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how secure is your store or mall?

store securitystore security

Do you own a store here in the garden state of New Jersey? It does not matter if you are in a strip mall or in a large enclosed mall your store needs security cameras. Security Cameras are needed to help deter crimes. When a possible thief sees they are being filmed they will move on to their next target in most cases.
Today more than ever security cameras in shopping malls and stores are needed to help keep the public safe not only from small shoplifting crimes but from threats to the shopping malls as well. Video surveillance is often used as an aide today for the proper authorities to actually see what is taking place once a treat is called in.
Shopping malls use a wide variety of cameras to monitor shoppers throughout a shopping mall. These cameras are used to reduce theft and to improve the overall safety in the shopping mall. Cameras also, help store owners keep an eye on their employees. Store owners often install cameras in areas not only to watch the merchandise but to also watch employees on the cash register too. Cameras with remote viewing are a great way for the owner to watch their store even when they cannot be there with cameras that can now remote view from anywhere in the world. Owners can view their stores remotely from almost anywhere in the world that has internet with the use of their smart phone, tablet or lap top.
Most malls use CCTV security cameras to monitor common areas in the mall, these are areas such as the walkways, food courts and various halls in the mall. The crimes that happen in malls are typically shoplifting; menacing behavior involving juveniles and thefts. CCTV cameras are often watched by a central station monitoring station that will alert mall security or the proper authorities if they see something in the mall that has a safety concern.
Parking lots around the malls are another key area to a mall to make sure they are protected. Security cameras used in parking lots are often dome cameras. Dome cameras are not always easy to detect unless you are looking for them. These cameras because of their dome shape are also hard to know or see where they are pointing. Dome shaped cameras feature dark colored glass that often helps prevents them from being seen. Bullet cameras are used in parking lots as well; these cameras are made to withstand the weather outdoors and are hard to be tampered with. Bullet cameras can see large areas and many parking lots use PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Bullet cameras so security can zoom in and move the cameras with a joystick to get the views they need. These cameras are often instrumental in finding licenses plate numbers for the authorities.
In Malls with elevators cameras will monitor the people coming and going and the actions that they are doing in the elevator. In most malls the biggest crime that takes place is often vandalism. Now with cameras in place these vandals will be caught.
When choosing a security camera company for all of your store/mall needs you need to choose a company that has training in installs in the complex mall settings. Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras our technicians have gone through extensive training for mall security cameras and alarms. They have worked closely with mall security in the proper placement of cameras to help mall security personal use cameras in their malls to their fullest potential. Central Jersey security cameras staff are all background checked, fully licensed and insured. If you need a company to help you protect your store or mall call 732 333 0227

Suspected Drunk Driver Slams into NYPD Cop’s House

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras over the years we have heard some stories about what customers catch on their security cameras in most cases it’s often harmless, in some cases it helps our customers catch a crime that took place. In the case here in this video we are very thankful the Mester Family were all in for the night and extremely thankful they were not harmed. The cameras you see here were cameras central Jersey Security Cameras installed a few years for the Mester family. Look how clear you see exactly what happened here there is no question for the insurance company or for the police department on what took place here and were the damages are. If you are considering adding security cameras to your home call central Jersey security cameras we will help you find the right home security your home needs to get the views to protect what matters most to you.. call 732 333 0227

Reviews for Central jersey Security Cameras

Have you been considering adding security to your home or business by adding security cameras or alarm system to your home or business? Take a look at what these customers have to say about Central jersey Security Cameras Then give us a call and find out how we can help you protect your family,home, and business 732 333 0227

Danielle R.
Fast, Efficient, Quality Service!
Bob was excellent in coming to my store and fairly assessing my security concerns. He helped me decide on how many cameras I needed to properly equip my store and what equipment I could continue to use and what needed upgrading. The staff that installed the equipment was quick, efficient and even cleaned up any mess they made during the process. At the end they showed me how to use the system and walked me through everything! I would highly recommend Central Jersey Security Cameras to every business owner.
Paul C.
Excellent work
I was very apprehensive in regards to the installation and damage it may cause. They install crews were patient courtesies and very good at what they do. You would never know I had cameras installed. I highly recommend this company
Anthony C.
Exceptional Service & Great Product
Central Jersey Security Cameras provided outstanding service during the installation our new CCTV system. Security is most important to our hotel and CJSC’s team was top notch and without compare in the market place. Highly recommend their service to any business seeking a new state of art system and great service.
Thomas G.
Security Camera Install
Bob M. is a true professional. He and his team provide top notch, quality service. From the minute we called his office, during the onsite review and estimating phase, and during the installation it was and excellent experience all around. I highly recommend you consider having Bob come out and meet with you prior to making any Security System purchase. You won’t be disappointed.
Andrea Z.
Highly recommend !
I have been using Central Jersey for about 3 years now. Anytime we have a problem or concern Bob and his team are on it. They are dependable and I trust them. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Summer is the perfect time to take a look at your school security before the fall

Back to School Road Sign
Can you believe it’s already Mid July? Before you know it we will be getting our kids back to school supply list! Before its time to go back to school it’s the perfect time to think school safety! Today we are living in an uncertain world and just sending off our children to school is scary, So the question to ask here is how can we keep our children safe? It’s scary to think of all the safely measures that need to go into place today in our schools. The first lines of defense that all schools need is to have today are locked doors with a buzz in system. These doors should have a camera pointing at the person at the door with an intercom system. With the Buzz in system in place a person at the door can state why they are there and actually show their ID before the doors are opened.
Cameras should be placed at each exterior entrance to the school as well so the front desk and see who is moving around the outside of the school at all times. Next would be proper placement of cameras inside the school. Each hallway and stair well needs to be protected. Cameras inside the schools keeps your children protected on so many levels, it will protect your children from bullies, protect teachers from falsely being accused of something, protects your child from a teacher that may not be treating your child right.
Many schools now are even adding cameras to the actual classrooms. This is often proof to show parents how their child is in the classroom or proof of how a teacher may interact with your child. Cameras in the classroom often serve as not just protection for the child and the teacher but as a way to go back and see how a child’s behavior may be and how both teacher and child can improve in the future.
Keep in mind no two schools are the same when choosing a company to install cameras and alarms to your schools. A company that offers a package is not really your best bet. You want to go with a company that will come to each and every school and does a safety audit to best meet the needs of each school. A school safety audit is something that should be done at least once a year to ensure all the systems are working properly and are still meeting your school’s needs.This audit of the school should not just be limited to security cameras and alarms in the school , it should also include every point of entry and door access protection. Another tool your school board can use when looking for the company that is going to install your security system is look them up in the Better Business Bureau. You want to use a company that is BBB accredited so you can look back on the company’s track record. Keep in mind too when choosing the company or any company that may work in your schools to be sure that the staff is all background checked. Central Jersey Security Cameras will come work with your school district and school budget to best protect your most valuable assets your children! Our staff is background checked and highly trained in installation of all aspects of security systems. Central Jersey security cameras is better business beau accredited A+ Call today and let’s start making the plans to have your school as safe as it can be for next school year 732 333 0227

Security cameras in the home to keep the elderly safe in their own home..

keeping elderly safe

keeping elderly safe

We all think of security cameras to keep our homes safe from intruders or to watch our children at home with babysitters/ nannies but have you ever thought of how they protect the elderly as well? Installing cameras in homes of elderly parents to be able to check in and SEE them will not only give you peace of mind but can be lifesaving! With Security Cameras placed in the interior of the home you can watch mom in the kitchen cooking and checking in that she is still safe around the stove. You can check in on the camera by the steps and be sure dad did not fall as he has become more unstable in his walking. Would you like an alert every time your loved one opens the front door?
Have you been thinking of having a home health aide come to the home but you are unsure of the treatment your loved one will get from them? We can set up nanny cams in their home so you can be sure your loved ones are being treated the way they should be. With today’s technology the possibilities are endless. To get your loved one protected call Central Jersey Security Cameras and we can help you work out a plan that fits the needs of your elderly loved one within a budget and without becoming intrusive in their lives. Call today 732 333 0227