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10 Tips on Protecting your cars in New Jersey


As weather changes, thefts can pick up as more people are outside enjoying the weather.Over the Past few weeks in Many NJ towns we have been seeing a rash of car burglaries here are 10 tips to help protect your cars in New Jersey -

1 Lock your doors, roll up your windows.
Thefts often look for unlocked cars, as well as sheds and garage doors left open

2 Take your valuables.
Don’t leave valuables in the vehicle, or in plain sight. Make sure you take out your phones,pocketbooks and even your change! Today Change has been something taken out of cars more often than you think!

3.Hide your things.
There are times especially as a Mom in NJ you might stop off with the kids at six flags or a the board walk and might not want to carry around your heavy bag! Then you need to hide it in the trunk, under the seat or out of view.

4.Turn off your car.
Yes this seems like a no Brainer but all too often we all see this in front of our local wawa or even in our neighbor’s driveway.. It is almost like your car is there saying take me i ‘ m already runny and the keys are here.

5. Never leave the Keys
Years ago a close family friend made a joke about when you are out you never leave the person that has the keys so you always know you have a ride home! This is true in so many ways! Make sure you keep your keys with you they often have more then just your car keys on there they often have your house key on there as well so not only if you leave your keys behind are you saying hey take my car but now you are saying hey why not stop by my home and help yourself there too!

6.Park in secure areas.
ALWAYS ALWAYS park your car in a well lit area.. parking in a secure area does not only protect your belonging but can also protect you and your family from danger of assault to you or your loved ones

7. Car alarms
If you have a car alarm, don’t forget to activate it as simple as that.. And dont forget if you are in the parking lot and feel you can be in danger hit that car alarm button often the alarm will scare away would be attackers

8.Get a vehicle locator.
For stolen vehicles, consider having some type of vehicle locator installed.

9. Report anything suspicious.
Better safe then sorry! If you see something suspicious REPORT it!

10.Add Home security Cameras
For your home consider adding surveillance cameras that can capture any car thefts or burglaries on film and help find the thefts and get them off our streets

Security Cameras added to home are proven to be a deterrent to any would be criminal because most do not want to be caught on film committing crimes so, if you are thinking of adding home security cameras to your home to protect your home call central jersey security cameras today 732 333 0227