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Let’s step into the future of safer surveillance with Central Jersey Security Camera’s own Brand of cloud storage for your security cameras. We have been working with Top cloud based developers to be able to offer our customers this service. In short, this is a service that will back up and store all surveillance footage from your IP cameras at your home or business in the event that you’re Nvr was damaged or stolen.
The way it works: We stream your IP cameras to an offsite cloud based multi-location secure server that stores all footage from your cameras up to desired number of days chosen by packages we have available to offer to our customers. The recordings are both continuous and motion activated with a timeline and color coded event schedule to make finding exact times of any motion recording simple. This service can also be used a primary means of video storage for all recording thus taking the place of a premise based Nvr, although we recommend having both for best results.
While there has been a lot of talk about cloud storage for some store bought shelf cameras and cloud storage for smart devices and computer data backup, this type of service for streaming multiple surveillance cameras in great quality hasn’t been perfected until just now. In the past it has been offered at a low frame rate such as one to three Frames Per second (FPS) and a compromised bit rate also using the sub stream of the cameras which resulted in a choppy, inconsistent and unreliable streaming at a very low quality. Our service would include High Definition superior 4.1 Megapixel 2688 x 1520P resolution higher than 1080P. We have never offered this type of service to our customers because frankly speaking we would not sell a product, especially something as important as this until we have fully tested it and it was working flawlessly…Well it’s here!!!
We have also branded our own app that allows live viewing, camera configuration and playback from any smart device, Phone or computer. The app was made very simple to navigate and manage. This method of redundant video storage is the next big thing. Central Jersey Security Cameras is committed to the advancement of technology on a daily basis. While we come across a lot of new ideas and methods we are very careful what we stand behind since we represent thousands of our customers. Rest assured that this product has been fully tested and has proven “road worthy”
This service is being offered ala-carte which means you can choose to sign up as many cameras as you would like to have the cloud storage on. For example, front door and back door cameras that would show anyone entering and exiting the building at your home or business or maybe a cash register or safe. You can choose to sign up month to month or save by getting on a yearly contract.
As always Central jersey security cameras will come out and provide you with a free onsite evaluation to determine your specific security needs.
Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today to learn more on how cloud storage can help protect your home or business 732 333 0227. Want to see what cloud storage looks like on High Definition superior 4.1 Megapixel 2688 x 1520P resolution cameras? Take a look at our video

Think home security before the holiday Season

Every year as the holiday season rolls into Central New Jersey there tends to be a number of home burglaries throughout New Jersey and throughout the United States. In the United States, a home is broken into every 14.6 seconds. Just stop for a second and think how many homes will be broken into while you are reading this? Scary.. The average home burglar loves this time of the year as we are all busy out shopping and visiting family your home can possibly being watched by just about anyone, The professional burglar or the junkie looking for a quick steal to make cash fast. So what do you? You get your home protected!
Home security today is nothing to take lightly with the rash of home invasions over the past few years today’s home burglaries are more and more aggressive and you do not want to be the next victim. These burglars are always looking for an easy target they do not want to hit the house they may be caught at so a house with a visible security camera system will often be taken off their radar.
Homes with the added protection of a home alarm system and security cameras are a burglar’s worst nightmare now not only were they caught on tape by the security cameras they now alerted the proper authorities by setting off an alarm system and changes are they will be caught on the spot and with the footage from your security camera you now have the proof of what took place at your home. So, this holiday season it’s time to take action on keeping your home safe call Central jersey Security cameras and get your home protected 732 333 0227

Don’t forget home security also makes a perfect gift for a loved one that will keep giving for many many years to come! Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 333 0227