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Summer Vacation Security Importance

This is the time of the year is when many New Jersey families think of going on summer vacations. This is also the time of the year many NJ beach town hotel / resort owners in Sea Side Heights, Sea Side park, Belmar, Spring Lake, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Ocean City, Cape May, Sea Girt, Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach all start to gear up for the busy summer season. With only 39 days until the unofficial start to the summer season in NJ Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. How ready are your hotel / resort security surveillance systems?

CJSC van in front of Hampton Inn

CJSC van in front of Hampton Inn

The Importance of Having Hotel / Resort Security Cameras: for the Hotel / Resort Owner and Hospitality Staff

Hotels/Resorts are huge places, and have many areas that have potential for a customer to injure themselves due to their own careless mistake. Hotel-goers could even become injured because a staff member neglected to do their job, and didn’t maintain an area. Security surveillance will help prove who or what may be at fault, and help protect your hotel/ resort investment. Below, you will find a few more of the most common reasons why security cameras are needed in hotel/ resorts:

-Slip and Fall Claims-

In a perfect world we would like to believe everyone will tell the truth and not be dishonest however, not everyone will tell the truth, and some will try to take advantage of an opportunity to cash in on money from the hotel or resort. Security Cameras will be the proof the hotel needs to actually see the event that took place at the time of a slip and fall claim. The DVR/NVR’s hard drive can store up to 2 years of footage, making it more accessible to you.

-How does your Staff Work?-

Just like in any place of business owners often want and need to know how productive their staff is. This also protects the staff from unwarranted, untrue claims that someone may make against your business, once again, it’s all now recorded from the security cameras placed in the hotel/resort.


Let’s face it, this is not something you often think of when you are traveling on your vacation or even on a business trip, unfortunately, this is something that does happen. Often it is high vacation areas that unwanted guests may try to get into, or near hotel guest and look to rob valuables, and may even cause bodily harm. Here is a cause where security cameras help protect the hotel customer as well as the hotel. It helps to have proof of who and how the person gained access to the location.


While on vacation, someone stealing is one of the last things people often think of, but once again, it is something that takes place. When we are in the vacation mode we often let out guard down a bit, and leave our bags filled with expensive cell phones, I pads, Wallets, etc. on our beach chair, by the pool. A thief looks at this as a way to make an easy score. Hotels and resorts that have security cameras often deter these crimes from even taking place. Here once again this helps the hotel see if something took place or not to its hotel guest.

-Damage to your Hotel Claims-

This is something, unfortunately, all too many NJ shore hotels face each year, with guests over indulging in the NJ bar scene. Especially in Towns such as Sea Side Heights NJ, Belmar NJ, and Wildwood NJ. All too often, hotel guests overdo it and can potentially cause damage to the hotels they are staying in, or become unruly and authorities need to be called. Often to the hotel owner that does not have security surveillance it’s now a case of he said she said, or relying on other guest testimonials of what took place. Hotels that are now equipped with hotel security cameras now have the proof they need for insurance, and for the authorities

The Importance of Having Hotel / Resort Security Cameras for the Vacationer / Business Traveler


Many wait all year to take their vacation in Sea Side Heights, Sea Side Park, Belmar, Spring Lake, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Ocean City, Cape May, Sea Girt, Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach vacations and for a fleeting period of time, it’s your home away from home. NJ Beach Vacations are often a family tradition that generations of families take together year after year. Before you go, wouldn’t you like the comfort of knowing your favorite family vacation spot takes all the repercussions necessary to help keep you and your family safe?


Others that travel to the Jersey shore for business, have to often travel from hotel to hotel in various cities and towns for work. In both cases for work, or for vacation you want to know the place that you’re staying at has taken to the highest measures of protection to keep you and your loved ones safe. Just like the home security camera system you may have at home, video surveillance helps offer you proof of what takes place and often deters crime from happening.


Hotels that have video surveillance are often the hotels that have made the investment in protecting itself and its customer’s wellbeing. Why take chance when you are away from home choose a hotel that is protected with video surveillance
Every year the hotel industry sees thousands of claims against the industry some are false claims and some are true. With the investment of security cameras, you can now have the proof needed to keep false claims down and limit the hotels liability to the true claims in many cases.

Book your vacation in Sea Side Heights, Sea Side Park, Belmar, Spring Lake, Wildwood, Wildwood crest, Ocean City, Cape May, Sea Girt, Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach, and be sure to ask about the hotel/resort security cameras in place before you book, then go off and have the best summer vacation ever!
To get a free security audit of your hotel/motel/ resort call central jersey security cameras today 732 333 0227. We have worked with Many Jersey Shore hotels up and down the Jersey coast.


Let’s step into the future of safer surveillance with Central Jersey Security Camera’s own Brand of cloud storage for your security cameras. We have been working with Top cloud based developers to be able to offer our customers this service. In short, this is a service that will back up and store all surveillance footage from your IP cameras at your home or business in the event that you’re Nvr was damaged or stolen.
The way it works: We stream your IP cameras to an offsite cloud based multi-location secure server that stores all footage from your cameras up to desired number of days chosen by packages we have available to offer to our customers. The recordings are both continuous and motion activated with a timeline and color coded event schedule to make finding exact times of any motion recording simple. This service can also be used a primary means of video storage for all recording thus taking the place of a premise based Nvr, although we recommend having both for best results.
While there has been a lot of talk about cloud storage for some store bought shelf cameras and cloud storage for smart devices and computer data backup, this type of service for streaming multiple surveillance cameras in great quality hasn’t been perfected until just now. In the past it has been offered at a low frame rate such as one to three Frames Per second (FPS) and a compromised bit rate also using the sub stream of the cameras which resulted in a choppy, inconsistent and unreliable streaming at a very low quality. Our service would include High Definition superior 4.1 Megapixel 2688 x 1520P resolution higher than 1080P. We have never offered this type of service to our customers because frankly speaking we would not sell a product, especially something as important as this until we have fully tested it and it was working flawlessly…Well it’s here!!!
We have also branded our own app that allows live viewing, camera configuration and playback from any smart device, Phone or computer. The app was made very simple to navigate and manage. This method of redundant video storage is the next big thing. Central Jersey Security Cameras is committed to the advancement of technology on a daily basis. While we come across a lot of new ideas and methods we are very careful what we stand behind since we represent thousands of our customers. Rest assured that this product has been fully tested and has proven “road worthy”
This service is being offered ala-carte which means you can choose to sign up as many cameras as you would like to have the cloud storage on. For example, front door and back door cameras that would show anyone entering and exiting the building at your home or business or maybe a cash register or safe. You can choose to sign up month to month or save by getting on a yearly contract.
As always Central jersey security cameras will come out and provide you with a free onsite evaluation to determine your specific security needs.
Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today to learn more on how cloud storage can help protect your home or business 732 333 0227. Want to see what cloud storage looks like on High Definition superior 4.1 Megapixel 2688 x 1520P resolution cameras? Take a look at our video