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Commercial Customer Review

Central Jersey Security Cameras – Security Cameras and door access for commercial location in Cranbury, NJ 08512

Central jersey Security Cameras walk though ware house Freehold NJ

Central jersey Security Cameras walk though ware house Freehold NJ

I had the pleasure to work with Central Jersey Security Cameras this year. They installed a full coverage system in our warehouse and production facility with over 50 cameras and some additional door security. They were on time and professional and did not leave until we had a good understanding of the system. After the installation the few questions we had they were quick to respond.Rob M Cranbury NJ

Has your Neighborhood been going through changes in NJ? Do you need to add home security to your home?

security guy at home

Has your Neighborhood been going through changes in NJ?Do you have new Neighbors? Maybe you have new Neighbors that you are just unsure of. Then it is time to get your home protected with home security. We no longer live in the days with unlocked front door and cars in our driveways unlocked. Today we need not only to keep everything locked up we need to protect our cars and homes with security.
Central jersey Security Cameras suggest to all of our customers to add the security of security cameras and a home alarm system to their homes. Now you may be thinking it’s a bit overkill security cameras and an alarm system on your home but let us explain:
A home security Camera system on your home is often the proof you need to the police/ proper authorities of what takes place around you home in the case you home is Vandalized or broken into. Often the presents of a known/seen security camera is enough of a deterrent to keep someone from committing a crime at your home.
An Alarm system is your next defense against some actually entering your home. With today’s alarms and glass beaks added to windows if there is a forced entry to your home an alarm will sound and the proper authorities will be dispatched to your home in a matter of seconds.
Home security systems add value to your home and will save you in homeowner’s issuances yearly. On average a NJ homeowner saves the cost of their alarm with central station monitoring with the savings they get from their homeowner insurance sometimes they save even more!
Don’t wait till it’s too late and an intendant happens at your home. Call Central jersey Security Cameras today. 732 -333-0227

Gloucester County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County and Ocean county NJ have all been hit by a rash of car burglaries!! How do you protect your car in your own driveway?

New Jersey papers have been filled with reports of car burglaries. Gloucester County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County and Ocean county NJ have all been hit by a rash of car burglaries. In many cases it’s someone looking to steal the loose change in your car in other cases it’s stealing purses or electronics anything small and quick to grab. Many of the reports we are seeing are in homeowners driveways or in cars parked in front of their homes. Of course the #1 first step to protecting your car is to LOCK YOU CAR DOORS!!! however, in some cases homeowners are learning they need to do more then just lock their car doors.Here are just 3 simple tips from Central Jersey Security Cameras:
1. Yes, it’s easy just lock your car doors
2.Park your car in a well lit area even at your home
3. Add security cameras to your home and dedicate a camera or two to focus on where you park your cars.

Having security cameras on your home is often the #1 deterrent in stopping a burglar from burglarizing your home so, a home that is well lit with home security camera signs will often be passed by because no one wants to be caught on security surveillance. With the advances in today’s home security cameras often the local authorities can identity or get an idea of who are committing crimes in a area by going to home owners and retrieving footage from home security cameras. Today’s home security cameras can often send you notifications right to your cell phone. Here in the cases of all the cars being burglaries in Ocean,Monmouth, Middlesex and Gloucester Counties if the homeowners had security cameras on their homes and set up a primitor on the phone for the security cameras they could have been notified and contacted the proper authorities. To get your home and driveway secure with security cameras call Central jersey security cameras today 732 333 0227