With summer now in full swing, it’s time to think of your home security.


With summer now in full swing, it is time to think of your home security. Are your kids home for the summer? Are they old enough to be left at home alone, but you still worry they are safe? Do you have a summer vacation planned or even a stay-cation where you are going to take a few day trips and be away from home? Are you just a busy New Jersey family with your family booked up with summer sporting events? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then it is time to think about your home security.

We have all taught our kids to never open the door for a stranger. However, as adults most of us do not take those same safety precautions before answering the door. In today’s society, you can’t trust that the person on the other side of the door is a friendly visitor. Of course, we all want to go to the door and just answer it to see who is there, but today you have to be smart and think back to telling your children why they can’t just whip the door open, you just don’t know who is there or what their intentions are.

Here are a few home security tips for today’s busy families:
• Use a security camera to see who is at the door. Make the camera visible. A camera could deter someone with devious intentions. The camera itself will allow you to see who is at the door.
• You may want to consider having an alarm installed and have your key fob in your hand when you decide to answer the door. If the person at the door makes you feel you are in danger you can hit your panic button to dispatch the police.
• Interact with the visitor using an intercom. This is an effective and affordable way to talk with a stranger without actually answering the door.
• Trust your instincts, your instincts are often right so, if your gut is telling you that something is wrong, then don’t open the door!!

The advances in today’s home security systems have now reached a new level and have become even more user friendly to today’s busy families. The UltraSync alarm now provides complete home protection from the inside out. The system easily incorporates additional security and home safety devices for extra peace of mind so you can now check on the following all through live-streaming video via UltraSync indoor/outdoor cameras or with text alerts:
• Make sure the kids got home on time.
• Check in on contractors.
• See how your pets are behaving.


Come Home to Comfort: Your home can be ready for you at just the right time by automatically adjusting:

• Thermostats – Adjust your home to the temperature that satisfies you. In the summer, turn down the air conditioning to get it nice and cool before you even step into the home. In the winter, turn the heat up to make it toasty and warm inside for you after that chilly walk from the car.
• Turning on lights – Nobody likes to walk into a dark home. Be prepared for the unexpected day trips that turn into all day affairs. You can have the lights turned on before you even step foot into your home, but the advantage of that is to also make it look like you are home even when you are not to deter a potential burglar.
• Unlocking doors as you arrive (Using the geo-location technology in your UltraSync system paired with your smartphone’s GPS.) – Long trips to the grocery store sometimes means you don’t have a free hand to unlock the door with your keys as you are carrying in all those bags.



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Have you ever gotten on the soccer field with your child and stopped to think, “did I lock the front door?” Did you ever take a vacation and the weather unexpectedly changed and you became fearful you might come home to frozen pipes? In the hot summer months, after a long day at work or play, do you want to cool your house down before you get home? Have you ever ran out with the kids thinking you will be home in the daylight and now are coming home in the evening to your house all dark? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the UltraSync alarm/home automation is just what your busy family needs. From your smartphone you can now lock your front door, change the heat in your home and turn on the lights before you get home..

With the busy families in Ocean County, Monmouth County and in Middlesex County, to just name a few busy central New Jersey counties, keep in mind no matter where you live in New Jersey it only takes a second for a criminal to seize an opportunity and bring harm to you and your family. Why take chances? Keep you and your loved ones safe. Protect what matters most to you! For a free on-site evaluation of your home or your business, call Central Jersey Security Cameras today. 732-333-0227