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Types of Cameras: for home and for Business owners

Types of Cameras: for home and for Business owners
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There is a wide variety of security cameras available, each designed for specific purposes and scenarios. Some systems offer multiple features, so careful matching of capabilities to need and well as budget is important when choosing a camera system. Here are the more common types of cameras available at Central Jersey Security Cameras:
-Cameras we install all have remote view- This means you can view your cameras from anywhere in the world that has internet access from your smart phone, I Phone and Laptop
The most basic system is fixed in position and does not move, zoom or change direction
-Cameras that pan, tilt and even zoom (PTZ Cameras) using an interior motorized mount that allows the camera to rotate and change angle of view
-Motion detector cameras that begin recording when it senses motion
-Dome cameras that are positioned inside buildings and use a tinted dome to hide the direction being recorded
-Night vision cameras that allow image recording in both low and high light conditions
-Exterior cameras that are weather resistant for outdoor use
-Cameras concealed in an object such as a book, toy or clock, allowing monitoring of behavior that would otherwise be difficult to record
Security cameras have become a part of everyday life for large business owners and for homeowners as well. They provide a deterrent to unruly or criminal activity, and provide a record of security for both business owners and anyone who is out and about in urban centers is sure to be captured on security cameras. Don’ t wait till something happens on your property call Central jersey Security Cameras today and see what kind of security cameras will fit your home or business needs