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Customer Feedback about Central Jersey Security Cameras!

One of the greatest compliments we get here at Central Jersey Security Cameras is the continuous feedback from our customers that talk about their pleasurable experience with our highly trained technicians and friendly office staff. Central Jersey Security Cameras keeps their techs trained with the latest and newest technology to better serve our customers. Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras, we highly appreciate the kind words we receive from our customers and are pleased to hear about our customers being satisfied.

Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Central Jersey Security Cameras. Give us a call and find out how we can help you protect your family, home, and business. 732-333-0227

Lorin R.
Hillsborough Township, NJ
5.0 star rating

I was looking to have security cameras installed and based on favorable reviews from the internet, I called Central Jersey Security Cameras. Soon after, I received a call back from the owner, Bob, who explained some options, answered all of my questions and even provided a rough estimate for what I wanted.
I then called back the next day with additional questions, which he patiently answered. Several days later, he came out to my house to work out the details on placement of the cameras. He also brought samples of the cameras so I could see what I was getting. He did not try to oversell me. In fact, he suggested some ways that I could save money. Overall, his pricing was better that any other estimate that I had obtained in the past.
A couple of weeks later, the installers came out and spent the whole day working. One of the workers was Justin and I believe the other two were Mike and Dave. They were all very polite, professional, neat, and and very helpful. They thoroughly explained how the system worked. I was very satisfied with the installation.
I did later notice that one of the cameras did not seem to work properly after dark and I called back and spoke with Bob. He sent out a new camera and that resolved the problem. One of the technicians who came out, Pat, was wonderful. I am not overly savvy with computers and he very patiently reviewed the camera operations and he also installed them on my computer and iPad even though he was only there to replace a camera.
Last but not least, the office staff of Heather and Tracey are always so friendly and helpful. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that walks the walk.
If you’re looking for security cameras, I heartily recommend that you consider Central Jersey Security Cameras.

Dawn Gutierrez
Old Bridge
5.0 star rating
in the last week

I want to thank Central Jersey for coming through with such a quick turnaround with the installation of our video cameras. Owner Bob was a pleasure to work with. Special shout out to Adam, Ray and Chris the installers , who were meticulous even when the weather conditions weren’t in their favor. All around great guys who went above and beyond for us!!! This company is truly Professional and a pleasure to deal with . Thank you all very much.

Pete B.
Freehold, NJ
5.0 star rating

Called Central Jersey security cameras on a Tuesday, had a salesman At my house Wednesday afternoon and a proposal the same night, the work was done five days later, they sent a crew of four technicians and installed nine cameras and an alarm system in my home within seven hours, crew was courteous and friendly. Equipment is definitely what we expected, even a little more. After dealing with some sub par companies, kind of feel compelled to let everyone know that this is a real deal company and they deliver on what they say, highly recommended

Lisa R.
Jackson, NJ
5.0 star rating

Central Jersey Security installed a system in our home and were great! The office staff was friendly and knowledge and the installer was professional and courteous. Would highly recommend!

Holly A.
Jackson, NJ
5.0 star rating

Central Jersey Security cameras recently installed cameras and a alarm system in our home. I m extremely impressed with how knowable the Owner bob is and his crew that came to our home. Not being tech savvy I was worried I would not able to follow along with the equipment we were getting installed, my mind was put at ease after the lead tech Pat was very patient and went over everything for my camera system and alarm system until I knew exactly what I was doing. If you are thinking of getting home security cameras or an alarm system this is the place to call our family is very Happy.

jessica d
5.0 star rating
2 weeks ago

We just had a couple cameras installed. We had a great experience with the company! The owner Bob was easy to talk to and understood just want we wanted. Justin and Mike who installed the cameras were very nice and helpful! They answered all of our questions and explained things in details. I would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Diane Katko
5.0 star rating
2 weeks ago

Central jersey security camera are very knowledgeable and the office staff is very professional and helpful and easy to talk to.

5.0 star rating
a month ago

Well folks, here’s the “4-1-1″ on this company; if you are thinking “I need security for my home or business” – end your thinking and CALL this company! Why? Simple, they do an honest day’s work, are genuinely concerned about your needs (and satisfaction) and WILL NOT leave your premise until everything is CORRECT and you understand the basics about how your new system works. Included with the installation are links to various video tutorials and the availability via telephone of service personnel, etc. should you need to review your installation, have questions, etc. If there are issues, they can always re-visit your location if not resolvable over the phone. As you may well know, TODAY, people are more interested in ripping you off, than doing an honest day’s work, for an honest day’s pay. This company (spear-headed by owner Bob Murphy) doesn’t play that game; you get what you need (professional equipment [no Bestbuy or Costco do-it-yourself junk] & professional installation) by a knowledgeable and concerned staff. Period! I’ve got seven (7) cameras and a wireless alarm system (all installed in one afternoon) and it’s looking mighty fine! Call ‘em and get er done; thank me whenever!

Paul D.
Lyndhurst, NJ
5.0 star rating

Very professional. Very detail oriented which is important to me. They figured out how to hide all the wires when setting up my security system. Our team was Adam, Mike, and Dave. They were very helpful and explained everything. Would recommend them highly!

GOODBYE 2017, HELLO 2018!


2017 was a busy and exciting year for Central Jersey Security Cameras! We were ranked #36 in the fastest growing security companies by Security Dealer and Integrator magazine which is a national magazine! We have grown so much that we have moved into a much larger building in July located at 620 Rt. 9 South, Freehold, New Jersey. Our staff has continued to grow right alongside the growth of the company. This summer, we even hired our first summer intern. With our continued growth, we also continue with all the training for our technicians to be knowledgable in the latest and up to date technology to best serve our valued customers. Owner Bob Murphy received an award earlier this year from LTSecurity for being the largest buyer in the U.S. LTSecurity is one of the leading distributors of surveillance technology. LTSecurity has 13 branches located throughout the U.S. Central Jersey Security Cameras also took part in various charity events such as the Trunk or Treat hosted by PAL as well as donate to the SPCA in February as well as during the hurricane relief just to name a few. As this year comes to a close, Central Jersey Security Cameras owner Robert Murphy would like to thank everyone that has made 2017 such a successful year.

With this year coming to an end and the new year among us, how many of you are going out with your friends and family to ring in the new year? Are you worried about leaving your home for the night? Don’t be! Have security cameras and an alarm installed in and around your home and always be aware of what is going on in and around your home, even when you are not. Are you getting in that last minute shopping preparing for the new year? Whether it be that you’re hitting the grocery store to get those hors d’oeuvres and finger food snacks, or the liquor store for that bottle of champagne, or even the party store for those finishing touches on your decorations and party favors, know that your home is safe and secure! Listed below are some tips to follow this New Years Eve.

TOP 5 TIPS to keep your home safe this New Years Eve while you are out watching the ball drop and ringing in the new year!
1. Lock your doors and windows before you go.
2. Make sure your home is well lit when it gets dark out.
3. Don’t post on social media that you are not home (it’s an invitation to burglars to come on in!)
4. Check your security cameras to make sure they are on.
5. Don’t forget to turn on your alarm.

With today’s security cameras, you can check on your home at any time right from the palm of your hand! Get those crisp, clear pictures right on your smart phone when you have remote views set up with your cameras. Another advantage to security cameras with remote views is that you can be out and away from your home, but still be alerted by your smart phone by setting alerts to notify you when someone steps within a perimeter you set on your property on your cameras.

Homes that add an alarm system to their home with security cameras are four times less likely to be victimized. Double up on your home security. Today’s home alarms are more than just a loud shrieking noise when they go off! All of our alarms are either connected to Central Station Monitoring or are set up to send alerts directly to your smart device or you can set it up to do both. Having your alarm connected with Central Station Monitoring will alert the proper authorities when the alarm is triggered. There’s no such thing as too much security!

With advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new Ultra-sync alarm home automation system, you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home, but right from the palm of your hand, you can use your smart phone to do much more! Just to name a few key features you can use right from your smart phone:
• You can turn your lights on and off at your home.
• You can lock and unlock your doors.
• You can control your thermostat.

Burglars often look for homes that are easy hits. Most of the items burglars look for, such as jewelry, electronics, gold, silver, and guns are easy to sell at a pawn shop, which makes them more appealing to a burglar. If you do not have your home secure with a home security system, the odds are not in your favor. It is a known national statistic that a home is broken into every 15 seconds!

Are you uncomfortable walking into your dark home when you return home from your night out? Adding an Ultra-Sync alarm to your home can now give you control over your lights at home. From the palm of your hand, you can now have complete home automation with the ease of your smart phone. You can turn lights off and on with the tap of your finger. Ultra-Sync can even schedule the lights to turn on at a specific time of day. When you aren’t home, make it look like you are home. You are also able to control your heat while you are away with this alarm system! With all the advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new Ultra-Sync alarm home automation, you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home, but you have access to using all these features that make your life more convenient away from home. You can even lock and unlock your doors without digging for those keys in your pocket. Take advantage of the key features our ultra-sync has to offer. To learn more about what the Ultra-Sync can do for your home visit our webpage.

Home security cameras are the number one deterrent from a burglar breaking into your home! Time and time again, we see a criminal look right into the camera, and walk away. In many cases we find a neighbor or someone down the block without the protection of security cameras becomes the unintended victim of the burglar. Double up on your home security! Get yourself an alarm system and security cameras for your home. Don’t call when it’s too late!

Are you leaving your children with a baby sitter while you go out to watch the ball drop and ring in the new year? Your children are precious to you. Know that they are being taken care of and treated the way that you wish. You can do that by having security cameras installed, whether they are installed in plain sight or hidden. Do you miss them while you’re away from home? Take a look at them via your cameras. We have an app where you can see them remotely right on your phone. Are your kids old enough to not need a sitter and are able to stay home alone? Do you want to know if your kids have invited their friends over while you are out for the night? Check in and make sure they’re not having a little party of their own thinking they’re sneaky and you’ll never catch them. Make sure they’re not getting themselves into trouble by having line intrusion alerts sent right to your phone.

Line crossing detection, or intrusion detection, is a function of your DVR, NVR or IP camera. What it does is that it instantly detects any motion in a certain “set”, which is a set area that is personally set by you for your alert needs. It will send immediate alerts to your smart device directly from the DVR, NVR or IP camera. For example: you want to know when someone or something enters your driveway? So, you go into the software of your DVR, NVR or IP camera and start setting up specific areas by drawing lines across the driveway. Of course, these are not visible lines to the human eye since it is only a virtual line or perimeter you have created, but it acts just as good as a virtual Tripwire. In essence, what it will do is activate the area when the area or line is breached and send you a notification either directly through the app or to your email, whichever option you choose. You can even have audible alerts right on site through an external siren or right from the DVR or NVR.

Many families in New Jersey try to keep their loved ones safe in the home with them, but unfortunately you cannot be everywhere all the time. With security cameras placed at your home, you can see everything that’s going on in and around the home. Would you like to know every time a door is opened in the home? Would you want to know about every time someone enters or exits the home? Take advantage of the intrusion detection features that all our Central Jersey Security Cameras systems come with. Set up a virtual intrusion area at your front door. You can set this to work on schedules, certain hours during the day, certain days during the week or if you are on vacation and will be away from your home or business and you want to be alerted when someone or something breaches your “set” area or areas. While both High Definition and IP cameras or the use of an NVR in conjunction with IP cameras will both do the job, there is more flexibility with the NVR and IP cameras in terms of having multiple cameras set up for line crossing/intrusion detection. There are also sensitivity settings that do adjust to meet your needs. For example: you may not want to know when a cat or small animal crosses the line, so you would adjust the scale to measure for larger objects.

Not only can Central Jersey Security Cameras provide cameras with line crossing detection, we can also put cameras inside the home in areas you may need to watch. With today’s technology, the possibilities are endless.

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras we offer instructional videos to walk you through the entire process on setting up your security system to send you the alerts when areas are breached, or lines are crossed. You must remember to allow notifications on your smart device if you are being notified through the app or “surveillance center” as it is called on the software setup.

Just like all other seasons, make sure to lock your doors when you leave the home. Check that your cameras and that your alarm is working properly and make sure to leave your home looking occupied if you leave for an extended period of time. With the upcoming holidays you spend away from home with family and friends, know your home is safe. Don’t let the fear of your home’s safety stop you from doing the things you love. Know that you can enjoy that glass of champagne while you’re counting down the new year.. Don’t let a burglar take that peace of mind and holiday joy away from you. The peace of mind while you are away from home, knowing that your home is protected from unwanted guests while you are away, is priceless. Get yourself and your family protected. If you don’t already have a home security camera or alarm system, or if you want to update your current system, give us a call at Central Jersey Security Cameras for a free estimate. To learn more about how to keep your NJ home safe, secure, and protected, visit our website today or call us at 732-333-0227

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Central Jersey Security Cameras is Proud to Feature the New Ultrasync Alarm/Home Automation 7 inch Touchscreen Keypad

Central Jersey Security Cameras is proud to feature the new Ultrasync alarm/home automation 7 inch touchscreen keypad. With it’s sleek design this will fit any décor. Ultrasync is a completely wireless alarm/automation system for your home, or business. Stop paying high rates to third party providers to control integrated home automation through your alarm panel, and sign up with us for monthly central station monitoring rates that start as low as $19.95 per month. This system can be controlled by any smart device. You will have the ability to arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere, open doors and control lighting and thermostats all for the basic price of $19.95 per month, below are some other benefits described by Interlogix.
∙Your house, your way.
Ideal for modern families, the UltraSync™ SmartHome brings smart, costeffective
security and lifestyle management into your home and at your
fingertips. Reliable and convenient, UltraSync lets you synchronize your home
systems with your day-to-day activities and create customized scenarios so
that your home responds to your unique schedule.
The UltraSync system and mobile app give you the flexibility and freedom
to adjust your security and home systems to match your lifestyle.
UltraSync provides complete home protection from the inside out.
The system easily incorporates additional security and home safety
devices* for extra peace of mind.
∙Peace of mind
Make sure the kids got home on time,
check in on contractors, or see how
your pets are behaving, all through live
streaming video via UltraSync indoor/
outdoor cameras or with text alerts.
∙Come home to comfort
Your home can be ready for you at just
the right time by automatically adjusting
thermostats, turning on lights and
unlocking doors as you arrive, using the
geo-location technology in your UltraSync
system paired with your smartphone’s GPS.
∙In sync with your life.
Built on cloud-based technology, the UltraSync system and app give
you the ability to remotely manage and automate home systems
like HVAC, Z-Wave® lights, thermostats, locks and more from your
smartphone or tablet.
∙Night mode
Set your home to automatically close
the garage, lock doors, turn out lights,
and modify home temperature with the
push of a button, all from the comfort
of your bed, or the convenience of your desk.
Enhanced security.
More convenience.
Use the UltraSync mobile app to create
∙temporary codes for people who need
limited access to your home. If, for example,
you need to let a friend or worker into your
home, you can use the app to create a
unique code, and then remotely set the
system to allow access only on select days
and at specific times.
Safe at home and away
∙UltraSync provides complete home system
control. When a security event occurs,
whether it’s an open door, an alarm or event
trigger, you’ll know right away, so you can
make the appropriate response. UL listed,
the UltraSync hub meets certain national
safety requirements for effective, safe and
reliable performance.
Proven system
∙UltraSync, from Interlogix, is built on
well-established technology and has
been thoroughly field tested. Over 5 million
Interlogix-manufactured security systems,
including UltraSync among other trusted
brands, have been sold in the U.S.
and Canada.
Installed by experts
∙UltraSync™ is sold through select dealers
to help ensure that your system will be
carefully installed by seasoned security
professionals who can implement the
ideal system for your home and provide
professional security monitoring, to help
protect what matters most.
Central Jersey Security Cameras is proud to say that we were chosen as one of the few select dealers in New Jersey to sell and service this product
∙Remote servicing
UltraSync can be serviced remotely,
saving you time, money, and the
inconvenience of having to schedule
service calls.
For a brief demo of Ultrasync automation 7 inch touchscreen keypad, click below!

As the clocks go back each year the criminals come back out!

Its a good idea when you change your clocks back and your smoke detector batteries to also take a look at your home security

Its a good idea when you change your clocks back and your smoke detector batteries to also take a look at your home security

As we all set our clocks back this weekend we are often reminded to change the batteries in our smoke detectors, and get our homes ready for winter months ahead. As you are getting your home ready for winter it’s also time to think is your home security ready for winter too? As the clocks go back each year the criminals come back out.
The crime of robbery is mainly a nighttime crime, increasing after 8:00 PM and subsiding after 3:00 AM in most areas. Robberies often increase during the winter months because of extended periods of darkness. Dozens of robbery studies have indicated that robbers like isolation, prefer lone victims, good escape routes, and few witnesses in addition to a good cash score.
With the days getting shorter the next few weeks it’s important to think about your home safety here are a few safety tips we recommend at Central Jersey Security Cameras
1. Make your house well lit
2. Keep trees and shrubs from blocking views of your home or making it easy for a criminal to hide around your home
3. Run a test on your alarm system to make sure it’s all running proper
4. Use your alarm system!! Even when you are home
5. Keep you security signs in front of your home to deter burglars
6. Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked and secure
7. Make a record of your valuables for your insurance
8. Do not leave boxes of expensive gifts in front of your home during the holiday season
9. Do not leave keys hidden outside you never know when someone is watching you
10. Add home security cameras to your home for added security to be able to see what takes place around your home when you are not there or even when you are in your home

This best part of owning a security system is helping prevent a crime from happening while you protect your loved ones

This best part of owning a security system is helping prevent a crime from happening while you protect your loved ones

With how busy we all get this time of the year home security is not something you can afford to take lightly. To get your home a free home security evaluation before the holiday season call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 333 0227 Remember “GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU!” And don’t for get a home security system for a loved one is a gift that keeps giving for years and years!

Fast service and crystal clear clarity is what you get when you call Central jersey security Cameras

Have you been thinking of adding home security to your home with all the latest headlines in the news? Then it’s time to take a look at why so many Nj Jersey families are calling Central Jersey Security Cameras to install their home security cameras and alarms. Call us today to start getting the home protection your family needs 732 333 0227




Around 87% of burglaries are considered preventable. Your home security strategy should involve several layers of protection. For one thing, families should have clear rules about locking doors and windows before leaving, and about answering the door.We no longer live in a world were you can Just say come in anymore when someone knocks at your front door. Another thing Burglars love to see is people talking about upcoming vacations on social networking websites, Often when today’s burglars are looking for a target they troll facebook,instagram, twitter etc. to see who is not home for an easy mark.

Having a strong home security in place at your home. Having an alarm with central station monitoring layered with a home surveillance security camera system is often one of the best routes to take to keep your home and loved ones protected to the fullest along with a home plan on what to do if an unfortunate event takes place at your home. Just like you make a fire safety plan your family should all know how to work your home security.

Often, when a burglar sees a yard sign or door decal indicating that a home is protected by a monitored home security system, he goes elsewhere. And for burglars stupid or brazen enough to try anyway, they can count on the incident being reported to authorities immediately upon triggering the security system.

Helping protect your home and family from burglary requires knowledge of the facts about burglary, having a clear plan for preventing burglary, and using burglary prevention techniques to help prevent it.

Our homes are often the biggest investment many of us make and keeping your investment and the belongings inside safe is often a protiey to many homeowners. In most cases burglars are looking for the quick and easy grab and go thefts. on Average most burglaries take about 15 minutes from the moment of entry to a home. Here is a list of the Top Five things stolen from homeowner in a burglary

Top five Things stolen from homeowners during a home burglary
• Cash
• Jewelry
• Guns
• Drug
• Small electronics

Mind you these are Just things keeping your family safe is priceless.. To talk about ways to protect your home and family call Central jersey security Cameras and speak to one of our home security experts today 732 333 0227


NJ neighborhood


1. Times leaving for work and arriving home
2. Changes to the house
3. A new car
4. Overall patterns
5. If a stranger visits
6. If a couple are arguing
7. They get an internet food shop delivery
8. Whether a neighbor might be pregnant
9. Evening activities during the week
10. If they have flowers delivered

home burglaries
Top 10 things a Burglar looks for
1. Times leaving for work and arriving home
2. Changes to the house
3. A new car
4. Overall patterns
5. Who visits your home and how frequent
6. Who lives in the home
7. They get an internet food shop delivery
8. If there are children in the home and how many
9. Evening activities during the week
10. If they have flowers delivered
See a bit of a pattern here? Did you know often homes are hit by people that they are acquaintances often it is someone that has been in your home or a home in your neighbor’s home that is like your home. So, with the facts at hand I have a 5 questions for you.
1. How protected is your home?
2. Do you have a working home security system on your home?
3. Do you have home security cameras with remote views?
4. How about a home alarm to alert the proper authorities?
5. Do you work or travel and leave your home?
If you answered “NO” to any of the 5 questions above then it’s time to look into the home security system. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today 732 333 0227

Looking at home security.. How secure is your home from unwanted intruders

home-burglaryimages (1)
Your home is probably one of the biggest investments that you will ever make and it’s the one place you should feel the safest. This can make having your home broken into or invaded by an unwanted intruder devastating. If this unfortunate event takes place at your home you make wounder if you will ever feel safe again in your own home.
Keeping your home safe in today’s world means becoming diligent with your home’s security needs. Adding home security system to your home doubled with a home alarm system and security cameras for your home is what many families in New Jersey and throughout the tri-state area are doing today.
No burglar wants to be caught in film on camera often what we see at Central jersey Security cameras is a would be criminals walk up to a home look right up at the camera and walk away. In many case we find a neighbor or someone down the block with out security cameras becomes the victim of the burglar.Here are 5 home tips to help you secure your home.
1. Take a good look at your home – Most burglars decide within five minutes weather your home is a good target for them
-Look at you home during the day can just anyone look inside your home walk up and see no one is inside
-Look at your home at night when the lights are on in your home can just anyone see that new expensive TV system you brought from the street?
Both day and night views of your home are important for a burglar to check out so beat them to it take a look and get protected!
2.Examine each point of entry to your home. Today burglars have youtube that has thousands of lock picking videos that a pro can get into your home with a standard lock in many case in less than a minute. A window can be broken in less then a minute as well. Here is where you need to take a close look at adding a home alarm to your house. If someone moves a door open or breaks a window (as long as you have glass breaks or motion sensors) Your home alarm will sound in many case scaring the burglar away and the proper authorities will be on heir way to your home.
3. Be careful what you post on social media!! Going on vacation and think its a good idea to brag to your friends? think again this is social media – i don’t care you have “friends only setting on” anyone can take a picture of your post with their cell and now show millions of people you are away and no one will be in your home for days.
4.Identify and remove enticements -Home invasions and home robberies happen for a reason A burglar wants to be confident that your home is worth the trouble. You need to make sure when you get that new expensive TV DVR and home appliance you do not leave boxes out front in out your home or have them visible in your trash.If a prospective robber goes past your home and sees you have new goodies in your home you may become a target.
5.GET you home security and keep it up to date!!! Adding security cameras and alarms is a great idea but they are useless if you don’t work properly. When Choosing home security its an investment and when making this investment you need to think quickly but hard on the choice you make when you choose the company to do your home security. Shop around and be sure the company you choose is BBB accredited, and the Central Station Monitoring you choose is UL listed.
Don’t leave you home security to chance and don’t wait to become a victim. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today and we call schedule an appointment today to give your home a security audit and help you find the security system you that will work best for your family. Call Central jersey security cameras today 732-333-0227

Think home security before the holiday season comes

Central Jersey Security Cameras on a residential home alarm install today. This family is being proactive before the holiday season comes to better protect their family before there is the seasonal raise in home burglaries that we see every year! To better protect your home and family call 732 333 0227 today

Central Jersey Security Cameras on a residential home alarm install today. This family is being proactive before the holiday season comes to better protect their family before there is the seasonal raise in home burglaries that we see every year! To better protect your home and family call 732 333 0227 today

The leaves are fully changed and before you blink the holiday season will be here. There is cooking,shopping, family gatherings and for many travel invoiced in their holiday plans. While you are busy getting ready for a festive time the criminals are out planning and plotting their holiday scores! So, Before the holidays arrive and you are too busy think now about getting your home protected before the criminals think of how unprotected and easy your home is to break into.Now is the time to book adding a home alarm to your home with central Station monitoring before the holidays come.Then this year you can sit back relax and enjoy the holidays knowing you protected your home and all those new holiday gifts! Call central Jersey security cameras today 732 333 0227

Features to think about before you buy a home alarm system


Some Features to think about before you buy a Home Alarm Security System
Today’s Home Alarm security systems have several important Features to think about including:
• Glass-break detection
• Smoke and fire detection
• Garage door opening detection
• Easy-to-use controls
• Door opening detection
• Siren and alarm notification
• Interior motion detection
• Window opening detection
• Carbon monoxide detection
Many people think that these systems simply detect movements, doors opening or glass breaking, but the systems have become more advanced and continues to advance as technology has improved. Some less well-known features of these systems are fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection. The systems, just like with traditional smoke alarms, sound an alarm when high amounts of smoke or heat are detected in the home. Alarms will also sound when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected in your home. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelled, and at high levels can kill a person within minutes, making this detection feature on alarm systems especially important and can actually be lifesaving. Buying a burglar home alarm system is worth the peace of mind it provides. Central Jersey Security Cameras will be there for you every step of the way with the purchase of your home alarm system. We will help you customize what fits your family’s needs to best protect what matters to you most! Central Jersey Security Cameras offers Central Station monitoring stating as little as $19.95 a month. Call 732 333 0227 to get started protecting your family