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Ensure your Vehicles are Protected with a Home Security System


In 2018 and so far in 2019 we have seen a fair amount of car burglaries. Just a few weeks ago a 16-year-old from Roselle was arrested and charged with a slew of thefts in that happened in Cranford, NJ. These thefts occurred from May 7-9 and each incident took place at night. Various items were taken from unlocked vehicles. Theft from parked cars is one of the most common complaints police receive in residential neighborhoods. According to the U.S Department of Justice statistics, these types of crimes make up 36% of all larcenies that are reported to the police. Thefts from vehicles typically involve smaller dollar values regarding property that is stolen, but they take up considerable police resources and increase residents’ fear of falling victim to vehicle theft.


Below are the three general reasons that cars are often stolen:

  1. Temporary transportation/ “joyriding”
  2. To strip the car of its valuables
  3. To re-sell the car

Where and when you leave your car is one of the most significant factors that offer opportunity to thieves. Parking your car in the driveway is usually safer than parking your car on streets, but this also depends to some extent on the length of the driveway, visibility, and other factors that affect natural surveillance. The safest place to park your vehicle is in the garage. Suburban areas are usually overall seen as safe areas, residents can easily become unconcerned about their vehicle’s safety. Residents of suburban areas may tend to leave their car doors unlocked or leave their keys inside their cars. Unsecured cars, cars with valuables left in them, poor house and street lighting, vegetation, and other factors that provide concealment for thieves are a commonplace. Often times outside lighting is inadequate. With bad lighting and tall shrubbery on the property it gives thieves good hiding places and good cover. A thief will have a field day in a neighborhood filled with poor lighting and unlocked cars.

Car thefts in suburban residential areas usually occur at night because that is when most cars are present and there is very little lighting at night. In residential areas that contain multi-family apartment complexes, parking lots can be vulnerable to theft during the day because it provides anonymity to the offender due to the amount of people using the parking lot.

Frequently car thefts occur in clusters. Numerous burglaries may be reported during the early morning hours when thieves have already passed through a neighborhood looking for valuables to steal. In general, two kinds of properties are stolen, personal belongings and car components. Personal items can include but are not limited to loose change, laptops, wallets, music places, purses, etc. Personal components kept I the passenger compartment accounted for 35% of stolen items. Stereo components made up 27% of stolen items.


Below are some simple tips to prevent falling victim to vehicle theft:

  1. Always lock your doors and roll up your windows- Thieves often look for unlocked cars, as well as open sheds and garages. While this is a very simple tip, up o a quarter of vehicle thefts are from unlocked cars. Whether you’re running into the store for a soda or going shopping at the mall for a couple hours, you should always make sure your car is locked and your windows are closed
  2. Don’t leave your valuables. Take your valuables with you when you leave your car.  Make sure you take your phone, wallet, purse, etc. with you. In today’s day in age, change has been something taken out of cars more often than you would think. Don’t leave anything that may look appealing or worth a lot of money to a thief. Stow away anything that may be of value.
  3. Hide your valuables. Stash and hide any valuables before you park. Put any shopping bags in your trunk. Sometimes thieves will linger around a parking lot looking for valuables that are being moved out of plain sight. If you have an SUV or wagon that leaves your cargo area on display, consider getting a cover for it.
  4. Turn your car off. All too often we see cars left running in front of local convenience stores such as Wawa or we see our neighbors’ cars running in their driveways. When you leave your car running it shows a thief that it’s open and the keys are in it, making your vehicle an easy target.
  5. Never leave the keys. Make sure you keep your keys with you for the simple fact that they usually have more than just a car key on them. Typically, your keys have your house key’s, work key’s, mailbox key, etc. on them. By leaving your keys in your car, not only does the thief have access to your vehicle but also your home.
  6. Park in secure and visible areas. ALWAYS park I a well-lit area. Parking in a secure area protects your belongings and can also protect you and your family from any dangers that may be lurking.
  7. Car alarms. If you have a car alarm, don’t forget to activate it. If you’re in a parking lot and feel that danger is around press your car alarm button, when the alarm sounds thieves will usually flee.
  8. Get a vehicle locator. For stolen vehicles consider having a vehicle locator/tracker installed.
  9. Report ANY suspicious activity. If you see something suspicious, report it. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Add home security cameras. Consider getting surveillance cameras installed at your home. This can capture any car thefts or burglaries and give authorities a better idea of who they are looking for.

What else can you do to make sure your vehicle is safe and secure?

Installing a security system with line crossing detection is a great option to ensure your vehicle and your homes safety. With security cameras placed outside of your home you will be able to see what happening around your home and be able to keep an eye on your vehicle, even when you aren’t home. Never miss a beat on what’s happening at your home with having line intrusion alerts sent right to your phone.

What is line crossing detection?

Line crossing detection is a function of your NVR, DVR, or IP camera. It instantly detects any motion in a certain set area. This area is personally set by you for your alert needs. It will send immediate alerts right to your smart device directly from your camera. For example, if you want to know when someone enters your driveway you would go into the software of your NVR, DVR, or IP camera and star setting specific areas by drawing lines across the driveway. These lines are no visible to the human eye as they are only virtual lines set by you. These lines will activate the area you have created therefore if this area becomes breached, you will get an alert sent to you either through the app, or to your email, whichever you choose. You can set line crossing detection to work on schedules, certain hours during the day, certain days or the week, or if you’re on vacation and want to be alerted if someone enters your “set” area. There are also sensitivity settings that you can adjust to fit your needs. For example, if you don’t want to be notified if a cat or other small animal enters your set area you would adjust the scale to measure larger objects.

Having home security cameras installed on the outside of your home is often the number one deterrent for stopping a thief. A home that is well lit and has home security camera signs will usually be passed by because a thief will not want to step foot onto your property or touch your vehicle knowing they will be caught on camera. With the advances in today’s security cameras, often the local authorities can identify or get a good look at those committing these crimes. Today’s security cameras can send you an alert right to your phone and notify you when someone is on your property when they aren’t supposed to be just by having line crossing detection set up around your home. Give Central Jersey Security Cameras a call today for a free on-site estimate. We can help you decide what security system is best to fit your security needs and budget. Give us a call today at 732-333-0227 or visit our website centraljerseysecuritycameras.com


Going on Vacation this Summer? Make Sure your Home is Safe and Secure


Vacation is supposed to be a time to relax, unwind, and just take it easy. Many people look forward to the Summer months because it’s a very popular time to get away and spend time with friends and family. Whether you are going on a week-long vacation or just a weekend getaway, make sure your home and your belongings are safe and protected. Allow Central Jersey Security Camera’s to help with the installation of an alarm system and/or security cameras.

  • Homes that don’t have security systems are three times more likely to be robbed. When burglars are examining a home they typically check to see if the home has security cameras. If there is a visible security camera that the burglar notices, 9 out of 10 times they will move on to a different home. It is a known statistic that a home gets broken into every 15 seconds. Only 14% of homes in the country have security systems installed. Let us help keep you from becoming a statistic by keeping your home safe and secure.
  • Suburban homes are 50% more likely to be robbed. Suburban homes are typically located in lower traffic areas and a thief will usually have better access to all sides of the home. Thieves can easily identify where they will break in because they have access to the entire outside perimeter of the home.
  • Daytime hours are the most popular times for a burglary to occur (between 10am-3pm). Most people assume a robber will break in during the night while everyone is asleep. 65% of residential burglaries happen during the day when most people are at work and the kids are at school.
  • 1/3rd of all break ins occur through unlawful entry. 33% of home invasions happen by the burglar walking straight into the home through an unlocked door or climbing through an open window.

Below are a few simple tips that can lower your chances of becoming a victim of a robbery:

  1. Refrain from posting any valuable belongings on social media. When you post pictures of that new laptop you just bought or that new flat screen T.V you are showing everyone out there the new expensive items that are sitting in your home. Also, refrain from posting about your vacation until after you get back if no one is going to be watching your home while you’re away. If a robber knows that no one will be at your home for multiple days, it will make you a very easy target for them. Although your social media pages may be private, every person on your friends’ lists can view your posts and they can pass along the information to anybody.
  2. Make sure that no one can view any expensive items in your home from the street or sidewalk. Move any TV’s, expensive sound systems, computers, etc. out of clear view especially if your going to be away for X amount of days. Also, don’t throw away any boxes for expensive items in the outside trash cans. If a burglar sees a box for a brand new 60-inch flat screen TV now they know what is in your home and this would make your home a target.
  3. Be wary on who you open your door to. Thieves will sometimes knock on your door before planning a break in to get a better view of what valuables may be inside your home. Keep track on those who do knock on your door whom you don’t know.
  4. Get a home security system and keep them up to date! Getting a security system installed is a great idea to ensure your home is safe and protected but they aren’t as useful if they don’t work properly. Choosing home security is a big investment and when making this investment you need to think about the choice you make when choosing the company to install your home security systems. Be sure that the company you choose is BBB accredited. Read the company reviews and make sure the Central Station Monitoring you choose is UL listed. Also, check with your homeowner’s insurance. Many companies offer a discount to homeowners with UL listed alarms, some companies now offer a discount on installing security cameras to your home as well. Check with your provider to see what discounts they might offer.

What is the best option for my home?

Our team of well-trained technicians will help you feel confident that you are choosing the proper security equipment and placement to fit your home’s needs. Keep your family and belongings safe and secure while you’re away. We have two different types of cameras, one being dome shaped, the other being a bullet shaped. The main difference between the two is their appearance although we recommend bullet shaped cameras for outside. Some bullet cameras have double EXIR infrareds built into them causing their night vision to extend an additional 40-50 feet. You will be able to receive notifications or text messages of real time video from your security equipment. View what is taking place at your home when it happens through a live feed from your smartphone, tablet, or other portable devices. Use our event schedule to locate exactly when an event occurred that you may want to view. For example, if an even were to occur at your home within a 24-hour period but you aren’t sure of when it happened, you can use our event schedule which appears as a color-coded event list that allows you to jump ahead to all motion triggered events. If your cameras are set to record all the time it can shorten the space on your hard drive, even if there are no motion triggers. With the event schedule you can save space and lengthen the time on your DVR/NVR. Another useful tool to your cameras is line crossing detection. Take comfort in knowing your home is safe and secure even while you’re on vacation.



Line crossing detection, also known as line intrusion, is a function of your NVR, DVR, or IP camera. It instantly detects any motion in a set area. This set area is personally set by you for your alert needs. You will get immediate alerts to your smart device from your camera. For example, say you want to get notified when someone pulls through your driveway or walks up to your front door. You would go into the software of your camera and start drawing specific lines across your driveway or walkway up to your house. This line is only a visual perimeter, so it is not visible to the human eye in person. If the line that you personally set becomes breached, you will get a notification through the app or to your email depending on which option you choose. You can set line crossing detection to work on schedules and during certain hours of the day. This is great if you are planning on going away because you can set it for every day you’re away and get notified if someone enters your property.

There are also sensitivity settings for line crossing detection. You may not want to be notified if a cat or other small animal enters your set area, therefore you would just adjust the scale to only be notified for larger objects. Get the protection your home needs by having a security system that notifies you when someone is at your home who isn’t supposed to be there. With footage from your security cameras, you now have proof of exactly what is happening when you aren’t there. Most home alarms are linked to central station monitoring for a small monthly fee that alerts the proper authorities once it’s set off. If you are planning on having someone stop by your home while you’re away, you can disarm it right from your smartphone and arm it again once they leave. Take it easy on your vacation by knowing Central Jersey Security Camera’s has your home safe and secure.


Listed below are some of the alarm systems we offer:

Security Alarm System Keypads
Keypads are an important part of your security system. They allow you to arm the system with a secured code. They can be placed wherever you need them most and are easy to use. Keypads feature emergency buttons that allow you to call for help immediately. If you are planning on having somebody watch your house or someone is staying home while you’re away, let them have peace of mind knowing that help is just the press of a button away. In the case of a power outage the buttons are lit still allowing you to view our keypad.

Door and Window Sensor
According to the NBFAA, 56% of burglars enter through a door, another 23% through the first-floor window. Door and window sensors are placed in these areas of vulnerability. When the contact is broken, the alarm is triggered.

Motion Detectors
Motion detectors are triggered when someone walks in view of the detector. If intruders enter your home through a door or window that is not protected by a sensor, the motion detector will act as a trap ensuring they don’t stay at your home for long. Motion detectors can be turned off when you are home while your windows and doors can still remain secured.

Panic Buttons
Panic sensors are designed to go just about anywhere. This sensor allows you to activate a 24-hour emergency alarm. Call for help with just a push of a button.

Alarm Sirens
An alarm siren provides peace of mind for you and acts as a deterrent for would-be intruders. When the alarm sounds an intruder will most likely leave your property as soon as possible.

Don’t spend your vacation being stressed and nervous about what could be taking place at your home. Take it easy and enjoy yourself to the fullest while you’re away. Let Central Jersey Security Camera’s help make that happen. You will be able to have peace of mind knowing exactly what is taking place in your home right from the palm of your hand. Central Jersey Security Camera’s is BBB accredited. Live your life to the fullest this vacation season while still ensuring your home and your valuables are safe and secure. Not only does Central Jersey Security Cameras have a help tab on our website that has step by step videos for you to follow along with, we also offer technical support as well. Our technicians are in the office daily to answer any questions you may have about your security system. For more information visit our website or call us today at 732-333-0227.


How can you secure your home this holiday season?

holiday shopping
Tis the season to purchase gifts for loved ones. As you run to the store looking for the perfect gift, do you know what else can be happening when you are carrying in that new high priced TV for your loved one? The wrong person can be watching your home and looking for a way to steal that gift right from under your tree!!

Sooo.. what can you do to keep the gifts you work so hard to buy safe in your home when you are not there? A professionally installed home security system! We all see many commercials this time of the year telling us all how we need home security this time of the year to help prevent your home from becoming the next statistic; burglaries take a spike in the month of December each year. But before you jump in and buy just any security camera system you need to make sure you educate yourself first and look into the following questions:

  1. What kind of cameras are good for my home?
  2. Do these cameras have clear night vision?
  3. Can I get an alert on my phone from my cameras?
  4. Can I save the footage from my security cameras?
  5. Do you have support after my install?





What kind of cameras are good for my home?

Central Jersey Security Cameras will look at your home and help you decide what is best for your unique home and determine what cameras are best for your home’s needs. Our trained staff will listen closely to what your needs are and look at exactly where you need the most coverage around your home and how far from your home you may need to view with your security cameras. With that information, they will effectively be able to design and offer a product that will surely meet your needs and budget. Technical support personnel is available in our offices daily to answer any questions you may have about the functionality of your system.


Do these cameras have clear night vision?

An infrared security camera has infrared lighting (light from a different region of the electromagnetic spectrum than we normally use to see) installed around the outside of the lens of the camera. This lighting allows the camera to capture a good image in no light at all. With a little bit of light (called low light) the infrared camera can capture a picture that looks just like daytime. Keep in mind that even at nighttime there is normally some light from the moon, stars, or street lights.

Infrared cameras do not do well in outdoor housings because the infrared light reflects off the glass of the housing. Some people get acceptable results if the camera is absolutely flush with the glass. An alternative solution is to use a day/night camera which has an extra sensitive imaging chip that allows it to capture a good picture in low light situations without using infrared lighting. This works well for example if there are street lights outside or an exterior light that can be left on at night. Keep in mind that cameras without infrared lighting will not capture an image with zero light.

The level of light required to capture a good picture is referred to as a camera’s lux, the lower the lux the better the camera can see in the dark. For example, a camera with 0.003 lux is better than a camera with 0.2 lux. Infrared cameras are also compared by how far they can see in total darkness. We sell cameras that see in total darkness over 120 feet at night. People use infrared security cameras for businesses (that have the lights out at night (in case of break-ins). Or for outside, nighttime viewing.

The image that infrared cameras capture is black and white – however, some cameras will capture color images during the day when light is available and will automatically switch to black and white when light is low.
Times are changing and there has been a significant breakthrough in night vision with the introduction of EXIR or Matrix IR’s. Hikvision pioneered this type of technology and we at Central Jersey Security Cameras noticed a tremendous difference in the quality of the picture at night. These cameras incorporate Hikvision’s EXIR infrared array technology to provide best-in-breed illuminators for any zero-dark environment – indoors or out. Compared to conventional IR cameras, Hikvision’s high-performance EXIR series delivers the most advanced levels of night-time surveillance available on the market today.

These EXIR cameras (a highly-efficient light source and enhanced LED light strength. By employing the most advanced thin-film and light-emitting technology, this series provides up to 30% more illuminant efficiency over traditional LED array technology. Furthermore, the EXIR series even provides a 40% light-extraction rate improvement when compared to traditional models, resulting in a stronger light for long-range visibility usage.

To make the most out of IR LED light, EXIR HD and IP cameras produce LED light in the form of a rectangle. This allows a better fit for a screen’s normal size (4:3 or 16:9). Additionally, it helps improve LED utilization efficiency and reduce light pollution in the surrounding environment. Images are further optimized with EXIR’s luminance uniformity functionality, which eliminates traditional LED lens issues, such as over-exposure at the center of images, as well as darker areas at the corners. EXIR HD/IP cameras deliver superb image detail in poorly lit environments, better providing for solutions at industrial parks, harbors, roads, airports, etc. Furthermore, excellent heat dissipation, longer lifespan, and greater energy savings are but a few of the advantages that Hikvision EXIR cameras bring. IP66 protection, in both bullet and dome styles, further provide users with options to best fit their specific needs.

Remote Viewing Holiday

Can I get an alert on my phone from my cameras?  

Would you like an alert sent right to your smartphone when someone walks up to your front sidewalk or pulls in the driveway? Well, Central Jersey Security Cameras in Freehold, NJ has a solution for this. With our professionally installed HD security cameras, you can set up a perimeter around your house, arm a specific area or individual cameras to send an instant notification to your mobile device when the area is entered or “breached”. You will receive this notification right to your smartphone that will include the persons or movement that triggered the alarm within seconds of it actually happening. This feature is called line intrusion that we can set up on your security cameras. The best part, there is no monthly charge! This is a free bonus to having your security cameras professionally installed.

Line crossing detection, or intrusion detection, is a function of your DVRNVR or IP camera. What it does is that it instantly detects any motion in a certain “set”, which is a set area that is personally set by you for your alert needs. It will send immediate alerts to your smart device directly from the DVRNVR  or IP camera. For example, you want to know when someone or something enters your driveway? So, you go into the software of your DVRNVR or IP camera and start setting up specific areas by drawing lines across the driveway. Of course, these are not visible lines to the human eye since it is only a virtual line or perimeter you have created, but it acts just as good as a virtual tripwire. What it will do is activate the area when the area or line is breached and send you a notification either directly through the app or to your email, whichever option you choose. You can even have audible alerts right on site through an external siren or right from the DVR or NVR.
You can set this to work on schedules, certain hours during the day, certain days during the week or if you are on vacation and will be away from your home or business and you want to be alerted when someone or something breaches your “set” area or areas. While both High Definition and IP cameras or the use of an NVR in conjunction with IP cameras will both do the job, there is more flexibility with the NVR and IP cameras in terms of having multiple cameras set up for line crossing/intrusion detection. There are also sensitivity settings that do adjust to meet your needs. For example, you may not want to know when a cat or small animal crosses the line, so you would adjust the scale to measure for larger objects.


Can I save the footage from my security cameras?

Record all events in “real time” as they happen. Receive push notifications or “text messages” of real-time video from your security equipment. Watch your home live when you’re not there from smartphones or other portable devices. Protect your family and your assets. Surveillance cameras in plain view are a “proven guaranteed deterrent” by persuading potential intruders to move on.

Event schedule, meaning that if an incident occurs somewhere for example in a 24-hour period and you are not sure when the event happened, instead of sitting through endless hours of reviewing until the event is found you would have indicators. Most likely a color-coded event list. This would enable you to jump ahead to all motion triggered events, thus making your search quicker and more successful. Conserving hard drive space, meaning if your cameras are set to record all the time, even with nothing moving in front of them you could potentially shorten the life of the hard drive and absolutely shorten the length of time your NVR/DVR will retain recordings.


Do you have support after my install?

Not only does Central Jersey Security Cameras have a help tab that has step by step tutorial videos for you to follow along with, but we offer technical support as well. Technical support personnel is available in our offices daily to answer any questions you may have about the functionality of your system. Our technicians receive monthly training on all of our security products to keep their knowledge on the cutting edge of technology. Some of our lead technicians have been with us for over 15 years. They will explain the process of the installation prior to starting the job. They will keep you informed of all progress. They will ensure the best possible outcome and provide a full tutorial at the conclusion of the install.


Why an alarm system with security cameras are the best line of defense:

Home security cameras are the #1 deterrent on a home or business. Often criminals see security cameras and move on to the next location. The ones that try to outsmart security cameras often get caught because they do not know the capabilities on the range of today’s IP cameras. Look, at the inchworm bandits crawling on the floor!


Click here to view the “Inchworm Bandits” News Article.

Inchworm Bandits

No, unfortunately, these cameras did not stop this break-in from happening, but it is the proof this owner needs to show exactly what took place at their business location for their insurance. In this case, an alarm system doubled with security cameras would have helped alert the proper authorities and the business owners sooner.

Central Jersey Security Cameras believes after many years in the business and continuous training each year a whole home security system with a security camera system on the home and an alarm system is often the best protection a New Jersey homeowner can have on their home.

So, now you have to make sure you have the right alarm for your home too! It’s easy with today advances in alarms with our preferred alarm the UltraSync alarm. Some things to consider when you are looking for the right alarm system for your home.

  1. Make sure the alarm and company you use is UL listed
  2. Check for discounts with your home owner’s insurance (often it can cut the price of your homeowners 5-20%)

To get the protection your home or business needs this holiday season call Central jersey Security Cameras today for a full home or business security audit. Don’t forget a home security system makes a holiday gift that will keep giving for years to come! Call us today at 732-333-0227 or visit our website.

Home Security for when you have “bad neighbors”


Do you live in a nice neighbor but have that one neighbor you just can’t trust? Then it is time to get your home protected with home security. We no longer live in the days with unlocked front door and cars in our driveways unlocked. Today we need not only to keep everything locked up we need to protect our cars and homes with security.
Central jersey Security Cameras suggest to all of our customers to add the security of security cameras and a home alarm system to their homes. Now you may be thinking it’s a bit overkill security cameras and an alarm system on your home but let us explain:
A home security Camera system on your home is often the proof you need to the police/ proper authorities of what takes place around you home in the case you home is Vandalized or broken into. Often the presents of a known/seen security camera is enough of a deterrent to keep someone from committing a crime at your home.
An Alarm system is your next defense against some actually entering your home. With today’s alarms and glass beaks added to windows if there is a forced entry to your home an alarm will sound and the proper authorities will be dispatched to your home in a matter of seconds.
Home security systems add value to your home and will save you in homeowner’s issuances yearly. On average a NJ homeowner saves the cost of their alarm with central station monitoring with the savings they get from their homeowner insurance sometimes they save even more!
Don’t wait till it’s too late and an intendant happens at your home. Call Central jersey Security Cameras today. 732 -333-0227

How safe is your home from burglaries??


When you think of a burglar and a home being broke into you picture a man with a dark ski mask creeping around homes at night. No longer is this the case today burglaries happen at anytime of the day or night. Todays burglars come to a home and make it look like they belong there. They look like they belong there so much that in most cases a neighbour will not even notice they are there.
If your home is targeted by a burglar all too often you will loose your sense of safety in your own home. Even though you may have homeowners insurance many still suffer a financial loss as well not to mention the loss of a piece of jewelry that was your grandmothers that can not be replaced. What can you do to try to stop this from happening to your home?
At Central jersey Security Cameras we truly believe in prevention. We have trained specialist that will come to your home and give you a free security audit of your home and help you work out a plan to keep what you work so hard for safe. We know its a proven fact that burglars or any type of criminal do not want their faces caught on tape is the deternet that you can invest in to keep you home same from crimes. Many choose to add an alarm system with central station monitoring for an add barrier to protect their home.
Central jersey Security Cameras is a company that is BBB accredited and has been in the business of keeping families and business safe for over 25 years. The staff is fully trained throughout the year to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest ways to protect your home. Dont let your family spend another day with out home protection call today and lets get your security audit booked today 732 415 7772

How protected is your car in your driveway Toms River NJ

According to the FBI, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States every 44 seconds. Many in the driveway of the car owner’s home while they are sleeping. Here In New jersey of the past few weeks we have seen cars in homeowners driveways broken into in Toms River NJ, Monroe NJ, Parsippany NJ and in Jackson NJ. Most of these thieves are looking for the loose change or any type of valuable that they can quickly sell for cash.
What can you do to help prevent this from happening to you? Well of course the number one tip is to keep your car locked at all times even if you are just running into your home or shopping center quickly. At home an added measure to protect whats in your driveway is to add security cameras. Security Cameras are often a are the #1 detent against a would be criminal breaking into your car. No burglar wants to be caught on Security Cameras and this is just the proof that would be needed to convict a criminal of a crime of robbery to your home or car.
So are you ready Toms River NJ, Jackson NJ, Parsippany NJ and Monroe NJ to get your cars and homes protected? call Central Jersey Security Cameras today and get security cameras that you need to protect your home! Call today for your no hassle free home security audit 732 415 7772 car in driveway

NJ Security Cameras & Security Systems

Central Jersey Security Cameras has been in the security and tech business for over 18 years. Our Freehold, New Jersey based operations cover all of New Jersey, but we also cover New York City with an office in Staten Island, New York.

We have been providing and servicing our New Jersey security camera customers for almost two decades. In addition to installing and servicing security cameras and security systems in New Jersey, our technicians have also be providing the same quality service to residential and commercial customers in New York City.

Before you consider buying a security camera system or infrared security cameras, you need to call us for a FREE on-site evaluation. Simply call us now at 732-415-7772 for an appointment.