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NJ farmers protecting their farms with long range IP cameras with night vision

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New Jersey is known as the garden state with its lush green farms and farm markets throughout the state. In the past farmers could not view their farm markets while working in the field and could not view all of their fields at once. Thanks to today’s Security cameras and the internet that is all in the past!Many of the farms in NJ are opting with using long range IP cameras with night vision. These long range cameras can see views as far as 150 to 400ft in the day or night. Cameras on today’s farms are keeping NJ farmers in the know on exactly what takes place on their farms day or night for the palms of their hands with security cameras with remote views.
Benefits of Farm Security cameras:
• Prevent break- ins
• Deter theft
• Monitor daily operations
• Employee monitoring
• Monitor farm for intruders
Did you know cameras today are so advanced they can be Just about anywhere? Did you ever think of security cameras placed on farms and all the benefits they can have to the farmers?
Some things to think about when setting up farm security. First and foremost, let’s think what are the farm’s most sensitive, high risk areas of the farm in terms of security? Does your farm have workers in a field? Do you have the public go in your fields to pick their own produce? Does your farm have a produce stand with a cash register? Do you have a farm with livestock that you want to keep a watchful eye on? It’s a lot to think about security on such a broad piece of land that needs a vast amount of security. So when you start to look into protecting you farmland you need to make sure the company you choose knows how to how to set up a plan for your farm that will protect what matters to you.

Cameras on the farm will help the farmers keep a lookout on their field while they are in the store, at home and even see one field while they are standing in another. Once IP cameras are placed around the farm the farmer can use his IP video systems to allow the farmer to connect to the farm remotely to cameras and view and even record footage from smartphone, laptop, or tablet device. The ability to connect remotely to the surveillance system gives the owner peace of mind knowing their farm is secure.
Today having wireless internet and security cameras on your farm provides many benefits beyond just checking on your fields and stores. It’s all so a way that a farmer now can record all of the farms daily operations such as times and records of animal feedings and watering or Chemical applications to the fields. This will provide the farmer with a complete run down that can be viewed off the farms recording from its DVR or NVR.

Summer home security and burglary statistics 2016


With the start of summer everyone is thinking of all the fun days ahead. Many even leave town and head off on the summer vacation they wait all year for.Most homeowners leave their homes without taking the proper precautions to keep their home and their belongings safe while they go away.. The following facts may make you think twice before you leave your home unprotected and hopely will make you realize how home security today needs to be taken seriously-
-a burglary take place in the united states about every 14 seconds!!
-9% of criminals enter homes through the garage
-12%of burglaries occur via unlocked doors ( the days of just say come on in are gone)
-22% of burglaries take place with the thief going through the back door
-23% of thieves go come in though a first floor window
-32%of burglaries happen without force
-34% of robbers come right through the front door!!!
-60% of burglaries occur during the day!
-60% of burglaries involve forced entry
-65% of burglaries involve a residential property
-85% of all burglary attempts are successful
-88% of burglars are never caught!
With the facts in front of you can you afford to not take the proper precautions it takes to protect your home this summer before you head out on that Vacation? Can you afford to not protect your house and loved ones when your home as well? Security Cameras with an added layer of an alarm system are often the best layers of protection you can add to your home. Its a proven fact most burglars will skip the house with a security system on the home and go to the next one! To get on the path of protecting your home call Central jersey security Cameras today. 732 333 0227

Bob Murphy Photo Shoot for Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine

Today Bob Murphy had a photoshoot with Mark Esposito from Espo film production and Photography. Bob was chosen to be published in Next Month’s Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine magazine- (Check out our facebook page or blog next week to see the professional pictures taken by Mark )
Quote by Bob Murphy
I’m extremely honored I was chosen by the publisher and editor of Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine as one of the two featured companies picked nationwide to be profiled in the upcoming issue of SDI Magazine. SDI Magazine is the leading industry publication for security dealers and integrators. They have a long and impressive list of published integrators and security dealers that have been profiled in the past; to be part of this elite group is truly an honor. –Robert Murphy owner Central Jersey Security Cameras



Around 87% of burglaries are considered preventable. Your home security strategy should involve several layers of protection. For one thing, families should have clear rules about locking doors and windows before leaving, and about answering the door.We no longer live in a world were you can Just say come in anymore when someone knocks at your front door. Another thing Burglars love to see is people talking about upcoming vacations on social networking websites, Often when today’s burglars are looking for a target they troll facebook,instagram, twitter etc. to see who is not home for an easy mark.

Having a strong home security in place at your home. Having an alarm with central station monitoring layered with a home surveillance security camera system is often one of the best routes to take to keep your home and loved ones protected to the fullest along with a home plan on what to do if an unfortunate event takes place at your home. Just like you make a fire safety plan your family should all know how to work your home security.

Often, when a burglar sees a yard sign or door decal indicating that a home is protected by a monitored home security system, he goes elsewhere. And for burglars stupid or brazen enough to try anyway, they can count on the incident being reported to authorities immediately upon triggering the security system.

Helping protect your home and family from burglary requires knowledge of the facts about burglary, having a clear plan for preventing burglary, and using burglary prevention techniques to help prevent it.

Our homes are often the biggest investment many of us make and keeping your investment and the belongings inside safe is often a protiey to many homeowners. In most cases burglars are looking for the quick and easy grab and go thefts. on Average most burglaries take about 15 minutes from the moment of entry to a home. Here is a list of the Top Five things stolen from homeowner in a burglary

Top five Things stolen from homeowners during a home burglary
• Cash
• Jewelry
• Guns
• Drug
• Small electronics

Mind you these are Just things keeping your family safe is priceless.. To talk about ways to protect your home and family call Central jersey security Cameras and speak to one of our home security experts today 732 333 0227


NJ neighborhood


1. Times leaving for work and arriving home
2. Changes to the house
3. A new car
4. Overall patterns
5. If a stranger visits
6. If a couple are arguing
7. They get an internet food shop delivery
8. Whether a neighbor might be pregnant
9. Evening activities during the week
10. If they have flowers delivered

home burglaries
Top 10 things a Burglar looks for
1. Times leaving for work and arriving home
2. Changes to the house
3. A new car
4. Overall patterns
5. Who visits your home and how frequent
6. Who lives in the home
7. They get an internet food shop delivery
8. If there are children in the home and how many
9. Evening activities during the week
10. If they have flowers delivered
See a bit of a pattern here? Did you know often homes are hit by people that they are acquaintances often it is someone that has been in your home or a home in your neighbor’s home that is like your home. So, with the facts at hand I have a 5 questions for you.
1. How protected is your home?
2. Do you have a working home security system on your home?
3. Do you have home security cameras with remote views?
4. How about a home alarm to alert the proper authorities?
5. Do you work or travel and leave your home?
If you answered “NO” to any of the 5 questions above then it’s time to look into the home security system. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 333 0227