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Business Robbery Prevention

You work so hard to build your business and in a matter of seconds a criminal can take advantage and steal what you work so hard for.. Here are a few Tips from Central jersey Security Cameras
Business robbery prevention tips:
• Place security signs and decal stickers and all points of entry to show you have a security system in place. (often this will deter a would be robber from committing a crime)
• Make sure you have good security cameras in place and visible
• Be sure to have the inside of your business well light and the surround outside area as well lit up.
• Install an alarm system that will alert the proper authorities to come to your place of business if entry is gained when you are not there
• Last but not least install panic button if an incident takes place and you need the proper authorities while you are there it is your quickest way to get a response from the proper authorities.

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Who is Knocking at your front door?

How safe is it the person on the other side of your door?

We have all taught our kids to never open the door for a stranger However, as adults most of us do not take those same safety precautions before answering the door? In today’s society, you can’t trust that the person on the other side of the door is a friendly visitor. Of course we all want to go to the door just answer it and see who is there but today you have to be smart and think back to telling your children why they can’t just whip the door open you just don’t know who is there or what their intentions are.
Here is where a home security system on your home can help you and your family stay safe:

• Use a security camera to see who is at the door. Make the camera visible. A camera could deter someone with devious intentions. The camera itself will allow you to see who is at the door.
Here is also where you many want to consider having an alarm installed and have you key fob in your hand when you decide to answer the door if the person at the door make you feel you are in danger you can hit your panic button to dispatch the police
• Interact with the visitor using an intercom. This is an effective and affordable way to talk with a stranger without actually answering the door.
• Trust your instincts, your instincts are often right so, If your gut is telling you that something is wrong, then don’t open the door!!
It only takes a second for a criminal to seize and opportunity and bring harm to you and your family. Why take chances keep you and your loved ones safe for a free on site evaluation of your home call 732 333 0227 central Jersey Security cameras today!

Can you see what goes on all day at your child’s daycare/preschool?

The following is just one of many tragic events that have taken place to a child in the entrusted care of a daycare/preschool. The sad truth is this is Just one of many stories of a child being harmed in the entrusted day care setting to get your daycare, preschool protected call Central jersey Security Cameras today 732 333 0227

What happened to amir millington?
It is hard to say how a 3 month old child entrusted to a daycare died a tragic event. While security cameras probably would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy, it would most likely track the events leading up to amir’s death and possibly would have answered a lot of questions surrounding this horrible incident. This would be an important tool in preventing this from ever happening again by learning from any possible mistakes caring for someone else’s child and hold the ones negligible if appropriate. Does your daycare have the necessary tools to keep your child safe? It is never wrong when interviewing someone who will care for your child what their experience is in dealing with emergency situations and what protective and preventive measures they have in place in their facility. Security cameras were installed at a rate of over 250% in 2014 than in 2013 and almost double that in 2015…. Don’t be left unsafe or guessing, call cjsc today for a quote on quality cameras priced right!!

safety in the work place how security cameras can help!

Central jersey Security cameras technicians demonstrating how to  properly wear safety equipment.

Central jersey Security cameras technicians demonstrating how to properly wear safety equipment.

Does your company have safety rules that you would like to have followed at all times even when you are not there? Would you like to know the safety rules are followed even when you are not on the site? Security Cameras in the workplace can show you by the palm of your hand from your smart phone exactly what is happening at your place of business and if all of your safety rules are being followed. Security Cameras in the workplace not only will show you the productivity of your employees when you are not there but they will show you exactly what takes place in real time.
Have you ever had an employee put in a workmens comp claim that you really weren’t sure took place on your property? Now with today’s technology you can see with security cameras if in fact the claims are true and actually took place at your business. In return often saving you tons of money and who doesn’t like to save money? In some cases insurance companies are even starting to give discounts to companies that install security cameras as an added protection against false claims.
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