Home Automation the Central Jersey Way!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability and convenience of being able to control your home right from the palm of your hand? What about knowing what’s going on at the home? As long as you have a smart phone, we here at Central Jersey Security Cameras/Jersey Security Solutions can make this possible by adding and installing an UltraSync SmartHome alarm to your home.

At Central Jersey Security Cameras/Jersey Security Solutions we are in the business of protecting lives and property. Whether you are seeking security for your family while you are at home or for you property while you are away, Central Jersey Security Cameras/Jersey Security Solutions can design a total home security system that is tailored to fit the needs of your home and family.

Our Featured Alarm System Products:

We are proud to now offer the most innovative alarm panel called UltraSync. This was originally a product put out by GE and subsequently Interlogix bought the alarm/intrusion portion of the GE business. Interlogix is always on top of innovation making their products better with new revisions and releases.

31czYtD5UpLSome of the features our customers are enjoying about the UltraSync self-contained alarm panel are:

  • Completely wireless setup
  • Fast, neat and easy installation, no mess!
  • Reliability and ease of use
  • Home automation integration
  • Free remote management of the alarm which include:
    • Remote arming
    • Remote bypassing of sensors
    • Instant sensor notifications directly to smart devices
    • Remote door lock control/garage door
    • Remote lighting control
    • Remote thermostat control
    • Instant video verification with connected cameras triggered by alarm sensors
    • The best part? All of this at no additional monthly charge other than basic monitoring fee.

Some of the things we as the dealer enjoy about this new system would be that we have the ability to troubleshoot and assist our customers with their alarm through our customer web portal. We also enjoy the great tech support and customer training that Interlogix has to offer to our staff on a regular basis to keep up on the latest changes and revisions to the system, so we can pass that along to our customers.

ultra sync

Adding an UltraSync alarm to your home can now give you control over your lights at home. From the palm of your hand, you can now have complete home automation with the ease of your smart phone. You can turn the lights off and on with the tap of your finger. UltraSync can even schedule the lights to turn on at a specific time of day. When you aren’t home, make it look like you are home.

You are also able to control your heat while you are away with this alarm system! With all the advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new UltraSync home automation, you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home, but you have access to using all these features that make your life more convenient away from home. You can even lock and unlock your doors without digging for those keys in your pocket. Take advantage of the key features our UltraSync has to offer. To learn more about what the UltraSync can do for your home, visit our webpage.

The UltraSync has so much convenience to offer! Built on cloud-based technology, the UltraSync system and app give you the ability to remotely manage and automate compatible HVAC systems, lights, thermostats, lock systems and more from your smartphone of tablet.

The advances in today’s home security systems have now reached a new level and have become even more user-friendly to today’s busy families. The UltraSync alarm now provides complete home safety devices for extra peace of mind so you can now check on your home through live-streaming video via UltraSync indoor/outdoor cameras or with text alerts. With advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new Ultra Sync alarm home automation system, you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home and place of business but right from the palm of your hand, you can use your smartphone to do much more!

Features like arming and disarming your system from your phone is only the beginning!

Peace of Mind: Kids? With the school year about to begin here in New Jersey, would you like to know when the kids walk in the house? Contractors? Having work done on your home while the weather is still nice, would you like to be able to see what contractors are doing when  you can’t be home to see for yourself? Pets? We all love our pets. Would you like to look in on them and see how your pets are behaving? Now you can by pairing professionally installed security cameras along with your UltraSync alarm.

Come Home to Comfort: With the fall season soon ahead of us, would you like to be able to control the temperature in your home while you are not there? Would you like to make sure your lights are on in front of your home before you pull in, now you can. Your home can be ready for you at just the right time by automatically adjusting thermostats, turning on lights and unlocking doors as you arrive, using the geo-location technology in your UltraSync system paired with your smartphone’s GPS.

Night Mode: Set your home to automatically close the garage, lock doors, turn out lights, and modify home temperature with the push of a button, all from the comfort of your bed. This means no more getting out of bed to check if the doors are all locked, you can now check right on your phone and have the peace of mind your home is secure.

Enhanced Security, More Convenience: Use the UltraSync mobile app to create temporary codes for people who need limited access to your home. If, for example, you need to let a friend or worker into your home, you can use the app to create a unique code, and then remotely set the system to allow access only on select days and at specific times. Check your system status, arm/disarm and trigger automations from virtually anywhere. Also, view the status of security and life safety sensors, and be alerted when selected devices are opened or activated.

Businesses without alarms are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than those that have an alarm system installed. They are also four times as likely to be burglarized as homes. Your business is a much more tempting target to burglars than your home. But, burglars don’t like getting caught. Eight in ten convicted burglars said they would look for a security camera or an alarm before attempting a burglary. If they found an on-site surveillance system, 60% said they would seek an alternative target.

Make sure your home looks occupied if you leave for an extended period of time. Home owners that add an alarm system to their home are four times less like likely to be victimized. With the advances in today’s technology, we are able to make it look like we are home, even when we are not. With the ease and convenience of the UltraSync home automation, you are able to do just about everything you do at home from the palm of your hand on your smart phone. Check to make sure the doors are locked. Turn on the lights to deter a potential burglar. Come home to comfort.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s taking place at your home even when you are not there to witness for yourself? If you want to find out how secure your home is, give Central Jersey Security Cameras/Jersey Security Solutions a call today for a free on-site estimate. We can help you to decide what security system is best to fit your security needs or we can fill you in on how to improve your existing security. Central Jersey Security Cameras motto is to “get them before they get you”, so give us a call today at 732-333-0227 or check out our website.