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Central Jersey Security Cameras is Proud to Feature the New Ultrasync Alarm/Home Automation 7 inch Touchscreen Keypad

Central Jersey Security Cameras is proud to feature the new Ultrasync alarm/home automation 7 inch touchscreen keypad. With it’s sleek design this will fit any décor. Ultrasync is a completely wireless alarm/automation system for your home, or business. Stop paying high rates to third party providers to control integrated home automation through your alarm panel, and sign up with us for monthly central station monitoring rates that start as low as $19.95 per month. This system can be controlled by any smart device. You will have the ability to arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere, open doors and control lighting and thermostats all for the basic price of $19.95 per month, below are some other benefits described by Interlogix.
∙Your house, your way.
Ideal for modern families, the UltraSync™ SmartHome brings smart, costeffective
security and lifestyle management into your home and at your
fingertips. Reliable and convenient, UltraSync lets you synchronize your home
systems with your day-to-day activities and create customized scenarios so
that your home responds to your unique schedule.
The UltraSync system and mobile app give you the flexibility and freedom
to adjust your security and home systems to match your lifestyle.
UltraSync provides complete home protection from the inside out.
The system easily incorporates additional security and home safety
devices* for extra peace of mind.
∙Peace of mind
Make sure the kids got home on time,
check in on contractors, or see how
your pets are behaving, all through live
streaming video via UltraSync indoor/
outdoor cameras or with text alerts.
∙Come home to comfort
Your home can be ready for you at just
the right time by automatically adjusting
thermostats, turning on lights and
unlocking doors as you arrive, using the
geo-location technology in your UltraSync
system paired with your smartphone’s GPS.
∙In sync with your life.
Built on cloud-based technology, the UltraSync system and app give
you the ability to remotely manage and automate home systems
like HVAC, Z-Wave® lights, thermostats, locks and more from your
smartphone or tablet.
∙Night mode
Set your home to automatically close
the garage, lock doors, turn out lights,
and modify home temperature with the
push of a button, all from the comfort
of your bed, or the convenience of your desk.
Enhanced security.
More convenience.
Use the UltraSync mobile app to create
∙temporary codes for people who need
limited access to your home. If, for example,
you need to let a friend or worker into your
home, you can use the app to create a
unique code, and then remotely set the
system to allow access only on select days
and at specific times.
Safe at home and away
∙UltraSync provides complete home system
control. When a security event occurs,
whether it’s an open door, an alarm or event
trigger, you’ll know right away, so you can
make the appropriate response. UL listed,
the UltraSync hub meets certain national
safety requirements for effective, safe and
reliable performance.
Proven system
∙UltraSync, from Interlogix, is built on
well-established technology and has
been thoroughly field tested. Over 5 million
Interlogix-manufactured security systems,
including UltraSync among other trusted
brands, have been sold in the U.S.
and Canada.
Installed by experts
∙UltraSync™ is sold through select dealers
to help ensure that your system will be
carefully installed by seasoned security
professionals who can implement the
ideal system for your home and provide
professional security monitoring, to help
protect what matters most.
Central Jersey Security Cameras is proud to say that we were chosen as one of the few select dealers in New Jersey to sell and service this product
∙Remote servicing
UltraSync can be serviced remotely,
saving you time, money, and the
inconvenience of having to schedule
service calls.
For a brief demo of Ultrasync automation 7 inch touchscreen keypad, click below!

NJ farmers protecting their farms with long range IP cameras with night vision

Jersey Fresh 2

New Jersey is known as the garden state with its lush green farms and farm markets throughout the state. In the past farmers could not view their farm markets while working in the field and could not view all of their fields at once. Thanks to today’s Security cameras and the internet that is all in the past!Many of the farms in NJ are opting with using long range IP cameras with night vision. These long range cameras can see views as far as 150 to 400ft in the day or night. Cameras on today’s farms are keeping NJ farmers in the know on exactly what takes place on their farms day or night for the palms of their hands with security cameras with remote views.
Benefits of Farm Security cameras:
• Prevent break- ins
• Deter theft
• Monitor daily operations
• Employee monitoring
• Monitor farm for intruders
Did you know cameras today are so advanced they can be Just about anywhere? Did you ever think of security cameras placed on farms and all the benefits they can have to the farmers?
Some things to think about when setting up farm security. First and foremost, let’s think what are the farm’s most sensitive, high risk areas of the farm in terms of security? Does your farm have workers in a field? Do you have the public go in your fields to pick their own produce? Does your farm have a produce stand with a cash register? Do you have a farm with livestock that you want to keep a watchful eye on? It’s a lot to think about security on such a broad piece of land that needs a vast amount of security. So when you start to look into protecting you farmland you need to make sure the company you choose knows how to how to set up a plan for your farm that will protect what matters to you.

Cameras on the farm will help the farmers keep a lookout on their field while they are in the store, at home and even see one field while they are standing in another. Once IP cameras are placed around the farm the farmer can use his IP video systems to allow the farmer to connect to the farm remotely to cameras and view and even record footage from smartphone, laptop, or tablet device. The ability to connect remotely to the surveillance system gives the owner peace of mind knowing their farm is secure.
Today having wireless internet and security cameras on your farm provides many benefits beyond just checking on your fields and stores. It’s all so a way that a farmer now can record all of the farms daily operations such as times and records of animal feedings and watering or Chemical applications to the fields. This will provide the farmer with a complete run down that can be viewed off the farms recording from its DVR or NVR.