GOODBYE 2017, HELLO 2018!


2017 was a busy and exciting year for Central Jersey Security Cameras! We were ranked #36 in the fastest growing security companies by Security Dealer and Integrator magazine which is a national magazine! We have grown so much that we have moved into a much larger building in July located at 620 Rt. 9 South, Freehold, New Jersey. Our staff has continued to grow right alongside the growth of the company. This summer, we even hired our first summer intern. With our continued growth, we also continue with all the training for our technicians to be knowledgable in the latest and up to date technology to best serve our valued customers. Owner Bob Murphy received an award earlier this year from LTSecurity for being the largest buyer in the U.S. LTSecurity is one of the leading distributors of surveillance technology. LTSecurity has 13 branches located throughout the U.S. Central Jersey Security Cameras also took part in various charity events such as the Trunk or Treat hosted by PAL as well as donate to the SPCA in February as well as during the hurricane relief just to name a few. As this year comes to a close, Central Jersey Security Cameras owner Robert Murphy would like to thank everyone that has made 2017 such a successful year.

With this year coming to an end and the new year among us, how many of you are going out with your friends and family to ring in the new year? Are you worried about leaving your home for the night? Don’t be! Have security cameras and an alarm installed in and around your home and always be aware of what is going on in and around your home, even when you are not. Are you getting in that last minute shopping preparing for the new year? Whether it be that you’re hitting the grocery store to get those hors d’oeuvres and finger food snacks, or the liquor store for that bottle of champagne, or even the party store for those finishing touches on your decorations and party favors, know that your home is safe and secure! Listed below are some tips to follow this New Years Eve.

TOP 5 TIPS to keep your home safe this New Years Eve while you are out watching the ball drop and ringing in the new year!
1. Lock your doors and windows before you go.
2. Make sure your home is well lit when it gets dark out.
3. Don’t post on social media that you are not home (it’s an invitation to burglars to come on in!)
4. Check your security cameras to make sure they are on.
5. Don’t forget to turn on your alarm.

With today’s security cameras, you can check on your home at any time right from the palm of your hand! Get those crisp, clear pictures right on your smart phone when you have remote views set up with your cameras. Another advantage to security cameras with remote views is that you can be out and away from your home, but still be alerted by your smart phone by setting alerts to notify you when someone steps within a perimeter you set on your property on your cameras.

Homes that add an alarm system to their home with security cameras are four times less likely to be victimized. Double up on your home security. Today’s home alarms are more than just a loud shrieking noise when they go off! All of our alarms are either connected to Central Station Monitoring or are set up to send alerts directly to your smart device or you can set it up to do both. Having your alarm connected with Central Station Monitoring will alert the proper authorities when the alarm is triggered. There’s no such thing as too much security!

With advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new Ultra-sync alarm home automation system, you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home, but right from the palm of your hand, you can use your smart phone to do much more! Just to name a few key features you can use right from your smart phone:
• You can turn your lights on and off at your home.
• You can lock and unlock your doors.
• You can control your thermostat.

Burglars often look for homes that are easy hits. Most of the items burglars look for, such as jewelry, electronics, gold, silver, and guns are easy to sell at a pawn shop, which makes them more appealing to a burglar. If you do not have your home secure with a home security system, the odds are not in your favor. It is a known national statistic that a home is broken into every 15 seconds!

Are you uncomfortable walking into your dark home when you return home from your night out? Adding an Ultra-Sync alarm to your home can now give you control over your lights at home. From the palm of your hand, you can now have complete home automation with the ease of your smart phone. You can turn lights off and on with the tap of your finger. Ultra-Sync can even schedule the lights to turn on at a specific time of day. When you aren’t home, make it look like you are home. You are also able to control your heat while you are away with this alarm system! With all the advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new Ultra-Sync alarm home automation, you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home, but you have access to using all these features that make your life more convenient away from home. You can even lock and unlock your doors without digging for those keys in your pocket. Take advantage of the key features our ultra-sync has to offer. To learn more about what the Ultra-Sync can do for your home visit our webpage.

Home security cameras are the number one deterrent from a burglar breaking into your home! Time and time again, we see a criminal look right into the camera, and walk away. In many cases we find a neighbor or someone down the block without the protection of security cameras becomes the unintended victim of the burglar. Double up on your home security! Get yourself an alarm system and security cameras for your home. Don’t call when it’s too late!

Are you leaving your children with a baby sitter while you go out to watch the ball drop and ring in the new year? Your children are precious to you. Know that they are being taken care of and treated the way that you wish. You can do that by having security cameras installed, whether they are installed in plain sight or hidden. Do you miss them while you’re away from home? Take a look at them via your cameras. We have an app where you can see them remotely right on your phone. Are your kids old enough to not need a sitter and are able to stay home alone? Do you want to know if your kids have invited their friends over while you are out for the night? Check in and make sure they’re not having a little party of their own thinking they’re sneaky and you’ll never catch them. Make sure they’re not getting themselves into trouble by having line intrusion alerts sent right to your phone.

Line crossing detection, or intrusion detection, is a function of your DVR, NVR or IP camera. What it does is that it instantly detects any motion in a certain “set”, which is a set area that is personally set by you for your alert needs. It will send immediate alerts to your smart device directly from the DVR, NVR or IP camera. For example: you want to know when someone or something enters your driveway? So, you go into the software of your DVR, NVR or IP camera and start setting up specific areas by drawing lines across the driveway. Of course, these are not visible lines to the human eye since it is only a virtual line or perimeter you have created, but it acts just as good as a virtual Tripwire. In essence, what it will do is activate the area when the area or line is breached and send you a notification either directly through the app or to your email, whichever option you choose. You can even have audible alerts right on site through an external siren or right from the DVR or NVR.

Many families in New Jersey try to keep their loved ones safe in the home with them, but unfortunately you cannot be everywhere all the time. With security cameras placed at your home, you can see everything that’s going on in and around the home. Would you like to know every time a door is opened in the home? Would you want to know about every time someone enters or exits the home? Take advantage of the intrusion detection features that all our Central Jersey Security Cameras systems come with. Set up a virtual intrusion area at your front door. You can set this to work on schedules, certain hours during the day, certain days during the week or if you are on vacation and will be away from your home or business and you want to be alerted when someone or something breaches your “set” area or areas. While both High Definition and IP cameras or the use of an NVR in conjunction with IP cameras will both do the job, there is more flexibility with the NVR and IP cameras in terms of having multiple cameras set up for line crossing/intrusion detection. There are also sensitivity settings that do adjust to meet your needs. For example: you may not want to know when a cat or small animal crosses the line, so you would adjust the scale to measure for larger objects.

Not only can Central Jersey Security Cameras provide cameras with line crossing detection, we can also put cameras inside the home in areas you may need to watch. With today’s technology, the possibilities are endless.

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras we offer instructional videos to walk you through the entire process on setting up your security system to send you the alerts when areas are breached, or lines are crossed. You must remember to allow notifications on your smart device if you are being notified through the app or “surveillance center” as it is called on the software setup.

Just like all other seasons, make sure to lock your doors when you leave the home. Check that your cameras and that your alarm is working properly and make sure to leave your home looking occupied if you leave for an extended period of time. With the upcoming holidays you spend away from home with family and friends, know your home is safe. Don’t let the fear of your home’s safety stop you from doing the things you love. Know that you can enjoy that glass of champagne while you’re counting down the new year.. Don’t let a burglar take that peace of mind and holiday joy away from you. The peace of mind while you are away from home, knowing that your home is protected from unwanted guests while you are away, is priceless. Get yourself and your family protected. If you don’t already have a home security camera or alarm system, or if you want to update your current system, give us a call at Central Jersey Security Cameras for a free estimate. To learn more about how to keep your NJ home safe, secure, and protected, visit our website today or call us at 732-333-0227

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