Central jersey Security cameras supports the local schools

Central Jersey Security Cameras has been working with the FPAC program and the Howell High school Music department at Howell High School this week. Central jersey security cameras crews have been going in the school after School Hours to install a motorized camera in the auditorium for the FPAC program and Howell Music Department. This Camera accompanied by 10 monitors throughout the staging area will help High school performers see when it’s their Q for onstage from various areas. This type of technology will help high school performers learn to put on professional shows and will assist the teaching staff in the FPAC Program and the Music department in guiding these young talents in a way they never could before with the help of the motorized camera. Not only will this update to Howell High school help its own FPAC department and Music department it will be used for many other local preforms as a learning too as well.
When Central Jersey Security Cameras owner Robert Murphy was asked to send in a proposal for this job he knew the importance of keeping these arts programs at the school here in New Jersey. Robert Murphy “I’m proud to say we donated a portion of this job to the high school because we believe in this program and being a helpful part of the community. “