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Is your home protected with home security?

This Past weekend anyone on social media in Jackson NJ has seen footage of a burglar on a home security system going right into a homeowner’s back door! This homeowner was able to take snapshots from the security footage and get them out on social media for the whole town to see rather quickly. Because of the homeowner having the pictures to show Law enforcement and the public a suspect was apprehended the next day.

Footage from social media of a Jackson NJ Burglar Suspect

Footage from social media of a Jackson NJ Burglar Suspect

In the case in Jackson NJ according to social media the homeowner had a back door unlocked and did not have a home alarm on the home. Locking your door setting an alarm are keys to keeping your home safe!
Your home is probably one of the biggest investments that you will ever make and it’s the one place you should feel the safest. This can make having your home broken into or invaded by an unwanted intruder devastating. If this unfortunate event takes place at your home you make wonder if you will ever feel safe again in your own home.
Keeping your home safe in today’s world means becoming diligent with your home’s security needs. Adding home security system to your home doubled with a home alarm system and security cameras for your home is what many families in New Jersey and throughout the tristate area are doing today.
No burglar wants to be caught in film on camera often what we see at Central jersey Security cameras is a would be criminals walk up to a home look right up at the camera and walks away. In many case we find a neighbor or someone down the block without security cameras becomes the victim of the burglar.

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Here are 5 home tips to help you secure your home.
1. Take a good look at your home – Most burglars decide within five minutes whether your home is a good target for them
-Look at your home during the day can just anyone look inside your home walk up and see no one is inside
-Look at your home at night when the lights are on in your home can just anyone see that new expensive TV system you brought from the street?
Both day and night views of your home are important for a burglar to check out so beat them to it take a look and get protected!

Burglar picking a lock to a home

Burglar picking a lock to a home

2. Examine each point of entry to your home. Today burglars have YouTube that has thousands of lock picking videos that a pro can get into your home with a standard lock in many cases in less than a minute. A window can be broken in less than a minute as well. Here is where you need to take a close look at adding a home alarm to your house. If someone moves a door open or breaks a window (as long as you have glass breaks or motion sensors) Your home alarm will sound in many cases scaring the burglar away and the proper authorities will be on their way to your home.

3. Be careful what you post on social media!! Going on vacation and think it’s a good idea to brag to your friends? Think again this is social media – I don’t care you have “friends only setting on” anyone can take a picture of your post with their cell and now show millions of people you are away and no one will be in your home for days.

4. Identify and remove enticements from clear views -Home invasions and home robberies happen for a reason a burglar wants to be confident that your home is worth the trouble. You need to make sure when you get that new expensive TV DVR and home appliance you do not leave boxes out front in out your home or have them visible in your trash. If a prospective robber goes past your home and sees you have new goodies in your home you may become a target. Make sure you dispose of Boxes to pricey items in black trash bags.

5. GET home security and keep it up to date!!! Adding security cameras and alarms is a great idea but they are useless if you don’t work properly. When choosing home security it’s an investment and when making this investment you need to think quickly but hard on the choice you make when you choose the company to do your home security. Shop around and be sure the company you choose is BBB accredited, read the company reviews and make sure the Central Station Monitoring you choose is UL listed. (As a side note don’t forget to check with your homeowners insurance many companies offer a discount to homeowners with UL listed alarms and now some companies offer discounts for installing security camera systems to your home. Check with your provider to see the dis counts they are willing to offer)
Don’t leave you home security to chance and don’t wait to become a victim. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today and we call schedule an appointment today to give your home a security audit and help you find the security system you that will work best for your family. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732-333-0227

Home security Tips for today’s busy families

Home security Tips for today’s busy families

family with alarm
We have all taught our kids to never open the door for a stranger However, as adults most of us do not take those same safety precautions before answering the door? In today’s society, you can’t trust that the person on the other side of the door is a friendly visitor. Of course we all want to go to the door just answer it and see who is there but today you have to be smart and think back to telling your children why they can’t just whip the door open, you just don’t know who is there or what their intentions are.
Here are a few home security Tips for today’s Busy families
• Use a security camera to see who is at the door. Make the camera visible. A camera could deter someone with devious intentions. The camera itself will allow you to see who is at the door.
• you many want to consider having an alarm installed and have you key fob in your hand when you decide to answer the door if the person at the door makes you feel you are in danger you can hit your panic button to dispatch the police
• Interact with the visitor using an intercom. This is an effective and affordable way to talk with a stranger without actually answering the door.
• Trust your instincts, your instincts are often right so, if your gut is telling you that something is wrong, then don’t open the door!!

The Advances in today’s home security systems have now reached a new level and have become even more user friendly to today’s busy families. The New UltraSync Alarm now provides complete home protection from the inside out. The system easily incorporates additional security and home safety devices for extra peace of mind you can now check on the following:
• Make sure the kids got home on time,
kids with alarm
• check in on contractors,
• see how your pets are behaving,
All through live-streaming video via UltraSync indoor/outdoor cameras or with text alerts. Come home to comfort your home can be ready for you at just the right time by automatically adjusting
• thermostats,
• turning on lights
• unlocking doors as you arrive
• Using the geo-location technology in your UltraSync
system paired with your smartphone’s GPS.∙In sync with your life.

Happy family near new car.

Have you ever gotten on the soccer field with your child and stopped to think did I lock the front door? Did you ever take a vacation and the weather changed and you became fearful you might come home to frozen pipes. Have you ever ran out with the kids thinking you will be home in the daylight and now are coming home in the dark to your house all dark? If you answered yes to any of the questions above the UltraSync Alarm/home automation is just what your busy family needs. From your smartphone you can now lock your front door, change the heat in your home and turn on the lights before you get home..

With the busy families in Ocean County, Monmouth County and in Middlesex County to just name a few busy central New Jersey Counties- keep in mind no matter where you live in New Jersey It only takes a second for a criminal to seize and opportunity and bring harm to you and your family. Why take chances keep you and your loved ones safe, for a free on site evaluation of your home call 732 333 0227 central Jersey Security cameras today!

Best ways to keep you home safe this super bowl Sunday

Best ways to keep you home safe this super bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday is a day that is waited for all year long by the avid football fan and is one of the best party days of the year for even non-football fans. So what does this have to do with keeping your home safe?

Super Bowl Sunday Millions gather to watch the game and most are away from home. When you are out at a party having fun the last thing you should have to worry about is your home being burglarized however, if you do not have your home secure with a home security system the odds are not in your favor, It is a known National static that a home is broken into every 15 seconds!
TOP 5 TIPS This Super Bowl Sunday to keep you home safe while you are out rooting for your Favorite team to win!
1. Lock your doors and windows before you go
2. Make sure your home is well lit when it gets dark out
3. Don’t post on social media that you are not home (it’s an invitation to burglars to come on in ,we are not home!)
4. Check your security cameras make sure they are on
5. Don’t forget to turn on your alarm
With today’s security Cameras you can check on your home at any time with crisp clear pictures from your phone, when you have remote views set up with your cameras. Another advantage to security cameras with remote views is you can be out and be alerted by your smart phone when someone steps with in a perimeter you set on your property you’re your cameras.
Homes that add an alarm system to their home with security Cameras have added protection to their homes. Today’s home alarms are more than a loud shirking noise when they go off! Most are connected to central station monitoring for a small monthly fee that will alert the proper authorities when the alarm is triggered.
With advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new Ultrasync alarm home automation you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home but you can now from the palm of your hand with your smart phone to just name a few key feature’s
• Turn you lights on and off at your home
• Lock and unlock your doors
• Control your thermostat
Burglars often look for homes that are easy hits. Below are some of the most commonly stolen items during a burglary. Most of these are easy to sell at a pawn shop, which makes them appealing to a burglar.
• Cash
• Electronics
• Gold
• Guns
• Jewelry
• Silver
Before the next football season rolls back around make sure you get the home security that your home and family deserves “protect what matters most to you” call Central Jersey security Cameras today 732 333 0227