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Tips for Home Safety this Fall

Sweater weather has finally hit, and as you enjoy the season and get ready for the upcoming holidays it is a good time to remember some home safety tips for the fall to ensure the protection of your family, your home, and your valuables. Below are 5 easy tips to keep your home safe during the fall.

1.Send a Clear Sign: Make sure your home security signs aren’t covered up with decorations. As illustrated by the picture below, some people choose to use their security signs as a place to add decoration. It’s important to remember that even though this is a time to be festive, signs are one of the easiest ways to deter a criminal. Consider using decorations to highlight your security camera sign instead, and make it more obvious to potential thieves so they avoid your home all together.

Enjoy your holiday decorations, but make sure they don't hide your signs.

Enjoy your holiday decorations, but make sure they don’t hide your signs.

2.Rake Away the Leaves: Make sure your outdoor home security cameras don’t get obstructed by leaves or snow. Ensuring your camera’s view is clear is an easy way to maintain visibility whether viewing in real-time or during play-back. Nothing is more frustrating than needing security footage that has been carelessly covered. Clearing out your gutters can help for cameras located up high, to prevent dangling fall foliage from blocking your view.

Don't let leave or snow block your camera views.

Don’t let leave or snow block your camera views.

3. Brighten Up: One distinct characteristic of fall and winter is the earlier setting sun. Lighting can play a big role in improving your homes safety, and from discouraging robbers from targeting your home. Make sure to add additional lighting if necessary to dark corners, and keep lights on in the late afternoon and evening.

Keeping a light on can keep a robber away.

Keeping a light on can keep a robber away.

4. Don’t Open for Strangers: Though trick-or-treaters will be abundant next week, it’s important that you know who you’re opening your door for. Sometimes burglars disguise themselves, and come right up and knock on your door to either rob your home, or get a better look around until you aren’t home. Security camera can help you view who’s approaching your home so you can make smart decisions about who you decide to open up for.

Know who's at your door before you answer it.

Know who’s at your door before you answer it.

5.Add an Alarm: If you don’t already have one, consider adding an alarm system to increase your home safety. While the presence of security cameras are a deterrent in and of themselves, no burglar wants to stick around a home with a blaring alarm going off. In the event that someone breaks into your home, an alarm system can quickly notify you and police through our central station monitoring.

Just like all other seasons, make sure to lock your doors when you leave the home, check that your cameras and/or alarms are working properly and make your home looks occupied if you leave for an extended period of time. Fall is a special time of year where you should be able to enjoy fun activities- pumpkin picking, gathering with friends and family, and enjoying the outdoors. Don’t let fear of your home’s safety stop you from doing the things you love. If you don’t already have a home security or alarm system or if you want to update your current system, call us at Central Jersey Security Cameras for a free estimate (732) 333-0227.

Tips to keep your home safe this summer

Ways to protect the Interior of your home and keep your loved ones and Valuables safe this summer

There are some easy things you can do in the interior of your home:
Lets start with Windows and Doors-
All of your first-floor doors and windows should be secured with heavy-duty locks. This includes double-keyed deadbolts on your doors.
Valuables your important Jewelry and money –
Burglars head immediately to the master bedroom upon gaining entry to a home. Never store valuables in the master bedroom. A good idea is to store them in a safe located in a bathroom or other interior room.
When you are not home make it look like you are home-
You can add lights to your home that are on timers and even some families put timers on TVs in the house or radios to make noise so a burglar thinks the house is occupied
Lastly have your home secure with an alarm with central station Monitoring
Alarms are a great deterrent however alarm systems with central Station monitoring with alert the proper authorities to glass on a window being broken or movement in the home. The Central Station company used by Central jersey Security Cameras has a 13 second response time to get the police dispatched to your home. if you would like to hear more tips on keeping your home safe this summer and how you can add a home alarm system to your home at an affordable price call Central jersey Security Cameras 732 333 0227

Give a gift that keeps your loved ones safe!

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