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Home Security for when you have “bad neighbors”


Do you live in a nice neighbor but have that one neighbor you just can’t trust? Then it is time to get your home protected with home security. We no longer live in the days with unlocked front door and cars in our driveways unlocked. Today we need not only to keep everything locked up we need to protect our cars and homes with security.
Central jersey Security Cameras suggest to all of our customers to add the security of security cameras and a home alarm system to their homes. Now you may be thinking it’s a bit overkill security cameras and an alarm system on your home but let us explain:
A home security Camera system on your home is often the proof you need to the police/ proper authorities of what takes place around you home in the case you home is Vandalized or broken into. Often the presents of a known/seen security camera is enough of a deterrent to keep someone from committing a crime at your home.
An Alarm system is your next defense against some actually entering your home. With today’s alarms and glass beaks added to windows if there is a forced entry to your home an alarm will sound and the proper authorities will be dispatched to your home in a matter of seconds.
Home security systems add value to your home and will save you in homeowner’s issuances yearly. On average a NJ homeowner saves the cost of their alarm with central station monitoring with the savings they get from their homeowner insurance sometimes they save even more!
Don’t wait till it’s too late and an intendant happens at your home. Call Central jersey Security Cameras today. 732 -333-0227

What should you expect from your video surveillance ?

We expect more out of our video surveillance systems today and rightly so, In fact here at Central Jersey Security Cameras and took a stand over 18 months ago to halt any analog camera installations going forward. The fact that the price of high Def (HD) cameras has dropped so drastically that it just wouldn’t make sense to put cameras in place that are measured in TV lines (analog) when for just a few more bucks you can have cameras that are measured in megapixels and display a resolution of 1080P which is like watching a blu ray disc. Many of our existing customers who have analog in place from years ago are jumping on the HiDef bandwagon because there is almost no installation cost due to HD cameras being able to utilize the existing in infrastructure or cabling that use their current analog cameras use .We come and simply change their cameras and produce an image that most people aren’t expecting… its that good!! If you are ready to upgrade your system and get the clear HD 1080P pictures call Central Jersey Security cameras 732 333 0227