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How can you help prevent having your car broken into in your own driveway?

Car Broken into

Every day more and more not only are we seeing homes broken into, we are seeing more cars broken into overnight. What can you do to help keep your car investment save while you are home..
1. First line of defence of course is to make sure when you leave your car for the night lock your doors!
2. Keep your driveway well lit at night so no one can lurk around your car without being noticed in the dark
3. Have a home security system installed with a home security camera pointing right at your parked cars.
Some may feel that having security cameras pointing on their cars is a little extreme, However, if a criminal is breaking into your car and your alarm goes off the last thing you should do is confront them! When you have a camera pointing at your car you can now look and see who is around your car while you are calling the proper authorities. In the case something has been stolen from your car you now will have the proof for your insurance agency that your car was broken into. To learn more about how we can help you keep an “eye” on your home and car call Central Jersey Security Cameras 732 333 0227