds you can check on your cameras to see whats happening with out going outside.
If you are still unsure if security cameras are the homecall central jersey security cameras and lets get started protecting what truly matter most to you 732 333 0227

Features to think about before you buy a home alarm system


Some Features to think about before you buy a Home Alarm Security System
Today’s Home Alarm security systems have several important Features to think about including:
• Glass-break detection
• Smoke and fire detection
• Garage door opening detection
• Easy-to-use controls
• Door opening detection
• Siren and alarm notification
• Interior motion detection
• Window opening detection
• Carbon monoxide detection
Many people think that these systems simply detect movements, doors opening or glass breaking, but the systems have become more advanced and continues to advance as technology has improved. Some less well-known features of these systems are fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection. The systems, just like with traditional smoke alarms, sound an alarm when high amounts of smoke or heat are detected in the home. Alarms will also sound when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected in your home. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelled, and at high levels can kill a person within minutes, making this detection feature on alarm systems especially important and can actually be lifesaving. Buying a burglar home alarm system is worth the peace of mind it provides. Central Jersey Security Cameras will be there for you every step of the way with the purchase of your home alarm system. We will help you customize what fits your family’s needs to best protect what matters to you most! Central Jersey Security Cameras offers Central Station monitoring stating as little as $19.95 a month. Call 732 333 0227 to get started protecting your family

Keepin an “eye” on your teens when your at work

Remember back when you were a kid and you left home in the morning to go play with friends and came home when the street lights came on or when you needed money for the ice cream truck! Unfortunately today our children no longer have such carefree lives and many of us work out of the home even in the summer months and even with older children at home you still worry while you are at work when your children become the age of too old for babysitter and too young for you not to worry.. Well lets face it we will always worry about our kids! However, Central Jersey Security Cameras can put your mind a bit of rest with adding security cameras to your home to even while you are at work you can check on who is around your home when your teens are home during the day and you can’t be there.Many families like to add dome cameras to the front and back entrance to there home to get the best views of who is coming or going. When your mind’s at ease you can go an have a productive work day and know you can still keep an eye on your loved ones. Call Central jersey Security Cameras today and lets get started keeping an “eye” on your teens this summer!

5 Quick Tips to keep you home safe this summer!

point-pleasant-best-beachesAs Vacation season is upon us so is a higher season of home burglaries. Most home burglaries happen today during the day when a homeowner is away. Here are a 5 quick tips to keep you home safe this summer from Central Jersey security cameras.
1. DO NOT DO NOT Real loud do not post to social media you are going away!! This is a calling card to criminals saying hey i ‘ m not home my home is an easy hit tonight!
2. Make it look like someone is home. Have your mail picked up by a friend and be sure to have timers on your lights
3.Make sure your alarm system is on and in proper working order. Run a test with your central station monitoring before you go away
5.Cameras with text alerts will let you know when someone is on your property no matter where you are in the world that has internet. So before you go you may want to think of adding that home camera system to your home.