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ISC East Trade show

Robert Murphy and staff entering the ISC trade show 2016

Robert Murphy and staff entering the ISC trade show 2016

Central Jersey Security Cameras took time out of our busy work week to send some of our lead technicians to The Jacob Javits Convention Center to the ISC trade show to see all of the newest technology coming out in 2016 for home and commercial security systems. The advances in home security have been tremendous and continue to grow in 2016 as we have seen at the ISC trade show and we can not wait to share them with our customers in the upcoming year! Home security is becoming more affordable for Many New jersey/ New York homeowners and a part of everyday life. Home security Cameras can now alert you by your cell phone when someone enters your home and are caught on camera. These cameras are not only great for home protection but have become a useful tool to working parents with teenage children.
Home alarm systems continue to be a huge part of home security and we do not see this changing in 2016. With home alarm systems with central station monitoring affordably priced and a nice deduction off of your home owners insurance how can you afford not to get the added protection on your home of a home alarm system?

Customer testimonial

This year for Christmas i decided to get my parents a home security system.I knew i was making the right choice in calling Central Jersey Security Cameras after i spoke with the owner Bob Murphy. He showed me exactly what would work best for my parents home in their gated community and showed me affordable options that would make me sleep better at night knowing my parents had security cameras i can now check on their home just by looking on my cell phone. When the crew was sent to my parents house they were extremely neat and my mom said she really liked the lead installer Adam he took time to show my non computer savvy mom how easy it was to view her cameras and took his time until she understood and now she gets to show all her friend her cameras from her phone while she is at the clubhouse.After the install was completed the office at Central Jersey security cameras even call my mom to be sure she knew how to work her cameras. What great customer care! If you are looking for a security company that has many options and will take time with their customers call central Jersey security cameras.
Mike C – Howell NJ

Tis the season for a spike in home burglaries

Every year as the holiday season rolls into Central New Jersey there tends to be a number of home burglaries throughout New Jersey and throughout the us. The average home burglar loves this time of the year as we are all busy out shopping and visiting family your home can possibly being watched by just about anyone, The professional burglar or the junkie looking for a quick steal to make cash fast. So what do you? You get your home protected!
Home security today is nothing to take lightly with the rash of home invasions over the past few years today’s home burglaries are more and more aggressive and you do not want to be the next victim. These burglars are always looking for an easy target they do not want to hit the house they may be caught at so a house with a visible security camera system will often be taken off their radar.
Homes with the added protection of a home alarm system and security cameras are a burglar’s worst nightmare now not only were they caught on tape by the security cameras they now alerted the proper authorities by setting off an alarm system and changes are they will be caught on the spot and with the footage from your security camera you now have the proof of what took place at your home.So, this holiday season it’s time to take action on keeping your home safe call Central jersey Security cameras and get your home protected 732 333 0227