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Thinking of adding home security to your home before summer comes?

Can you believe it’s March already? Before you know it the weather will break and it’s time to be out and about at BBQ’S, summer concerts and of course the Jersey shore… While you are out and about having fun do you ever stop and think who is watching your home while you are out? Did you know with today’s technology in security cameras you can look at your house with your cell phone? So while you are at the ball field ordering your hot dog you can grab your phone hit the app and there you go you can see your mail was just derived in the mail box by viewing your security cameras remotely. Another feature that is nice is that you can even set your phone and cameras up to send you alerts when someone has stepped up on your porch! If you are thinking it’s time to add home security to your home call central jersey security cameras today 732 333 0227